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The Rise of Aristotle A. Avinroo

by sonicmaster1223


Some may wonder how someone like Aristotle A. Avinroo, better known as Neopia's Games Master AAA, got this good at games. Well, in the beginning, he was nothing more than a little nerd in glasses. He hardly had many friends at all since most of them didn't look beyond his nerd exterior. Most of the time during his solitude was spent reading various books in his school's library. He kept his nose buried away in his text books. But some of the other and more popular Neopian students picked on him most of the time. It seemed as if his only friend in school was his younger sister Abigail. One day, she found her brother coming out of the bathroom after a group of big Grarrls came out laughing.

     "Are you OK, brother?" Abigail said. She noticed his head was dripping wet.

     "They played "Dunk the Nerd" with me and a toilet," Aristotle said. He still imagined the horror of what happened in his head. Abigail helped Aristotle to his locker but the same Grarrl were there as well. When he saw them, Aristotle ducked behind Abigail.

     "Hey, boys. Look. It's old Four Eyes Avinroo. So, what did you come HERE for?" a big blue Grarrl said. They cracked their knuckles and chuckled. They soon gathered around Abigail and Aristotle before she broke them up.

     "For your information, this is where my and my brother's lockers are. So, if you don't mind getting lost," Abigail said. She then waved her hand telling them to "beat it" her way. But the Grarrl didn't like the way she was treating them.

     "Look here, Abigail. Don't think just because you're not like your brother doesn't mean we're going to..." the blue Grarrl said. But before he finished, Abigail stomped on his big foot and he cried in pain. Abigail then shoved the big Grarrl down and the others helped him up.

     "Why you little! You're going to regret that!" he said. He snapped his fingers and he left with the other two Grarrls from his group. Aristotle thanked Abigail for helping him out there.

     "No problem. Guys like them make me sick," Abigail said. After they got their books and backpacks, the two headed home after the school bell rang. As they walked home, Aristotle was trying to think of ways to show everyone else at school that he wasn't just someone they could pick on or call a nerd. Abigail sighed.

     "Aristotle. Not again. You keep getting these insane ideas that ended up making everyone tease you more," Abigail said. "Why not trying to find friends somewhere else besides those bullies?" Aristotle said that he couldn't let them just bully him around like that.

     "You'll see, Abigail. I'll show them. Someday, Aristotle A. Avinroo will be a name well known throughout all of Neopia!" Aristotle said. Abigail groaned, saying he was impossible. When the two of them made it home, the first thing they did was their homework. After that, Abigail was drawing on the floor in their room while Aristotle was locked in yet another of his video games.

     "Here we go. Now all you need is a little bit of red and you'll be complete," Abigail said. She was coloring in a picture of Eithie.

     "Here we go. Now all I need is to beat this and I'll advance to the next level!" Aristotle said, feeling full of energy. When he finally beat the part of the game, he cheered loudly and it spooked Abigail so much that she broke her red crayon in two.

     "Brother! Look what you did! That was my only red crayon!" Abigail shouted. Aristotle said he was sorry but he quickly saw his sister's angry face. Just then, she looked at the neovision screen and saw that Aristotle had beaten Abigail's score in the game by at least 10,000 points.

     "Whoa. Aristotle! How did you do that? You could NEVER beat my score on that. You're amazing!" Abigail said. Aristotle said he couldn't believe it also. Just then, he got an idea.

     "Wait. Abigail. That's it! This is what I need to be one of the popular ones at school. If I can prove how impressive I am at games, they HAVE to stop calling me names!" Aristotle said. Abigail groaned but she chuckled. She said that she couldn't stop him either way but she supported him no matter what he did.

     "Thanks, Abigail. And don't worry. I'll make sure I never forget about you," Aristotle said. The next day was when Aristotle put his plan in motion. He found the big Grarrl that had always bullied him and challenged him to a game challenge.

     "Fine. You're on, four eyes. But whoever loses has to do whatever the other says for a month. Got it?" he said. Aristotle said he accepted those wagers and Abigail gasped. She thought he was out of his mind. But she soon saw how wrong she was when Aristotle beat him! He couldn't believe what had happened. The other two Grarrls tried to avenge him but they lost too!

     "Wow! Aristotle! You're amazing!" Abigail said. Aristotle saw Abigail waving to him from a crowd and he waved back. He said that things should be changing for the both of them soon. And it was true. Over the next week, the fame Aristotle got from all of his constant victories made him one of the most popular kids at school. While Abigail was happy for her brother, she felt sad inside. As his fame grew, he spent less and less time with her.

     "Maybe... I'm not wanted anymore," Abigail said sadly one day at lunch. She looked for her brother and saw him coming into the cafeteria. She tried to wave to him but it seemed as if he didn't even notice her. And to top it off, he had invented his levitating chair a while ago as a symbol of his power. Abigail felt hurt inside once he saw him hanging out with the popular kids now.

     "Brother...." Abigail thought "What's become of you?" Even at home, Aristotle seemed to be ignoring Abigail for improving his game skills. She felt as if she helped create a monster that was once her brother. All she wanted was for people to see Aristotle for the good person he was. And after another week of putting up with it, she decided that she had to do something. She faced Aristotle one day while he was with his new friends.

     "Aristotle A. Avinroo! I challenge you! I've had enough of your boasting!" Abigail said. Aristotle said he accepted her challenge and the two looked at each other with flames burning in their eyes. In Aristotle's eyes was his determination to let no one beat him while Abigail's eyes were filled with her determination to help return her brother to normal.

     "You can beat this little girl no problem," a girl Aisha said. Aristotle said he would enjoy beating his little sister. When the two faced off, they were playing ferociously against each other. As the game continued, they would sometimes quickly shift their eyes to each other and then at the screen. As their scores were rising up very fast, the crowd couldn't believe that Abigail could actually keep up with him!

     "Whoa. She could actually win," a boy Lupe said. When Aristotle realized that it wouldn't be long before Abigail caught up to him, he did something sneaky. He actually bumped into his sister causing her to lose her focus and costing her the victory. When the game was over, Aristotle had won and he turned to the crowd with a sneer smile on his face.

     "That's right, everyone! No one can beat Aristotle A. Avinroo!" Aristotle shouted. When he turned to Abigail, his gloating immediately stopped. He saw his sister crying. When Aristotle tried to ask what was wrong, Abigail just ran out of the room crying. He wondered why she was crying and soon the truth hit him in the face. He looked at himself and at the crowd.

     "What am I? And... what have I done to Abigail?" Aristotle said. He rushed after her and found her crying against her locker door.

     "Abigail? What's wrong?" Aristotle said. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe that he would actually resort to cheating to make sure he stayed on top. She also mentioned to him how it seems like she was nothing to him now.

     "Abigail. I... I didn't mean to..." Aristotle said. She looked away crying. But she felt his hand resting on her shoulder. He told Aristotle that he was sorry he let his sudden burst of popularity get to his head and that he never meant to make his sister feel this way.

     "Tell you what? I'll make sure I spend a lot more time with you, Abigail. And as long as you let me keep going with this, I promise I'll never let you feel this way ever again," Aristotle said. When Abigail looked into his eyes, she saw he was telling the honest truth. It almost seemed like she was seeing a glimpse of her brother before any of this happened.

     "Deal," she said with a smile on her face. To this day, Aristotle A. Avinroo, or Games Master AAA, still continues to be his boasting self on the outside. But while he wasn't surrounded by his many adoring fans, or whatever he could keep together, he made sure that Abigail was right there by his side and that she was happy.

The End

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