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Having a Dinner Party... IN SPACE!

by venusys_envy


I have spent several years studying cuisine around Neopia. I don't claim to be the foremost guru of grub, but my experience has provided me with valuable insights that I am finally presenting to the public. Although some relationships are strained due to the recent battle, it behooves me to begin the healing early. And nothing brings everyone together like food!

When the fighting and drama are over, the time will come for friends on Kreludor and the Space Station (friends in space) to invite friends from Neopia back for visits. During this time, I'm sure consumption of food will take place. Grundos, read carefully, because this article is for you more than anyone. Ever notice when you invite your Neopian friends over for dinner that they either decline or they show up but they don't eat much? I hate to break it to you, but they don't like their foods in powder and pill form. As odd as it may seem to you, keep in mind how queasy that Tonguewich you once saw in a Neopian shop made you!

Now, I don't expect you to make a special trip to Neopia to collect ingredients! All of the things you need to prepare a dish that will not only be beautiful, but tasty to both you and your friends can be found in your pantry! First, we'll go over the basic necessities called "staples". You should keep these in your home for all occasions. Next, we'll go over a couple of recipes I have devised that are guaranteed to be so easy that a Grarrl could follow them with one arm tied behind his back! These Kitchen Staples are listed below.

Freeze Dried Sprout Soup

Cheese Manicotti

Vegetable Deluxe

Savoury Grundo Veggieballs

Cosmic Cheese

I have conducted several food studies on Neopian Volunteers willing to bridge the gourmet gap. The listed staples are items that are enjoyed by both those in space and their Neopian friends! Having these items in stock at all times gives you several meal options that both you and your Neopian friends enjoy.

For Neopians visiting friends in space who would like to bring a side dish or snack for your friends, I would suggest the following list of items. These items have been tested by willing volunteers in a blind taste study.

Wriggling Grub

Sausage and Cheese Roll

Green Ham

Candy Floss Carrot

Puzzle Fruit

Neopians, please heed my urgent warning. Do NOT bring gross foods to space! These foods are only for those with trained palates who have acquired a taste for them! Offering gross foods to your space friends could offend them.

Recipes are a great way to share your favorite foods with your friends by combining elements of what they love with what you love, thereby creating a unique and special bond between you! Use these recipes as a guide in forging a deeper food kinship with your friends. You'll more likely than not grow closer and see each other more often! Owners of both Neopian and space pets might finally have a little peace in the Neohome around dinner time.

Outta this world Omelette


Vegetable Deluxe

Cosmic Cheese Stars

Scrambled Eggplant

Separate the Vegetable Deluxe by color. Reserve one tablespoonful of each flavor. Do not mix! Chop the Cosmic Cheese Stars into quarters. Set aside. Remove the sprouts from the Scrambled Eggplant. Chop coarsely.

In a skillet, heat the Scrambled Eggplant until it becomes firmer and a paler yellow, which should be about 2 minutes over medium heat. Press the Scramble to the bottom of the pan until it thins. Place your reserved portions of Vegetable Deluxe down the middle of the Scramble. Fold the Scramble in half and remove to a plate. Add the cheese and the chopped Scrambled Eggplant sprouts to the top. As it cools, the cheese will melt.

Note-Delicious for Breakfast or Brunch!

Difficulty- 3 of 5

Recommended when- You have a visitor who arrives without warning.

Warning- Adult supervision is advised.

Purple Slurple


Cherries Jubalee

Blue Ice Apple

Green Tea


Squish the ingredients in a bowl until it turns a bright neon purple. Add one Green Tea pill to two pints of water. Allow to sit for five minutes. Stir and watch as your Tea pill becomes a glass of tea! Pour your glass of tea into the neon purple slush. Mix gently and serve!

Note- The little ones love this with Floating Peanut Butter Cubes or Space Tots!

Difficulty-1 of 5

Recommended when- The younger ones want to help.

Warning- Please be sure to make advance plans with this. The Blue Ice Apple needs three days to thaw before it can be handled safely without gloves.

Groovy Galactic Grub


Garthroxian Goo

Cryogenically Frozen Negg

Squashed Salisbury Steak

Pixxi Squash

Floating Pasta Mass

First, release the top on the Garthroxian Goo. Allow it to naturally flatten, which should take no longer than ten minutes. While it is flattening, wash the excess ice away from the Cryogenically Frozen Negg. Slice the Cryogenically Frozen Negg in wafer thin slices. Return it immediately to the freezer. Next, peel the leafy portion of the Pixxi Squash away and discard. Slice the Pixxi Squash into quarter inch circles. Next, put the Floating Pasta Mass into a bowl of water to keep it from floating away. It should float on top of the water, but not out of the bowl. By this time, your Garthoxian Goo should have flattened. You will know the Goo is ready when it has reduced in size by half and its color has changed from glowing green to a dark red. Layer your ingredients. Place half of the Floating Pasta Mass on the bottom of a casserole dish in strips. Smooth out curls. Next, layer in the half of the flattened Garthroxian Goo, half of the Cryogenically Frozen Negg slices, half of the Squashed Salisbury Steak, and all of the Pixxi Squash. Then, in the same order, layer the remaining ingredients in the dish. Cover with a lid.

Now, either you can cook in the traditional method of setting this food outside in direct sunlight for six hours, or you can place it in your oven for two hours at 350 degrees.

Note- The green to red change is perfectly natural. When the Goo reacts with oxygen, it turns red. As it loses fizz, it becomes dark. It makes a perfect substitute for cooked down tomatoes. Pixxi Squash can only be layered once as it is very sensitive to heat, and will burn if layered elsewhere. Do not, however, omit this item! It compensates for cheese becoming creamy and smooth and stringy when cooked properly!

Difficulty- 5 of 5

Recommended when- You want to impress your friends with your culinary mastery.

Warning- If you drop the Cryogenically Frozen Negg, it will shatter and be useless. If you are accident prone, keep a couple of these on hand.

If you think these recipes are great, you should try some of your own. You and your friends are sure to find similar taste interests in all sorts of foods from both the cold depths of space to the sunny shores of Neopia. Don't be afraid to try new things! Millions of combinations exist, including mixing Neopian and space food together! Mail your pals and invite them over for a day of trial and error, cooking and eating, and fun and togetherness!

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