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Perfect Piping for Piper Panic

by _sailorstars_



As you may know, JubJubs have always seem to be put down on the list as far as talents are concerned. Everyone looks at the JubJub and thinks, "What a poor pet, with only two feet and no front paws", but that never let the JubJub down. For you see, JubJubs have trained their feet to do many different things so that they can live their lives like any normal neopet, and have even excelled in some skills that "normal" neopets can achieve. One of these skills in particular is Cobrall Charming. Their amazing flexibility has left neopets and owners over all of Neopia in total awe. A group in particular called the "Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers", all the way from the Lost Desert, was one of the top charted bands playing in the Tyrannian Concert Hall before live audiences, stunning and dazzling the thousands that stood before them.

Unfortunately, their act began to get a little old. It was the same songs, the same routine, and even the same typical Cobrall coming out of the basket act. Everyone began to wonder if it was just a hoax, that it was an illusion of sorts. Why wouldn't they? He never did anything else. That's when Jub Zambra came up with an amazing idea that no other JubJub could ever do. He decided that he should teach neopets, of all age, gender, and species, how to charm a Cobrall so that everyone could believe him. After all, if he really is the best there is, then who wouldn't want to learn? That is why Jub Zambra came up with a clever puzzle, that only those who really wanted to learn would have to figure out.


To become a Cobrall charmer, though, one must know the way to direct the Cobrall through series of baskets. Sometimes the challenge will be easy, but it soon becomes increasingly harder as you must pay attention that the Cobralls do not fall off the carpet. What could be so hard about getting the Cobrall from one basket to another? Simple, right? Not if you want to achieve the glorious prizes at the end, no no no, you will certainly have to work for it. Not only that, but as the challenge increases (Up to 10), there are more baskets, and you have to guide the Cobrall through each and every basket or else you fail. To make matters worse, you are timed, and your time lessens the harder it gets.


The Cobrall

As mentioned, you guide the cobrall. The Cobrall comes in different colors, but it's still a cobrall and you still have to lead it through the baskets. You can only direct your cobrall in the general directions. North, South, East, West, or simply up, down, right, and left the directions on your keyboard. You can only make straight lines, but you can lead your cobrall backwards in the direction that it came from in case you have another basket waiting behind you. You only get 3 cobralls for the 10 challenges, so I would suggest taking a look at where the baskets are before you make your first move.

The Basket

There are two types of Baskets. The Starred Basket, and the normal basket. Regardless of starred or not, you need to get them all, but there is still something special about the two. The regular baskets award points during the game as any normal basket would, but at the end of a challenge the starred baskets will get you those extra points. How? Simple. Each round there is a series of baskets, and if you can, try and get as many starred baskets as possible at the end. Reason being is that at the end, depending on how many you have collected before finishing, extra points will be added. For example, if you ended the round with Starred, Normal, Starred, and the Starred were worth 25 this round, you would only get 25. But, if you ended that round, Normal, Starred, Starred, you would get 50. So the best suggestion is try ending up with as many starred baskets as possible ;D.

The Headdress

When a headdress is collected by a cobrall, it will affect your multiplier. Whichever one you collected last, your multiplier will be a two, three, or four. Without any it's just one. The higher it is, the higher you score, but there is no way to tell which one is which so just hope you get lucky! Sadly, if you collect a four time multiplier and then get a two time one last, then only the two time one counts, not the four time one. Just pay attention to your score and remember which one you got last. It could possibly help you in the future.

The Gems

Gems are really just extra points. They add more to your score as you collect them, but they aren't always that easy to collect. Some remain stationary; therefore, they can be easily collected. Some on the other hand, move from one side of the screen to another, or in between baskets meaning you can wait for them to go to your cobrall, or you have to time the moment just right before you tell your cobrall to move. The rest, though stationary, fade in and out and are only valid to collect when they are visible, meaning if your cobrall goes over the spot where the gem is, but you don't see it, then you don't get the points for it. A lot of times Gems can also be tricks and will have you lead your cobrall in the wrong direction! If you know the right path, the Gems always seem to find a way to be in it some how, but you need to know which way is right.

The Scarabs

Low on time? See a scarab? Is it conveniently in your path? Then pick it up! It not only adds points, but it adds five seconds of time in case you want to snatch that last gem or need a bit of extra time to figure out the path your cobrall should take to complete the level. They are also easy to spot, so there's no reason to miss them.

The Ankh

The only thing in the game that only shows up inconsistently. It can show up in any level, but if it does, then do pick it up. It is an extra life, which is good in case one of those levels is really tough and you just can't figure it out until the last moment. Mind you, though, it is RARE and you won't see it in every game.


Some pets don't seem to make it through the first round all the time, or just can't seem to guide the Cobrall in the right direction. That's okay, though! Perhaps you just need a bit of a tip!

1.) Try and collect as many things as possible, but also pay attention to where the baskets are first. Sometimes you can't get everything, so make your choices based on where the path goes, how much time you have, and what is of more importance. It's finding out what will be useless to lose a life over, and what could possibly be helpful to your score at the end. Just like sometimes you can't always get the starred baskets at the end, but if it's possible, then go for it.

2.) Think before you move. Don't just tell the Cobrall to move to the nearest basket because it is there. Look at the board first, then move, because you could even get more points that way. If it's possible, try different paths than the normal so that your cobrall can pick up more items, but you can still complete the level.

3.) To wait or not to wait? Time is important because it adds to your points as well. If there is a Gem that is coming in towards your Cobrall, but you only have 3 seconds left and there are still 4 baskets on the screen, then get the baskets and forget the gem! If there is time, though, then you can wait, but you must think out the possibility of your points at the end.

4.) Don't make things too complicated! Some of the puzzles are highly simple, but a lot of times will look challenging. If you move your cobrall to a starred basket first as opposed to last, it's fine. Sometimes it is impossible to get them all last, so don't overreact thinking that you have to.

5.) Have fun!


After playing a few times you get used to the puzzles and find different ways to move the cobrall to the baskets and find different patterns to use. The graphics of the game are very nice and movement is also smooth without lag or trouble manuvering because it is also basic controls. This guide is simply so that the game can be played a bit easier and that nobody should moan and groan, thinking, "Oh pancakes, another puzzle!" but rather find regardlessly fun. I encourage more users to play and give the game a chance. Who knows, your neopet could be the next top cobrall charmer. ;D

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