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The Mysteries of Plushie Pets

by popdoom


Yes, we all want one of these loveable, squishy little pets. Sadly, though, with the price of a plushie paint brush at a whopping 3.5 million neopoints, for most this is only a dream. I myself attained my plushie pet, Spinear, through the kind Fountain Faerie. Even now, though, there are some questions about these pets that haven't been answered. Do plushie pets enjoy being cooed at and huggled? Do they have plushie tongues? Are their eyes made of glass? As an owner of a plushie pet, I will investigate these mysteries.

Question 1: Do plushie pets enjoy being hugged?

It was this question that inspired my Beauty Contest entry and this article. Do plushie pets enjoy being hugged? Surely, they are hugged much more than, say, mutant pets, but do they enjoy it? As squishy but still living neopets, they probably tired of it after awhile, and my investigation further proves this point.

On one fine night, I decided to enter Spinear into the Beauty Contest. He was excited at the thought of winning a shiny trophy, and bounded after me as I made my way to the Beauty Contest, where bustling crowds stood admiring the beautiful pets who had entered. Threading my way through the tightly knit crowd, I found myself in front of the registration counter.

"So, you'd like to register?" A yellow Eyrie asked nonchalantly. He sported a purple shirt and around his neck hung a gold chain. Spinear looked delighted at the sight of him and his fancy outfit.

"Yes, please. I would like to enter Spinear, here, into the Beauty Contest." I gestured at my Zafara, who was peering over the edge of the counter at the long list of pets who had entered.

The Eyrie nodded, scribbling "Spinear" under a column labelled, "Zafara". I thanked him before heading off to display a picture of Spinear.

The next day, Spinear and I were found by another contestant. "I voted for you," he told me, "Your Zafara is so cute! Let me huggle him!" The person bent down and scooped up Spinear, huggling him warmly. Spinear raised his eyebrow at me through the embrace, but seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. Little did he know, there would be more to come.

The day after that, a few more people greeted us, complimenting Spinear on his cuteness. All of them, in turn, huggled him. Spinear returned their huggles, albeit a little reluctantly, now, though he otherwise didn't show much irritation at this. It continued on like that, my Zafara growing more irritated and bruised by the day.

"I don't like being huggled! It's so annoying; just because I'm plushie doesn't mean I'm wearing a giant sign saying, 'HUG ME'!" he complained after four days of enduring this torture. All the while, I noted his words. I had come to my conclusion. I soon hung a sign that said "NO HUGGLING" on his picture, and after a week, Spinear walked out of the Beauty Contest building, bruised, but holding a bronze trophy in his paws proudly.

So, in conclusion, they don't usually mind being huggled, but get irritated if they're constantly in someone's arms. I'm sure your neighbor's plushie pet won't mind the occasional snuggle, so feel free to do so. Avoid constantly huggling plushie pets, though. They may be plushie, but they have feelings too, just like any other painted pet does.

Question 2: Do plushie pets have plushie tongues?

Somehow, I don't think so. Would you like to have a lump of cloth in your mouth all the time? It can't be comfortable. I don't see Spinear complaining about it.

Writing this article was tiring, and in the middle of my scribbling, I decided to take a trip to the Tombola Guy. I drew out a number and read it, repeating the usual daily process I went through. To my dismay, it wasn't a winning number, but the Tombola Guy fished out a booby prize for me. I walked out of the stall clutching a can of prune juice. It wasn't much, but it would fill the stomach of my pets.

When I returned home, Spinear complained, "I'm hungry!" I dragged myself to the kitchen, but noticed I still had the can of prune juice in my hands. Whirling around, I beckoned for Spinear, giving him the prune juice. He sniffed it critically before prying the lid open and licking it cautiously.

"Yeurgh! That's disgusting!" Spinear gagged. He slammed the unfinished can of prune juice on the counter before rushing off to the bathroom. I watched him do so, swiftly pulling out my notebook and noting down my answer to whether plushie pets had proper tongues or not.

They have, at the very least, working tongues. I have never actually seen Spinear stick out his tongue, but he can taste gross food for sure, and he doesn't seem to show any signs of being uncomfortable with his mouth. When the Fountain Faerie let him bathe in her fountain, I don't think he stuck his tongue out. The Fountain probably tastes like paint. Who would want a plushie tongue, anyway?

Question 3: Are plushie pets' eyes made of glass?

I doubt it. I poked Spinear in the eye and he cried out in pain, eyes watering. It did not feel like glass, in any case, when I prodded him. He also can see perfectly well. He knows when we're going to play Kacheek Seek or something whether I've found him or not and where to hide, and he rejoices when I'm about to spin the Wheel of Excitement. I don't think a plushie pet would open their eyes in the Rainbow Fountain, either. Would you like to dunk your head into a bucket of paint with your eyes open? Unless your neighbor is so cruel that they purposely poured plushie paint into their pet's eyes (in which case you should scold them), chances are your nearest plushie pet has perfectly normal eyes.

In fact, it seems that plushie pets' senses work perfectly well. It wouldn't be stupid to think that they probably have normal ears, noses, and sense of touch.


I hope you've learned something about your local plushie pet by reading this article. Hopefully, though, I haven't made you wonder what's so special about these pets in the first place. Plushie pets are amazing! They're squishy and soft, and have high huggling tolerance (though it really doesn't last; they get huggled waaay too much). They're usually friendly and loveable, and nobody can resist how utterly adorable they are! Be careful not to stain them with sauce or anything, and don't put them in a washing machine. They don't like that.

So go on, save up your neopoints, and soon you'll have a loveable plushie pet. And by reading this article, hopefully you'll know your adorable pet a little better.

If you're reading this, it'll be the first time I've gotten into the Neopian Times! Yippee!

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