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How to Be Not So Shy about Coconut Shy

by bewytched


I am going to start off by saying that I actually like to play Coconut Shy. Hey! Don't be laughing at me! I am completely serious! For once. What can I say? There's something oddly soothing about throwing a grubby little ball at an innocent row of coconuts. Sure, we have learned that they are not really all that innocent, being that they are evil and all, but I bet once upon a time they weren't so evil. We should really think about having some compassion towards these poor, mistreated coconuts, don't you think? Wouldn't you probably turn evil too, if you spent your days and nights being thwacked repeatedly with some icky ol' ball and being shouted at to fall off your perch. That's what I thought! However, I am not a fan of that creepy Quiggle leering and wheezing at me from his little corner. Maybe I'll even admit that I do so well on the game because I imagine I am throwing that grubby little ball at him instead of the coconuts. All that wheezing could be another reason why the coconuts turned evil. But that's another NT article entirely, I'm sure.

I am writing this article because I know that as much as I enjoy visiting this little stall tucked away in the Deserted Fairgrounds and playing Coconut Shy, there are many, many people who despise it for one reason or another. Maybe the game annoys them because of that creepy Quiggle and the various noises he keeps making from his equally creepy corner. Or maybe the game annoys them because no matter how many times they throw that ball, it sails right past one coconut after the other. Come on, admit it... I bet you think those coconuts are silently laughing at you each and every time, don't you? Yeah, I thought so, and honestly, I really think they are. Just remember, they're not called evil coconuts for nothing!

I bet you could make them stop laughing at you, though. Wouldn't that be nice? That's where this nice little guide comes in. I'd like to help you get your revenge on those evil, jeering coconuts (and that wheezing Quiggle, too). After seeing so many of my friends go for the avatar time and time again without much luck, I thought it was about time I stepped up and showed them (and anyone else still trying their hand at this game) how I got the avatar and learned to enjoy the game so much. Before sitting down and devoting my time to this article, I devoted just as much time to playing Coconut Shy over and over, studying how I was doing it each time. It wasn't long before I realized there was a trick to the game that has been helping me all along. I'm going to tell you about that trick right now. Are you ready for it? I bet it will knock that Dr. Sloth sock right off your foot! It might even knock you off your own little perch, but I'll let you be the judge of that one.

Do not move the hand holding the ball. Do not aim for any other coconut but the center one. Nope, you did not just read that wrong. Do not continue to squint at the computer in such a way. You'll damage your eyesight, and then you will really be having a problem aiming at those coconuts! I can try to help you succeed at this game, but I cannot help you improve your eyesight! Anyway, yes, I am definitely telling you not to move your mouse at all. This is one of those times where doing nothing actually helps you. Yeah, okay, you ARE doing something, because you have to click your mouse to send the ball careening toward those coconuts, but you know what I mean. Just click your mouse, and that's all there is to it. You may not be right on target every single time, but in the long run, it will be enough to help you get the avatar or whatever your goal is for this game. Is it really that simple? I truly believe it is. As I mentioned before, I played the game over and over to confirm it, and confirm it I did!

If I am not the first one to notice this trick, please forgive me for repeating it. I found out that there are quite a few people who did NOT know about it, and I am writing this guide for them specifically. Those who already know this trick and are reading along for the fun of it, I appreciate your patience.

Well, that's it! That's all there is to it, and now it's time for you to go forth to the Deserted Fairgrounds, march over to the Coconut Shy stall, grab up that grubby little ball, and start heaving it toward those coconuts with the greatest gusto you can muster! The only other advice I can offer is to please be patient. You WILL knock that coconut off its perch, and you WILL feel much better for it. All those times you tried and failed will disappear into thin air, and who knows? You may just find yourself enjoying this game just as much as I do, and returning to it everyday to play just for fun. If you're thinking "Yeah, right" right about now, don't knock it before you try it! Or in this case, you might WANT to knock it before you keep trying it (har har). Whatever works for you. Together I'm sure we will knock those coconuts off their perches and silence that wheezing once and for all. Hey! There's a new Coconut Shy goal you can take up after you get that avatar and/or those coconuts!

I will end this by saying best of luck to the Coconut Shy avatar hunters and/or Evil Coconut collectors. I hope this guide, as simple as it was, helps you in some way. If it does, please feel free to let me know about it. I'd love to hear from you! If it doesn't, I'm sorry! Just please know that I've done my best to pass along as much information that will help you with this game as I could.

To those of you struggling with Coconut Shy, this guide was inspired by and written just for you! Again, good luck and thank you to everyone who took the time to read this!

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