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How the TDMBGPOP Got Its Name!

by firebomb105


One day Artie the Faerie Koi was on a trip flying around Neopia, Artie liked to take trips all over and did so on a regular basis. But rarely did he fly to Faerieland, as he was always nervous they would not like him having his wings and UN bless him. But today, it was just so pretty out he could not resist, so up and over Faerieland he was flying.

     It was one of those beautiful days where you can see forever. He flew all the way around the outside of Faerie City and started feeling very tired. Where can I stop? he thought. Just when he was feeling so tired that he thought he was going to die, he spotted a nice soft cloud, thank goodness. When he stopped and looked around at the cloud he saw a blue speck in the distance. Hmmm, I wonder what that is, he thought as he walked on over to it. As he got closer and closer, he saw it was a cute blue Grundo, wow! What would a Grundo be doing up here on a cloud outside of Faerieland? What a strange thing; how could he have even gotten up here? The Grundo didn't even have wings as he was just blue, not a faerie Grundo. Being a bit timid, Artie debated going any closer, but since the Grundo was so cute, he decided to risk it.

     As he got even closer, he realized it wasn't a real Grundo, but a cute plushie Grundo someone must have dropped. He couldn't believe his luck; he was so happy. He had a wonderful time playing with the Grundo plushie. Just a bit later, he realized he was late for home. He thought about taking the Grundo plushie home with him but decided it would be more fun to come visit it here.

     On the way home he had great luck; he found a codestone and knew his mom would use it to train him making him stronger. Then just a bit further along he found some neopoints that someone must have dropped! Wow, what good fortune! His mom would be really happy as she loved to train him at school but couldn’t always afford to.

     Two days later, when Artie was out flying around, he decided to go visit the blue Grundo plushie again. He had had so much fun the last time he couldn't resist. So off he flew to Faerieland and the cloud he had rested on before and there was his pal. He was so happy that no one else had taken him. This time as he picked him up, Artie swore he saw a little gleam in the Grundo's eye, but that was impossible, wasn't it? He played for a few hours then again realized he was going to be late if he didn’t hurry home quick as a fish. Artie couldn’t believe it; this time on the way home he found a paintbrush and transformation potion. Wow, Mom is going to be so excited, what incredible luck!

     Again a few days later Artie couldn't resist going to visit his pal the blue Grundo plushie and this time Artie swore he really did see a glint in the Grundo's eyes! He played for hours again having a wonderful time. When he realized again how late it had gotten, he really didn't want to go home but knew he would be in trouble if he didn't go right away. On the way home he found all kinds of great stuff, again! This time it was some neopoints and a doll. What are the odds of finding all this fabulous stuff? Now he was starting to wonder; this seemed like much more than a coincidence! It must have something to do with the Grundo. Maybe that glint in his eyes meant something.

     The next time Artie visited the Grundo plushie, he looked even closer at his pal and noticed that he kind of sparkled all over. Since sparkling usually meant that someone had been blessed, Artie knew this was no ordinary blue Grundo plushie. He was a magical plushie. Artie was very excited and decided that such a special plushie needed a name of some sort. He thought and thought and tried out several ordinary names but they just didn't seem right. So he decided to go with something that just made sense and to call the blue Grundo plushie: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, as every time he visited him he prospered and had good luck.

     He still thought all the time about taking the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity home with him every time he went to visit him. This way, he thought, I could have good luck all the time instead of just on my way home. So he decided that he was going to take him home and then he and his mom would be really lucky. So off he flew with his pal the blue Grundo safely tucked into his fire faerie backpack. But this time, instead of good luck, it seemed to be all bad! It started to thunder and lightning as he left Faerieland, then for no reason at all his pocket ripped open and all his neopoints went flying. What was going on?

     It must be because of the Magical Blue Grundo Plushie; I should never have removed it! Artie turned around and as fast as he could flew back to the cloud where he had found the Grundo. As soon as he put the Grundo back down on the cloud, the sky cleared and the sun came out. Wow! I guess he wants to stay here! I promise, little pal, I will never take you from here again! As he looked at the Plushie, again he swore its eyes glinted!

     This time when he got home he decided to tell his mom about all his experiences with the Magical Grundo Plushie. His mom worked for the Neopian Times (in the mail room as she didn't know how to write stories and articles the way Puppy and Pluto and those guys do). He told her all about the Magical Grundo Plushie he had found and how every time that he would play with it he would be really lucky and find stuff. Then he told her that he tried to bring him home and what had happened. His mom knew that if she told the reporters they would write a story to tell all of Neopia about the Grundo plushie. After much debate they decided that letting everyone in Neopia know about something so wonderful was important, so the next day she asked Pluto, one of her most trusted friends at the Neopian Times, and asked her to come over to hear an incredible story.

     Pluto came over and Artie told them all about The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. But Artie never did tell them exactly where The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity was, explaining that if he was moved it could no longer bestow prosperity on whosoever found it! Pluto was very happy to write the article for all of Neopia to learn of the magical Grundo; the story went on the front page!

     So although many Neopians have found the The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity over the years, no one dares to take him away everyone just visits and then leaves him there! And that is how the Blue Grundo Plushie that is still hanging out in Faerieland got his name and why no one has taken him away!

The End

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