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Mystery of the Missing Bubble Bath

by lily_catherine


“Stacy! Tracy! Bath time!”

      Stacy looked up from her coloring book. The yellow Kacheek glared at her owner.

      “But Saaaraaaah! I’m cooolooring!” she whined.

      Her identical twin sister whined alongside her. “And I’m paaaaiintiiiing! If I stop now, the colors I mixed together will dry up!”

      The teenage girl smiled, her blue eyes sparkling. “You can use bubble bath,” she said.

      Instantly the young Kacheeks got up and ran around their owner. “Bubble bath, bubble bath, bubble bath! Yay!” they screamed.

      In case you didn’t notice, Stacy and Tracy love bubble bath. Well, they liked taking bubble baths, but they just called it bubble bath. Why? I don’t know. They’re five. What do you expect?

      Stacy and Tracy raced to the bathroom. When they got there, Stacy started filling up the tub with warm water while Tracy looked in the Royal Oak wood cabinet for the bubble bath. Then she let out a horrific gasp.

      “Stacy, Stacy! The bubble bath is GONE!” she screamed out.

      “Oh NO! It CAN’T be!” her sister screamed back.

      “What’s with all the screaming?” Sarah asked as she walked in the bathroom.

      “The bubble bath is gone! Somebody stole it!” Stacy shouted.

      Sarah blinked. “Uh, maybe you just used it all up. I could run to the Grooming Parlour and get some–”

      “NO! We had some left! Somebody stole it!” Stacy shouted (again).

      “I know!” Tracy exclaimed. “Let’s play detectives and find it!”

      “That’s a GREAT idea! And I still have the detective hats from Halloween!”

      “What’re we waiting for? Let’s go!”

      The twins immediately ran to their room, put on their detective hats, their cloaks and grabbed their green magnifying glasses, and started to search the house. What they didn’t know was that Sarah used up the bubble bath when bathing their baby brother Norman, the Baby Yurble.

      Sarah sighed. “Guess I’d better run to the Parlour.”


      “Okay, let’s search for clues first!”

      “But where?” asked Stacy.

      “I was hoping that you would come up with that.”

      “Hmmm...” the girls thought unanimously.

      “OH! I’ve got it!” Tracy exclaimed.


      “Let’s look in Benji’s room! I bet he took it!”

      “But Benji said that if we ever went into his room again, he would, uh, ‘pummel our brains out so that we’d go crazy and have to be taken to the kuku house’. What does that mean, anyway?” Stacy asked.

      “I don’t know. But he deserves it after taking our bubble bath! Let’s do it!”

      And so the Kacheeks rushed into their older brother’s room. Not the brightest idea, but once again, they were five years old. And five year olds tend to be very rash and unthinking.


      “Shh... be very, very quiet.”

      “But I’m not the one who’s talking!”

      “You are now!”

      “But you started it!”

      “Yeah, well I-”


      “AAAAAH!” Stacy and Tracy grabbed onto each other and screamed. Then the lights suddenly flickered on, and they saw that the ‘baah’ sound came from Tody, Benji’s Tyrannian Babaa. They turned towards the doorway, and standing there (looking very annoyed), was Benji, holding his baby brother, Norman. Benji was the twin’s senior by five years, and hated having his little sisters lurking in his room.

      “What are you two nimrods doing in my room?” the Spotted Acara demanded.

      “Looking for clues,” Stacy replied.

      “For what?”

      “Our missing bubble bath,” Tracy piped in.

      “And you thought that they’d be in my room.”

      “It’s possible.”

      Benji (short for Benjamin) sighed. “Why would I want your stupid bubble bath?”

      “It is NOT stupid! And besides, you’re always doing mean stuff like this!” Tracy said angrily.

      “Only because you two half-wits did something first.”

      “Oh yeah.”

      “Out. NOW.” Benji pointed out of his doorway. Stacy and Tracy walked glumly out.

      Benji closed his door. “Sisters. Who invented them?” he asked his baby brother.

      Norman just bit Benji’s hand in reply.


      The yellow Kacheeks walked outside. Snow was falling lightly, and their cloaks weren’t very warm.

      “Who should we investigate now?” Stacy asked.

      “We could always ask old Mrs. Winston. I bet she saw something!”

      “Yeah, I bet you’re right!”

      The girls ran across the street (looking both ways first, of course!) and then went up to a bright yellow cottage. Tracy knocked on the door a few times. They then heard a “Coming right there!” and saw the door opened by old Mrs. Winston. She was an old purple Shoyru who loved having guests over (especially the twins!) and always had a plate of warm cookies and fresh cocoa ready in the wintertime.

      “Stacy! Tracy! What a pleasant surprise! Do come in! I’ve just made a batch of your favorite chocolate cookies and some nice hot cocoa. I’ll just go get them!” Mrs. Winston wandered to her kitchen to get the goods.

      “How does she always have fresh cookies and cocoa?” Tracy asked.

      “Don’t question it. Just eat the yummy treats.”

      Mrs. Winston returned a moment later with the goods. After settling down with a few cookies and a cup of hot cocoa, Stacy and Tracy explained why they were there.

      “Hmm, missing bubble bath.” Mrs. Winston scratched her chin in mock thought when the girls were done reciting their tale. “That is a problem.”

      “Yeah, so we were hoping you could help us,” Stacy said.

      “Yeah, so did you see anything?”

      “Like the Pant Devil?”

      “Or Vira?”

      “Or the crazy old Lupe who claims there’s a world of jelly?”

      “Or the-” Tracy was cut off.

      “Now girls, calm down! I’m terribly sorry, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. But I know! Maybe Mr. Plub saw something. You should go ask him.”

      “Mr. Plub?” the girls asked unanimously.

      “Oh yes. He has such big eyes, he’s bound to have noticed something strange!” Mrs. Winston smiled knowingly, chuckling in her head.

      “Yeah, that’s a great idea! Come on Stacy; let’s go ask Mr. Plub!” Tracy set down her plate and cup on the coffee table and rushed outside. Stacy followed her, but then turned and said, “Thank you for the delicious snack, Mrs. Winston!” (just like Sarah said) and ran off.

      Mrs. Winston just smiled.


      “Okay, Mr. Plub-”


      “Quiet Stacy!” Tracy glared. “Now, Mr. Plub. Where was I? Oh yeah.” Tracy leaned in. “Where were you on the night of November 31st??” she demanded. Mr. Plub just stared.

      “Not talking, eh?” Stacy asked. “Well, we’ve got ways of making men talk!”

      “Stacy, Mr. Plub isn’t a man. He’s Norman’s Plushie Abominable Snowball.”

      “Oh yeah. Well, he’s still not saying anything!”

      Mr. Plub just sat there. As you know, petpets can’t talk in human (or neopet) languages. Unfortunately, Stacy and Tracy failed to notice that.

      “So, what now?” Tracy asked, after a moment of quiet thinking.

      “Well, we could always-”

      Stacy was interrupted by a door opening and closing. The girls looked and saw Sarah coming in through the living room doorway.

      “Girls, guess what I’ve got!” the teenage girl smiled and held up – yeah, you guessed it! – bubble bath.

      The yellow pets screamed in delight.

      “Sarah, Sarah! You FOUND it!” Stacy screamed.

      “Actually, I just went to the Grooming-”

      “You’re our HERO!” Tracy shouted.

      Sarah just smiled. ‘Let them think what they want,’ she thought.


      Tracy started to run the bathtub, and Stacy poured in a bit too much bubble bath.

      Stacy stared at the bottle. “Hey Tracy?”


      “What kind of bubble bath did we have?”

      Tracy thought a moment. “Uh, Krawk bubble bath, I think.”

      “Are you sure?”

      “No, I just know that it was blue.”

      “Oh, okay.” Stacy sounded relieved.

      Tracy tilted her head. “Why do you ask?”

      “Oh, no reason,” her sister replied. “It’s just that now it’s Peophin bubble bath.”

The End

Yay, my first submission! Hope you enjoyed! (And yes, I know that there is no November 31) ;)

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