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The Colour of the Sky

by dogsrule459


“I hate being the colour red!” Netta J. stated to her owner as she placed her wings upon her hips.

      Lori suppressed a sigh. “Well, what colour do you want to be?”

      Netta J. stood thinking for a moment. “I need choices!” the red Lenny exclaimed at last.

      Lori rolled her eyes. “You know, I think you look beautiful when you’re red,” she offered. But Netta J. shook her head. She demanded choices.

      Once Lori and Netta J. arrived at the Rainbow Pool, Netta scurried over to the list of all pet colours. Lori waited patiently as her pet examined each one with great delicacy. “Have you found anything you like?” When Netta didn’t reply, Lori continued to stand quietly.

      At least an hour later, Lori was found sitting asleep on the floor when Netta J. finally turned away from the pet colour list. Lori jumped awake. “Find anything?” she asked groggily.

      Netta J. shook her head sadly. “There’s nothing in there that describes me.”

      “Well, what does describe you?”

      All Netta did was shrug.

      As they exited the Rainbow Pool, Lori realized it was getting late, and the sun was setting. “How come it took so long for you to look at all of the colours?” the Lenny’s owner queried.

      Netta J. stared up at Lori as if she had just mentioned meepits giving away poison-and- explosive-free ice cream to everyone. “Lori! I thought of all people you would know; a paint brush is permanent! If you don’t choose the right colour, you can’t change unless you spend all of your neopoints on another paint brush! It’s crucial that you find the perfect colour, or you’re either scarred for life, or you spend the rest of your valuable money on another colour!”

      Lori had never really thought of it that way. Maybe the Lenny was right. “Well, if you really want a new colour, you’ve got to choose one you’re sure about. And if you don’t like any of the colours on that list, then you’ll have to stick with red,” Lori replied.


      Netta J. lay in her bed and stared through her window up into the starry sky. She knew that looks weren’t important, but whether or not that was true, she still hated red. If only there was a colour out there for me! she thought. Then I’d never have to wear these ugly feathers again. But it would have to really fit me. Something happy and joyous and smart... Netta J. tossed and turned in her bed for what felt like hours before she finally drifted off to sleep.

      Netta J. opened her eyes to a beautiful sunny mourning. She suddenly remembered her colour crisis. The red Lenny peeked out the window to the exquisite cloudy sky. She suddenly gulped down a firm gasp of air. This was it! This was her colour! Netta J. hurried downstairs and into the kitchen where Lori sat drinking coffee and reading the Neopian Times.

      “I’ve found it! I’ve found myself the perfect colour!” she exclaimed.

      Lori looked up from an article. “Have you? What is it?” she interrogated.

      Netta grasped Lori’s hand and pulled her owner to the window. “Look! The clouds. They’re my colour. They describe me perfectly.”

      Lori stared in disbelief at her pet. “Netta Jane, what are you talking about? No one’s about to stick a paint brush in the sky and paint their neopet. It’s impossible! It can’t be done. Of all pets, you should know. You’re a Lenny. You are very smart. It’s simple science!” Lori stated firmly.

      Netta shuffled her feathers in embarrassment. “It was just an idea...”

      Lori sighed, obviously realizing she had hurt her Lenny’s feelings. Her voice became softer as she replied, “Look, I’m sorry. But it can’t be done. Not unless Fyora floats down from Faerieland and makes it possible. I’m sorry.” Lori hugged Netta and patted her pet on the back.

      “Can... can I go for a walk? Please?” Netta J. asked. Once Lori nodded, Netta made her way out the door. It was truly a wonderful day. But even though Netta J. tried to enjoy it, the fact that there was no sky paint brush had already dampened her spirits.

      At last, Netta reached the Rainbow Pool again. She gazed around at all of the neopets, who were all so jubilant about their new colours. Netta J. felt green with envy. They all enjoyed their colours so much. How she wished she could do the same. “Hey! Move it, will you? Some of us want to be painted already!” a grouchy Nimmo growled at Netta.

      “Oh, erm, sorry,” she stammered and moved out of the way. As she did so, she bumped into the Rainbow Pool supervisor, a red Grarrl.

      “Hey, watch it!” he snapped, then took a look at Netta J. “Hey, weren’t you here yesterday?” he realized.

      Netta J. shuffled her feathers. “Yes... W-why?”

      “Well are you ever going to get painted or not? Come on, there are neopets in need of new colours, and you’re just crowdin’ up the place!”

      “Y-yes sir,” Netta told the Rainbow Pool supervisor and made her way across the pool. Then she stopped and turned back to the Grarrl. “Wait!” she called. The Grarrl turned to meet her.

      “What now?” he snarled irately.

      “Is... is there a paint brush the colour of the sky?” Netta J. quizzed.

      The Grarrl tilted his head in confusion. “Sorry kid, no,” he uttered, and then turned to leave her.

      Now Netta was really depressed. The only paint brush that really described her didn’t exist. That night, Netta J. stared up at the starry sky again. This time, she spotted a bright star. “Oh how I wish there was a paint brush the colour of the sky!” she exclaimed. She felt like the craziest Lenny on the face of Neopia for wishing upon a star, and yet, she did.


      Three months passed until one day Netta J. and Lori were browsing the a few shops. Netta had gotten over the fact that she would never get to be the colour of the sky, and was merrily shopping with her owner.

      All of a sudden, a powerful wind overcame Hubert’s Hot Dogs and began to form in a ball. Netta J. shielded her eyes until the wind settled down. That was when the air faerie appeared. “Netta J.?” the radiant faerie called through the crowd of bewildered Neopians.

      Nervously, Netta J. raised her wing. “H-here!” Netta stammered.

      “Aha! I need you to get me a bow tie!” the air faerie exclaimed. And as quickly as she had entered, the air faerie blew away in a breeze.

      “Your first faerie quest!” Lori declared, completely embarrassing Netta J. in front of everybody.

      After easily retrieving the bow tie, Netta followed Lori to Faerie City where they entered the quest building. Eventually, the couple reached the air faerie who was sorting out several other quest items. “Can I help you?” she requested.

      “I’ve got the bow tie,” Netta J. explained. The air faerie snatched the quest item from the red Lenny’s wing.

      “Oh yes! I’ve got a very special reward for you. Requested by Fyora herself.”

      But before Netta could respond, the air faerie picked her up and flew out of the faerie quest building. “Where are you taking me?” Netta J. asked worriedly. It wasn’t every day you got swept away by the air faerie. When she didn’t reply, Netta remained silent. At last, the air faerie landed on a cloud.

      “How is this even possible?” Netta J. said. “It’s simply not science to be able to stand on a cloud!”

      “So, you don’t like red?” the air faerie interrogated, not even listening to what the confused Lenny was saying. Before Netta could respond, the air faerie pulled out a plain pain brush and made a motion with her hand as if she were painting the sky with it. Netta’s jaw dropped once she realized, the sky and the clouds were rubbing off onto the brush like... like paint!

      Once the brush was dripping with cloudy paint, the faerie swiped it all across Netta's feathers.

      “My work here is done,” the air faerie stated, and carried Netta J. back to Faerieland.

      When Netta J. looked in the mirror that day, she found that she was in fact, the colour of the sky.


      Netta Jane was the very first neopet ever to be painted with a cloud paint brush. After that, Fyora made it into a real paint brush for other Neopians to acquire. But no one would ever forget Netta’s simple dream to be the colour of the sky.

The End

This story is dedicated to the real Netta J. Hopefully by the time you read this, she will be painted cloud!

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