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Gourmet Restaurants - Top Three

by ridiculer


Want to take your neopets out on the town tonight? Whether you want to celebrate a precious birthday dinner, or are simply too lazy to cook for your pets, here are rated three of the best well-known restaurants in every aspect, so whether you’re dining based on the menu, taste, class, service, location, or even price— this guide has all the information! Read below to find out what restaurant is the perfect one for you!


Menu: Food Item – Price in Neopoints


Maraquan Cream Broth – 13300 NP

Kelp Gazpacho – 15000 NP

Ocean Delight Salad- 14700 NP

Mixed Green Salad -13400 NP

Fresh Oysters – 16300 NP

Angel Hair Salad – 13000 NP

Succulent Cheese Dip – 14300 NP

Tropical Fruit Bowl – 13000 NP

Pate A La Kelp – 15800 NP

Main Course

Filet of Beef – 33000 NP

Spicy Radish Salad – 28400 NP

Stramberry Sausages- 31200 NP

Ocean Platter – 33000 NP NP

Fish Special – 32500 NP NP

Braised Turkey Cutlet – 29000 NP

Whole Roast Pheasant – 32400 NP

Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie – 29100 NP


Kelps Signature Ice Cream – 12100 NP

Honeyed Horn Of Plenty – 12000 NP

Peachpa and Stramberry Shell – 12200 NP

Coral Cake – 12300 NP

Octopi Souffle – 12500 NP

Triple Chocolate Shell – 12400 NP


Aged Tchea Juice – 8000 NP

Funnydew Melon Delight -9000 NP

Lemwart Fizz – 7000 NP

Phear Juice Tonic – 8000 NP

Twirly Fruit Blend – 9000 NP

Thornberry Brew – 7000 NP

Cornupepper Lemonade – 9000 NP

Seaweed Surprise – 9000 NP

Foozette Juice – 9000 NP

Blue and Orange Rambus Blend – 9000 NP

Price: As far as expensive goes, on average, it would cost you 66,453 neopoints PER neopet if you were to order one thing from every part of menu. The cheapest bargain you could get (order one thing from every part of the menu) would give you a total of 60,400 neopoints, where as the most expensive meal would cost you 70,800! If you’re not one of the richer Neopians, this is probably a waste of your yearly income. Kelp is not suggested if you haven’t quite hit the 10-11% interest rate on your bank account! Kelp is given a half star out five stars for outrageously expensive dining!

Class/Service: Before you even enter, notice that Kelp is underwater. Have you yet realized the cost to achieve a restaurant, but yet it’s built underwater! While entering, first of all, you’ll notice a reservation is required. In fact, there’s even your greeter calling you ‘sir’ and ‘madam’ expecting you to be a fine cuisine connoisseur, something you definitely will not find at the Golden Dubloon. This says it’s formal! If you thought a Maraquan paint brush was expensive, all of the servers here are painted (well duh, it’s underwater)! The servers' dress is formal, the servers have quite the talk, and the prices are quite outrageous. Plus, it doesn’t take forever to receive your ordered items. You definitely should be considered royal to eat here! Kelp receives the almost unachievable four and a half out of five stars in class/service.

Menu/Taste: For those of you connoisseurs, you’ll notice Kelp has quite a large variety of delicacies made with the finest ingredients and the greatest chefs. It’s one of the great ‘something for everyone’ menus, including the salad and soup lovers, the chocolate experts, and even the vegetarians. Have a picky eater with you? This is the perfect place to go; they’ve got the complex, sophisticated and the simple, yet delicious meals, as an added plus- not everything is seafood, quite a variety! Only the greatest ingredients go into Kelp foods, along with the most gracious chefs. It would be impossible to deny Kelp four out of five stars!

Location: Well, well! It’s underwater in New Maraqua, a very well-decorated, brand new, and suave part of Neopia. Plus, it’s directly located in the middle, right across the road from the Maraquan Neohomes. This is very convenient for those of us who get lost. We give their location a direct hole-in-one, five out five stars!

Overall: For the high-class, knowledgeable, and sophisticated Neopians, this is probably the best place to go. However, for those with a slightly less income, it’s a little tough and will need some saving. Overall, Kelp receives well-respected three and a half out of five stars!

The Golden Dubloon

Menu: Food item – Price in Dubloons


Shiver Me Shrimp – 3 Dubloons

Tomato Cannon Ball – 2 Dubloons

Double Stuffed Guppy – 5 Dubloons

Caesar Salad – 1 Dubloon

Crusty Clam Surprise – 3 Dubloons

Tropical Breeze – 1 Dubloon

Oyster Obsession – 2 Dubloons

Main Courses:

Loretta Fontaines Perfect Pizza – 5 Dubloons

Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade – 9 Dubloons

Our Famous Krawk Pie – 5 Dubloons

Headless Horsefish – 5 Dubloons

Bilge Rat Madeira – 4 Dubloons

Slithering Squid Surprise – 3 Dubloons

Baby Bloater – 3 Dubloons

Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger – 4 Dubloons


Forbidden Plunder – 3 Dubloons

Joy Fun Pops (3 flavours) – 2 Dubloons each

Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream – 3 Dubloons

Kraku Berry Cove – 2 Dubloons

Squid on a Stick– 3 Dubloons

Pinanna Paradise– 4 Dubloons


Man O War – 2 Dubloons

Land Lubber – 2 Dubloons

Walk the Plank – 2 Dubloons

Cannon Fodder – 2 Dubloons

Keel Haul – 2 Dubloons

Grog (4 flavors) – 2 Dubloons each

Hogshead – 10 Dubloons

Grog Light – 2 Dubloons

Assorted Bottles of Pop (4 flavors) – 2 Dubloons each

Price: For starters, an average meal (one item for each part of the menu) at the Golden Dubloon would cost you about 15 dubloons! However, you could bargain for a cheap meal (one meal for each part of the menu), which would give you a total of 8 dubloons. Yet the most expensive meal would be 23 dubloons! Well, we won’t call this a rip-off, and it is pretty fair for the large variety and taste. We give the Golden Dubloon three and a half out of five stars for their price.

Class/Service: Uh-oh! If you’re eating at the Golden Dubloon, you might as well be a pirate! It doesn’t give you the greatest greeting or the best welcoming. Not only is it almost always overcrowded, but you’re asked to ‘pull up a chair and have a bite to eat’. Perhaps this suggests its popularity, but it’s quite disgusting to sit and eat at Kelp! Just from the beginning, you can tell it’s not the most sophisticated place to eat. That’s right, you only get fifteen minutes to pick out your items, get served, and stuff them down before you can expect yourself to get the boot! This may say the service is quick, although I’m not quite sure if that’s a nice way to treat your customers. The silly pirate accent doesn’t help with their class either! Simply because it’s fast service and there’s no class, we give their class/service two and a half stars out of five!

Menu/Taste: Although the service may not be perfect, their food sure is! The Golden Dubloon has a wide variety in everything from starters to cocktails. For their fabulously delicious food, the Golden Dubloon receives an expected and amazing five out of five stars!

Location: You might say it’s the perfect out of town place! It’s on a nice, reserved island, and is especially welcoming to tourists. After eating, or while waiting for a spot, you could head just outside the Golden Dubloon to have a nice game of krawps! There’s also the nice, short, and quite boat ride back to the main land. Plus it looks quite dashing with the antique ship! Simply put, their location gets five out of five stars!

Overall: So it’s not the classiest restaurant! However, it does have a complete set of a great menu, taste, and location. Plus, the price is quite reasonable for everything! The Golden Dubloon receives a greatly achieved four out of five stars!

Soup Kitchen


(This may not be the full menu of soups, but these are the only ones found to be served at the Soup Kitchen.)

Cornupepper Soup

Asparagus and Chutney Soup

Mushroom and Chokato Soup

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Potato and Leek Soup

Turnip Broth

Starberry Soup

Mulligatawny Soup

Negg Soup

Invisible Soup

Lamb Broth

Golden Juppie Soup

Minestrone Soup

Price: How much better of a price can you get than free?! The kindness of the Soup Faerie gives her, hands down, five out of five stars!

Class/Service: As the kindest faerie, the Soup Faerie is always happy to serve fellow neopets her delicious soups. Although it’s not a five star restaurant and you won’t find any caviar here, the Soup Faerie does a fairly good job of taking care of everyone who enters. As for class/service, the Soup Kitchen gets a lucky two out of five stars.

Menu/Taste: If your pet is a fan of the soups – they’re in heaven! Although there is a large variety of a soup, it gets a bit redundant to eat soup every day. Of course, they’re made by the Soup Faerie herself, and so they’re all delicious. The Soup Kitchen receives a two and a half out of five stars.

Location: Located right on one of the busiest streets of the Neopian Market Place. Although it is easy to find you may find yourself in a rush to get in and out due to the large demand of food. Perhaps it’s not the snazziest location, and it gets a little crowded. The Soup Kitchen gets two and a half out five stars for its location.

Overall: The Soup Faerie does her best of taking care of and making it a homey feel with tons of fabulous soup! The Soup Kitchen receives an overall undisputable three out of five stars!

Hopefully this guide helped you realize where you want to go for dinner, and found what you were looking for. Have fun trying out new places and taking your neopets out for dinner! Bon appétit!

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