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What Meerca Chase Negg Are You?

by abi_forever


Meerca Chase - A pleasurable pastime with the objective of consuming of the gourmet nourishment titled neggs and-

Stari_Aira: Speak English, will you, Mom? I think you're speaking Tyrannian.

My darling Peophin, Stari. Now Stari, I just said that Meerca Chase is a fun game which you have eat a lot of expensive neggs.

Stari: Why didn't you say so, Mom?

I did. Anyway, have you ever wondered about the personalities of these wacky neggs? Ever wondered, "How do you think a Green Negg spends their life?" or even, "Which negg's personality do I match?" Well, here's the answer! Simply-

Stari: You aren't selling the article, Mom. You sound like those crazy guys on Neovision selling Yurble Bubblebath and stuff.

Shh, Stari! Where was I? Oh yes. So, just take this quiz and match up your personality with a negg's personality!

1. You find a bag of five hundred thousand neopoints on the ground. What do you do with it?

A. That never happens to me. I'm way too unlucky.

B. Calmly ask passersby if they own it; if no one claims it, keep it.

C. Screech out how lucky you are and run ten times around Terror Mountain in forty seconds.

D. Give part of it to the Money Tree, give part to your siblings, and keep the rest for yourself.

E. Only five hundred thousand neopoints? Pleeeeze. Who cares about such a tiny amount of neopoints, anyway?

F. Give it to the Money Tree or the Soup Faerie!

G. Keep it all, I say! Keep it all!

Stari: Why don't I get five hundred thousand neopoints? Mom, I want a raise on allowances!

Hush, Stari! I'm trying to do an article here!

Stari: Three thousand a week is sooo unfair!

Fine! I will give you a raise if you be quiet! Now, shh!

2. What is your favourite faerie or the faerie you are most like?

A. The Grey Faerie *sigh*

B. The Earth Faeries? Fire Faeries? One of those two. Or how about Air Faeries? Hmmm.

C. The really hyper kind! Like Air Faeries! Always zooming up in the clouds!

D. All of them! Yay me!

E. Like Fyora or the Fountain Faerie. Maybe even Negg or Space. Only the important faeries, anyway.

F. Maybe I am like the Soup Faerie or how about Illusen or maybe Light Faeries?

G. Mwaaaah! Dark Faeries and Jhudora! Mwaaah!

Stari: I call the Fountain Faerie! I want to be painted faerie!

E. Negg: No way! I'm the Fountain Faerie!

Break it up! Stari, if you can't be quiet....

Stari: Okay! Fine. Quiet. Q-U-I-T!

That reminds me, you failed your spelling test, young lady.

Stari: Mom!

Okay. Not now. We'll discuss it later.

Stari: L-A-T-I-R!

Stari! Shh!

3. What is your favourite hobby?

A. Moping around in despair. *sigh* Why me, I ask.

B. Reading, watching Neovision, drawing....

C. Running around! And racing! And screaming at the top of my lungs! Did I mention running?

D. Everything! I like reading, racing, drawing, playing cards, sleepovers, watching Neovision, swimming, dancing, singing...

E. Counting my millions of neopoints. No, billions of neopoints. Embracing my picture of the best negg in the world: me!

F. Singing for the joy of others and helping people!

G. Aiding Sloth, Jhudora and the Pant Devil for WORLD DOMINATION! MWAAAH!

Stari: What kind of guy helps the Pant Devil? This is him- *in a high voice* Laa la laa! Look at me! I'm all purple and soft! I steal your things! *in regular voice* Pleeze!

Something Has Happened!

The Pant Devil steals your Usuki collection!

Stari: Not a word, Mom. Not a word.

4. What's your favourite colour?

A. Grey, black and white. Also pale blue for the colour of my tears.

B. Blue? Maybe red. I am pretty sure it's blue or red. Take your pick.

Stari: I choose red!


Stari: Oops! Sorry, Mom.

C. Black with flames! Like a car! Only I'm ten times as fast as a car!

D. All of the colours! Red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, gold...

E. Gold, silver and dark purple. *sigh* To be royalty. Oh wait. I'm higher than royalty!

F. Yellow and pink! Maybe light green! Yay happy colours!

G. Black and dark purple. The colours of evil! *cackles*

Stari: I like F. Negg's choice. Those would go so nice with my Pretty Pink Hat! Ooh! Do you like it?

Stari, please. Out.

Stari: Give me one more chance! Pleeeeze!

Okay. Last chance.

5. Okay. This is the second to last question. So, pleeeze listen up, y'all and...

Stari: I'm not bothering you. See?


Stari: Okay. Last last chance!!!

Okay. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted...

Stari: Who interrupted you? Oh. Sorry!

Stari_Aira Abi_Forever! Shhhhhhhhh! Okay, so how did you feel about the article over all? Was it nice? Was it horrible? Share your opinions with me.

A. It was okay. Not tooo bad, you know.

B. It was fun and cool!

C. Why am I sitting around here when I could be racing? Other than that, it was awesome!

D. It was great and fun and wonderful and sweet and... *insert long list of adjectives*

E. Quite unrefined, but good for my publicity.

F. It was fun!

G. It was sweet, cute and fun. In other words, horrible!

Stari: Uh. I can't think of anything else witty, yet annoying. *insert witty and annoying thing here*

I can't think of a good argument or anything. *insert mad, yet calm argument here*

On with the show!

6. Last question! I promise! Now, tell me. What are you going to do, now that the whole quiz is finished? Give me a quick answer. We're running out of time!

A. Mope around.

B. Play games.

C. Run around.

D. Do tons of stuff.

E. Be famous.

F. Give donations.

G. Plan world domination.

Okay! Tally it all up!

Mostly A: Grey Negg: You're a sad negg with a negative personality. Boo hoo.

Mostly B: Green Negg: You're an average, regular negg.

Mostly C: Power Negg: You are a hyper dude (or dudette).

Mostly D: Rainbow Negg: You're a unique mix of all the neggs!

Mostly E: Fish Negg: You're an ignorant negg with tons of pride.

Mostly F: Happy Negg: You're a sweet, wonderful negg who always gives.

Mostly G: Red Negg: You're a total meanie!

Stari: What does this button do?

No! Stari, don't press the but-

Stari: *presses it*

*curtains fall down, audience flees and roofs crashes down on us*

Stari!!!! You ruined it! My first time in the Neopian Times and you ruin it!

Stari: Does this mean that I'm not getting a raise?

MORAL: Don't bring your pets to work.

Author's Note: OMIGOSH! First time! Yay!!!!

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