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Seven Succulent Suggestions for Scoring Neofriends

by unilover381


NEOPIA CENTRAL- Many people debate about what the best thing about the world of Neopets is. You yourself have probably been dragged into one or two conversations about this-I know that I have. On one particular day, a few of my friends were discussing this very topic. As one friend (strongly believing that dung furniture beat out all else) turned toward me and demanded aggressively, “Well, what do you think is the best thing about Neopets?”, I got to thinking about it.

Well, I pondered this for some quite time. But my eventual answer, the one that I stand by to this day is: “Well, I’d probably say that meeting people from around the world is the greatest thing about Neopets.”

Think about it. What could be better than meeting someone you totally never would have known because they live across the globe from you? Nothing, of course! So now that it’s dawned on you how cool it is to have friends from around the world you’re probably wondering to yourself, “How would I go about making these super-cool new friends or even just acquaintances?”

Luckily for you, this guide is entirely dedicated to answering that question! So, compiled from my personal experience throughout my travels of Neopia, here are the top seven ways to make neofriends from around the globe. Why seven? Well, most guides focus on "solid" numbers such as five, ten, and one hundred, and I like to think outside of the box. Plus, seven's a lucky number. Anyway, after extensive thought, here are my tips...

7. Create boards under whichever topic best suits you. (Remember to stay on topic!)

Making boards of your own is a great way to meet loads of new people. Whether you’re looking to discuss how excited you are about that item you’re dying to get to customize your Kougra, need help or have questions about the site, or want company while you attempt getting the “Meepit Juice Break” avatar for the thirty-seventh consecutive time, this is a great way to make friends. Even if you don’t get responses on your first couple of boards, be patient and keep trying. Obviously don’t spam the boards, but I can almost guarantee that someone somewhere is waiting to gab about all the items they’re saving up for, answer a question, or gather the willpower to try, once again, for that avatar they always end up ten lousy points away from getting.

The only thing you need to be careful of is that you’re not begging, being offensive, or spamming in your topic. Because, along with the happy people looking for topics to join so they can chatter happily with others, many are lurking in wait for someone-anyone- to create an off-topic, offensive, or any other type of board that may be subject to ridicule.

6. Make sure that your user lookup sends a “welcoming” message.

The number one way of warding off anyone and everyone hoping to drop you a neomail is having an aggressive, rude, or downright frightening user lookup. Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

You’re surfing the Art Gallery and you come across a picture that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Wowed, you hastily click the username of the artist to applaud them for their time spent creating that beautiful work of art. You reach their user lookup and there is an enormous background image of an extremely agitated, snarling beast advancing upon a kitten. The description reads, “My name’s –insert name here-. Don’t even THINK about neomailing me or asking me to be my friend. And, yeah, I know my drawings are great, so there’s no need to tell me. Any who neomail me without extremely good reasons shall be punished.”

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely classify this as a “downright frightening” user lookup. First and foremost, I’m fairly certain that it’s against the rules to have disturbing images anywhere on the pages of your account content. You are on very dangerous ground there. Plus, you need to keep in mind that children do play this site. Besides the image, the text comes off aggressive, arrogant, and rude. There is a much nicer way of stating the same basic information:

“Hello, my name’s –insert name here-. Please don’t request to be my neofriend unless I know you. Criticism of my artwork is greatly appreciated, but please keep it constructive. Thanks!”

Notice I removed the part stating that they know that their artwork is great, as it conveys a great “I am better than you” statement. Also, threats are typically a no-no on a family-friendly website (thus the removal of the “punishment” statement). As you can see, the user lookup makes a huge impression. The worst thing about a rude user lookup is that someone can be turned away from you without even having a conversation with you- which explains the extremely long example explanation.

5. Speak up if you really like something.

Say you really loved someone’s article that made it into the Neopian Times- let them know! Don’t worry about whoever you’re neomailing getting annoyed- people love praise! As long as you’re polite and try to use proper language, there should be no reason for anyone to be offended. To back this up, I asked a neofriend, katcrzy559, “As someone who has made it into the Neopian Times on more than one occasion, how do you feel about getting neomails about your article/s?”

Her response should be very encouraging to all who have doubts about the statements above: “I *heart* them! They make me feel happy that I wrote them because someone actually read them and appreciated them! ^.^”

So speak up- unless someone specifically mentions in their user lookup that they don’t like praise, they should be elated that you’ve decided to neomail them!

4. Create an “About Me” page.

Believe it or not, an interesting “About Me” page is a magnet for neomails. You don’t have to-and shouldn’t include anything personal in it, but a page talking about some of your interests, likes, and dislikes can be a fun thing for you and anyone who reads it. I’ve met several friends by commenting/ having them comment on “About Me” pages. It’s a great way to say more about your hobbies, so you have a greater chance of making friends who share them with you.

3. Join a guild.

Joining a guild is one of the best ways to meet people who have a lot in common with you! There are many, many great guilds out there filled with fun, helpful members that could use more members. Whether public or private, guilds are a great way to meet many people and get to know them better than you would with a single conversation on the Neoboards. Even if you don’t stay in a guild forever, you will (hopefully) always keep the Neofriends you meet through them.

2. Be yourself.

Although you may be ninety-nine point eight percent sure that you’re extremely odd, you probably aren’t. The fact is that everyone is a bit strange in their own way. And trust me; the world of Neopia is filled to the brim with strange and wonderful people. So don’t be afraid to be yourself- all of those potential Neofriends will accept you just as you are!


Throughout this article, I’m sure you’ve picked up on this last and most important of ways to gain friends throughout Neopia! If you are courteous and friendly to every user you meet, chances are that you will have many more Neofriends than if you come off as irritable and mean. Kindness is generally returned with kindness, so even if you weren’t to make any new friends, you would still reap a much more pleasant experience in Neopia. Plus, with many people being so quick to reprimand other users if they speak wrongly nowadays, a little kindness goes a long way. You also get the added benefit of being less likely to be warned or suspended for harassment or other offenses linked with disrespect.

Hopefully these seven succulent tips will greatly help you on your quest to make friends across the globe through the world of Neopia. Happy searching!

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