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The Attack Leaf Myth: To Believe or Not to Believe?

by mrpanda1


Note: Cooking Pot recipes featured in this story will not actually work in the Cooking Pot.

There are many myths surrounding the banishment of the Attack Leaf. It is commonly believed that in Y4, the Mystery Island Battledome Safety Administration banned it for Peadackle endangerment. I am here to tell you that this may not be entirely true. Yes, it was banned in Y4, and yes, the Mystery Island Battledome Safety Administration were the ones to do it, but only here will you find one of the most popular myths regarding the banishment of the Attack Leaf.

     It all started on a lovely day on Mystery Island, sometime during the Month of Hiding. Jhuidah the Island Faerie and Ryshu the Nimmo were at the cooking pot, chatting and getting ready to have lunch.

     "Do you want me to make you something?" asked Jhuidah.

     "No, I brought my own lunch. It's my favorite, Nimmo Meatloaf," Ryshu said in an excited tone.

     "You sure you want to eat that stuff? It looks pretty disgusting to me," Jhuidah observed as she took an Azzle and some Lettuce out of her pocket, put them both in the cooking pot, and stirred the murky liquid once. A perfect bowl of Azzle Salad floated to the top of the liquid and Jhuidah got a fork and dug in.

     "You don't know what you're missing..." Ryshu said as he began to eat.

     After a bit of chatting and a lot of eating, Ryshu was just about to return to the Training School when the Island Mystic came out of his hut and waved to both Ryshu and Jhuidah. He started to walk over to them.

     He quickly said, "A great power will reveal itself today," followed by, "You will soon be struck by an airborne Babaa," and ran away as rapidly as he had come.

     "What an odd pet," Jhuidah said. The look on Ryshu's face seemed to say the same thing.

     Soon after, Jhuidah and Ryshu spotted the Mystic running around behind some palm trees, as if he was hiding from them. The Island Mystic was famous in Y4 for making sure his prophecies came true, most likely because he wasn't established as Neopia's finest mystic yet. Therefore, Ryshu and Jhuidah fully expected something weird to happen. They assumed that the Mystic would soon throw something Babaa-oriented at one of them. They also knew that he didn't have a very good throwing arm. So they weren't worried.

     It turns out they should have been. The Silver Babaa Coin, which was later fingerprinted and found to be stolen from an innocent Neopian girl, hit Jhuidah right in the head. She was not hurt, although she threw her Azzle Salad backwards over her head. It landed right in the cooking pot. The Silver Babaa Coin, which hit Jhuidah at just the right angle, also flew straight into the pot.

     “Jhuidah! Are you alright?” Ryshu said to her.

     “I’m fine - come over here and help me fish this stuff out of my cooking pot!” she yelled back.

     “Okay, I’m coming...”

     As Ryshu got to the cooking pot, he began to lean over the edge and helped Jhuidah get the coin and the salad out of her pot. As he was doing so, however, a single Nimmo Throwing Star fell out of his pocket and into the pot. As this happened, Jhuidah, while fishing in the pot, swirled the water around once with her arm. The pot glowed a faint green color and a small leaf floated to the top of the liquid.

     “I thought I knew all the recipes, but I’ve never seen this one...” Jhuidah said.

     “What do you think it is?” Ryshu asked.

     Jhuidah took the leaf out of the liquid. It glowed in the same faint green color as the pot did when the leaf was formed. She sniffed the leaf, grimaced, and said “I’m sure it’s not edible.”

     “Maybe it’s a weapon. I’ll bring it back to the secret ninja training school and try it out. Meet me there and we'll talk about it.”

     The next day

     Jhuidah, of course, did not know where the secret ninja training school was, so she simply asked one of those passing red Poogles. It is common knowledge in Mystery Island that they know many secrets. Jhuidah quickly found the secret school and called for Ryshu, who came out of the door with the leaf in his hand.

     “Jhuidah, we need to get rid of this thing, and fast!”

     “Why, Ryshu? What’s so bad about that little leaf?”

     “LITTLE leaf? This thing is crazy! Here, let me show you...”

     Ryshu threw the leaf at a nearby palm tree. It whizzed around in the air so fast that it appeared to be invisible. The leaf cut three branches off of the tree in less than a second. The leaf reappeared in Ryshu’s hand as quickly as it had left.

     “Nothing happened. The leaf never even left your hand!” Jhuidah observed, incorrectly.

     “Hm? Look at the tree!” Ryshu said as he pointed at the three severed branches.

     Jhuidah paused. “...Oh. I see. What should we do with it? I mean, if this thing were to get into the Battledome, even the weakest pets could beat the Snowager!”

     “I thought we could just throw it away... maybe into the ocean?”

     “No, I have a better idea. Nobody ever buys anything from the Tiki Tack... why don’t we just hide it there?”

     “I guess that’ll work. Let’s just sneak in when the Tiki Tack Man is at the Tombola and put it into a Clay Vase. We’ll check on it periodically to make sure it hasn’t been purchased,” Jhuidah suggested.

     “Yes. We’ll do that. I think I see him leaving the Tiki Tack now... Hurry! Let’s go!” Ryshu said frantically.

     Both Jhuidah and Ryshu snuck into the Tiki Tack and placed the leaf into a Clay Vase. They also raised the price significantly in order to prevent them from being purchased. It was a risk, but they hoped the Tiki Tack Man was too lazy to notice. They them went back to the Cooking Pot and made a nice lunch, as if nothing had happened.

     Back at the Tiki Tack, the Tiki Tack Man returned and sat back to eat a nice Doughnutfruit. (Checkered, to be exact.) As he ate, he noticed that the price of the Clay Vases had been changed from 675 to 6750000 Neopoints. Obviously, he thought, someone had changed it. He walked over to change the price when he noticed a faint green light coming from one of the vases. As he got closer, he forgot all about the price and became fixated on the light. He immediately reached into the pot and pulled out the leaf. Mystified, he put it into his pocket and left again.

     Later that day, Jhuidah went back to the Tiki Tack by herself to check on the leaf. When she found that it was missing, naturally, she ran to Ryshu and asked what they should do next.

     Ryshu said, “That Tiki Tack Man must have noticed what we did. He probably has the leaf, and we need to get it back and get rid of it properly this time.”

     But this proved to be tougher than they thought. Ryshu and Jhuidah found the Tiki Tack Man at the Tombola, where they started to talk to him.

     Ryshu got right to the point by saying, “Hey! What’s that in your pocket?”

     “Oh, just this leaf... I thought it was kinda cool. Doesn’t it look like it’s glowing?” said the Tiki Tack Man.

     Jhuidah tried to lessen his interest in the leaf by saying, “What? I don’t see any glowing! It looks like a normal leaf to me.”

     “Oh... maybe it is...” the Tiki Tack Man said reluctantly. He took it out of his pocket, pondered something for a moment, shrugged, and threw it backwards, into the tent. The leaf, once again, immediately flew through the back of the tent, leaving a hole, and reappeared in the Tiki Tack Man’s hand in the blink of an eye. He threw it again in disbelief, thinking it already left his hand. He then realized what was happening.

     “I want to keep this thing!” he yelled. He then ran off to the Battledome.

     Jhuidah and Ryshu just sat there and looked at each other.

     “Should we follow him?” Jhuidah asked.

     “Nope. I have a better idea,” Ryshu said confidently.

     He left for a long time... it seemed like hours and hours to Jhuidah. When he came back, he was not alone. Instead, he was followed by many famous Battledomers. Included in the mob was Harry the Mutant Moehog, Balthazar, the Lava Ghoul, Advisor Broo, and the Giant Ghostkerchief. Normally all of these fighters wouldn’t have been caught on the same side, but this was a special occasion. They all headed to the Battledome.

     The Tiki Tack Man didn’t really know what he was doing. He started by repeatedly assaulting Punchbag Bob with the leaf, then went on to tougher challengers like Chiazilla and the Snowager, both of whom he beat easily.

     When the mob arrived, the Tiki Tack Man didn’t know what was happening. Right away, the mob began to use their various weapons on the Tiki Tack Man. He was surprised. Very surprised. Unfortunately, the fight was anticlimactic. The Tiki Tack Man simply let the faintly glowing leaf float down to the ground, where it supposedly still rests to this day in Y8. The Mystery Island Battledome Safety Administration built a new arena over the old one, leaving the indestructible leaf to sit there forever, later naming the leaf the Attack Leaf and “banning it for Peadackle endangerment.”

     If this story is true, why did the Mystery Island Battledome Safety Administration cover it up? Perhaps because they didn’t want the recipe to get out? Nobody will know why, but at least now you can know the real story behind the banishing of the infamous Attack Leaf.

The End

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