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When The Sun Didn't Rise

by white_moon_pack


Altador shone in the full moon's light. This night was a great night for two neopets in particular. They were Kakari the island Lupe and Kakashi the Tyrannian Lupe. Nights like these weren't common. The moon was full, the breeze was cool, and the sky sparkling with stars. Kakari and her very best friend Kakashi, who she lived with, would sit on their roof and talk until morning. The question was, would morning ever come?

      "Isn't it peaceful?" Kakari lay back by Kakashi, who was sitting near the top of the roof, and stared at the gleaming stars.

      Kakashi looked up to the sky. "Indeed it is."

      "I wish morning will never come."

      He looked from the stars to the glistening rooftops of neohomes.

      "Have you ever wondered what’s beyond Neopia?"

      "Yeah, I've thought about that."

      Kakari closed her eyes and fell asleep. When she woke up it was still dark. A loud shout arose and she and Kakashi jumped. Peering down into the street, they saw Tuck the Kacheek. He was a stout, purple, six year old boy.

      "It's ten in the morning, everyone, and it's still dark." Tuck was running through town as the citizens of Altador crowded about.

      Kakari and Kakashi hopped off the roof and worked their way through the crowd to where they saw King Altador giving some speech. Kakari looked to see her friends. Jeran of Meridell, Dagertooth, a red Lupe, Misty, a cloud Lupe from Meridell, Lilly, a faerie Lupe, and Forestlilly the green Lupe.

      Misty was the first to catch sight of them. "Hi Kakari, Kakashi."

      "What's all this about it being morning in the middle of the night." Kakari walked up.

      Jeran looked at her. "It's true. It's nearly the middle of the day, but still dark out."

      "Why aren't you in Meridell?" Kakashi looked at Jeran.

      "I was sent to see if all of Neopia was this way."

      "Shouldn't you be headed to another part of the planet now," Kakashi began to question.

      Kakari looked at Kakashi. "Just let him do his job."

      Kakashi kept quiet but didn't seem satisfied.

      King Altador had just stopped talking to a librarian and started to speak again. "I'm afraid nothing like this has ever happened in Neopia and our librarians can't find anything about this."

      The crowd began to murmur.

      "I have decided," he continued, "to go and meet with the faerie queen Fyora and see what she thinks."

      King Altador wise a strong and wise king but his age wasn't a traveling improvement. Most Neopians would disagree to him traveling to Faerieland. Yet, he was a brave and respected leader, which was all that was needed.

      "He's too old to go that far," Misty retorted.

      "Quiet, he'll hear you," Lilly said quickly but quietly.

      “He’s older than you,” Dagertooth snapped, “and wiser.”

      She looked at him. “How do you know he’s wiser?”

      ‘He’s a king isn’t he?”

     Forestlilly looked at Misty. "You should pay him more respect."

      Misty turned to see Kakari, Kakashi, and Jeran nodding their heads in agreement with Forestlilly's words. Seeing this she gave in. "Oh, all right."

      The crowd grew smaller and smaller as neopets returned to their normal routines. The friends split up Kakari followed Kakashi into a small forest.

      After a long while they got to a small stream and Kakari went and sat on a rock.

      "Misty doesn't respect our king since she lives under another one's rule, I guess."

      "She needs to learn respect," Kakashi grumbled, throwing a rock into the stream.

      "Respect means different things to different individuals," she laughed.

      He threw another rock in the stream.

      “Don’t be so grumpy.”


      “Because you should be happy you don’t live with her.”

      “I am happy I don’t live with her.”

      “You could be nicer to her at least.”


      “She’s my friend.”

      “That doesn’t mean I have to like her.”

      “You could act like it.”


      “Oh, lighten up.”


      “Why do you keep asking ‘why’? “

      “Why can’t I win this fight?”

      “I won’t quit, that’s why!”

      “Whatever you say, Kakari, whatever you say.”

      Kakari got up and shoved him playfully into the water. She didn't expect him to drag her into the stream as well. They played around awhile before going home. They went inside ate, dried off, and fell asleep.

      The next morning it was still dark but really cold. The wind was blowing through the cracks of the door and windows. Kakashi was working on feeding the fire and cooking food. When Kakari got up he fixed her something to eat and drink. Half the day went by without a word. There wasn't much to do inside. It was too cold to do anything but sit around under covers. So all anyone really did was read and talk.

      Kakari looked up from the book she was reading. "Why is this happening?"

      "I don't know," he threw a log in the fire then sat down, "but it'll probably get worse."

      "But why Neopia," she asked.

      "I don't know."

      Another day went by and Kakashi tacked blankets to the inner walls so the wind couldn't get in so easily. You wouldn't see even a bug outside. Every hour the temperature dropped.

      "Why?" Kakari was pacing around the room. "What on Neopia happened the night this started?"

      "Don't know."

      "Wait a minute." She stopped pacing and looked at Kakashi who was sitting by the fire. "I wished that morning would never come!"

      He stood up. "A dark faerie must have heard you."

      "We need a light faerie."

      "They need light, though."

      "The fire," Kakari pointed out.

      "Okay, let's go."

      They went to shop after shop searching for a bottled light faerie. It took forever but they finally found what they were looking for. They bought the faerie and went home. Kakashi restarted the fire, while Kakari explained to the faerie what happened.

      "Will you help us?" Kakari asked at last.

      "Sure," said the tiny light faerie, "and my name is Yuna."

      "Thanks Yuna." Kakari took the faerie and freed her by the fire.

      Yuna glowed with a blinding light. After a few seconds, she stopped glowing. Kakashi walked outside. When they got out it was plain. Yuna had... failed! It was as dark as ever. All of a sudden Neopia seemed to cry out, "Morning come again. Please come again.” She looked around. Neopets crowded in the streets and cried out. Then little yellow light flew around the sky. They were light faeries. As she watched, Kakari saw the faeries glow brighter and bright. They got so bright that you couldn’t see. When she opened her eyes, all she could see was Yuna. The faerie flew up and said, “Next time, don’t be so careless with your wishes.” Then she disappeared.

      Next thing she knew, Kakari was lying on the roof again. She sat up and realized it had only been a dream. Suddenly, she heard Tuck running through the street yelling, “It’s ten o’clock in the morning and still dark!”

      “What?” Kakari jumped up.

      Kakashi began to laugh. “Don’t mind him. He can’t tell time.”

      Kakari never wished morning wouldn’t come again. In fact, she couldn’t wait for daylight anymore. So I’d think before I wish something. Do you really want your wish to come true?

The End

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