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The Official Neoquest II Survival Guide for Monsters

by blahbletybleebloobla


So, all my monsters of the Neopian world, you've probably tried Neoquest II before. You teamed up with some of your friends in order to try and defeat the evil creatures that lurk in villages, towns, and in the plain world, too. What comes out of most battles is just an unsatisfied UGH, lots of empty potion bottles, bandages all around you, and a trip to the Neopian Hospital, which doesn't even accept you. Some of you may have defeated one or two before (Zombom, Hubrid, and Terask), but for the most part, you have fought good in vain. Well, never fear, because here's the "Neoquest II Survival Guide for Monsters"!

The first thing you'll need to do is to get some decent skills. First, you should probably invest in Critical Attacks. Sure, teeth, claws, beaks, and other bodily weapons can cause damage, but with armored creatures with high defense, you really want to deal the most damage you can. Next, go get some Mesmerize. If you noticed, good creatures don't use Mesmerize much, but that's because all of us monsters have high magic resistance, and they have low resistance. The next two are devastating skills that cripple them: Obliterate and Astral Maelstrom. With Obliterate, aim for Mipsy, and watch her die! Don't forget to stun, which brings up the next skills, Stunning Strikes and Shockwave! Set those snobs back up to 10 seconds, and you're on your way to winning! Healing is good. Get Renew, and frustrate your opponents before they can even get you down to yellow! Woohoo! Other skills include Rampant Acceleration, and Petrification, which many of you have, to my approval. There's no better strategy than slowing down the creature and speeding you up, which they also do.

Don't forget Group Shields, which will minimize the damage altogether! I'm going to end the skills with two absolutely ANNOYING ones-- Combat Focus and Damage Shields. You won't believe the looks on your opponents' faces when you throw those out at them! Now, for skills not to choose. Do not use Slowing Strikes, for they simply slow by 5% each time, which is rather useless. Also, Group Healing shouldn't be used, for almost all of your party should be able to heal. There is one more "Yuck" skill-- Celestial Hammer! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Low damage and small stuns is not good at all. So, choose any combination of those good skills above, and you're good to go!

The next key to winning is location and friends. You have a low chance of winning if you are alone, next to a town with a free inn. Instead, find three buddies to join you (if they can all heal or mesmerize, you're golden), and attack in a cave or castle, where the enemies can't easily go back and heal. Hopefully, they'll be defeated, or flee, in which you, or other monsters, can attack them again. With this, you can drain their pitiful HP fast.

Now, you should be 1000% better than you were before. Now, it's time for a walkthrough for the final uber-battle against Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm. King Terask, this one's yours.

Okay, (drum roll, please) as you slowly creep up to them (more drum roll) as they curiously stare at Queen Fyora, (cymbal crash, please), POUNCE on them. Now, to get them scared, and lower their speed, speak some threatening words. How about something like, "Haha, I've found you, you lame-brained morons! Now, I will beat you to shreds, and keep the stupid Queen Fyora frozen for ETERNITY! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (Adding evil laughter adds a nice touch to the fight) Now, start attacking.

First, you'll want to haste yourself. Rampant Acceleration is ideal. Next, you'll need to slow the enemies, with Petrification. Now, it's time to set up shields. Set up Protection of Infinity, Wall of Chaos, and Focus your energies, because you won't spend much time attacking with melee. Now, use your mesmerization power that you're so good at. Mesmerize Rohane and Velm, and watch the pitiful others lie down in a heap. Congratulations, you just blocked the main damage dealer and healer! Now, release your true potential. Cast Obliterate a few times on Mipsy, and presto, she's dead! That was easy. Now, that weird Eyrie with a bent stick is rather resistant to magic, so just deal some melee damage (those Critical Attacks should negate the damage loss in Focus, while leaving the super high defense) to destroy her. Now, the ladies are done for, but the men should be coming back to their senses. So, immediately mesmerize Velm, so he doesn't cast those nasty shields. By now, your own shields and haste/slow might be down, so recast them. If Rohane taunts you, ignore it. Even if he looks super silly and stupid, he's doing that to lure you away from your next target, Velm. If Rohane keeps taunting you, mesmerize him to shut him up. Now, alone, Velm isn't very powerful, so just keep on clawing and Obliterating him, despite his really annoying Panacea. Now, it's down to you and Rohane. Hammer away at him with your Critical Attacks, since he is Magic Resistant, like Talinia. If your health goes into the yellow, use Renew. Otherwise, soon, Rohane will become a dead Blumaroo! Collect the 50,000 gold pieces that they carried, and receive the 5,000 experience points! Now, jump up and down, flare your nostrils, and have fun ruling Faerieland, and Queen Fyora! Yay! King Terask, you are AWESOME!

So, now, whether it's Bledynn next to Coltzan's city, or one of those faeries that resist the evil power in Faerieland, or even the legendary Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm, you shouldn't ever lose a fight again! Have fun in the Neopian World, under the control of your side!

Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The author has no alliances with monsters. Also, the skills are for monsters only, and using them on your own party will not work well.

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