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All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go

by midnight951


Iggy the Maraquan JubJub sighed as he stepped into the neohome with his bright orange feet. He threw his backpack carelessly on the kitchen table as he raced to the couch. He had just gotten a new game, Hasee Bounce, and it was his favorite game. He just started playing it when his owner called him.

      “Iggy, you need to clean up your room!” she yelled from the top of the stairs.

      “Aw, can’t I play Hasee Bounce first?”

      “No, you need to clean up your room this instant! It’s staring to smell like the Rubbish Dump full of dung!”

      Iggy groaned. He longed to play Hasee Bounce. Then he remembered the old board game he had stashed away in his closet months ago. “It will have to do. Although I think it needs dice,” he mumbled under his breath. He ambled over to the desk where the extra game pieces were held in the drawer. He fumbled through the papers, magazines, and menus, until he found a pair of dice. He smiled in content and raced up the stairs almost tripping on his clumsy feet.

      “I have never seen that boy run so fast to clean his room!” his owner said, surprised.

      When Iggy reached his room he flung the door open and carefully stepped to his closet. He opened the closet door and rapidly rummaged through it. “Socks, comb, plushie, old slice of pizza,” he said as he threw the objects over his shoulder. “Ah ha!” He had finally found the game.

      His owner poked her head in as Iggy was eyeing the game box. “I want this room cleaned by your bed time,” she said.

      Iggy quickly hid the box behind his back and said, “Okay. I’ll be cleaning for a while so please close the door on your way out.”

      She gave a surprised, puzzled look, then carefully closed the door.

      “Finally!” Iggy thought to himself. He pulled the box in front of him and set it on his bed. Iggy opened the box and started setting up the game. “I guess I should clean up a little bit before I play,” he thought to himself. As he was picking some clothes off the floor he spotted something shiny on the shelf of his closet.

      “I wonder what that is?” he said to himself. He walked over and picked up the object. It was a box with a large dial on the front. He remembered buying it at a yard sale. The neopet that was selling it said that it would take you anywhere you wanted. Iggy frowned. It hadn’t worked before so he stuffed it in his closet. “A big waste of neopoints is all I have to say.”

      As Iggy was putting it back his thumb accidentally hit the big blue button on the top of the brightly lit box. There was a flash of smoke and then he heard neopets talking.

      “Where am I?” he thought to himself.

      Iggy looked around and saw lots of neopets walking, talking, and going into shops.

      “This looks like Neopia Central!” he mumbled a little too loud.

      “That’s right,” an old Shoyru said from behind Iggy. Then he walked past him into a shop.

      Iggy looked puzzled. How had he gotten here? He gasped. “The box!” he thought to himself. He turned it so the dial was facing him and analyzed it. Above the dial it said Neopia Central. He turned it and different places flashed across the top, Haunted Woods, Maraqua, Terror Mountain, Faerieland, etc. Iggy smiled. This box really could take him anywhere!

      Then he frowned. How was he going to get home? He kept turning the dial and eventually his address appeared. Iggy pushed the big button again and he returned to his messy closet and room. He could go anywhere he wanted, whenever he wanted.

      “I better finish cleaning up this room first,” he sighed. Iggy began picking up clothes and putting them away, putting garbage in his garbage can and straightening things up at the speed of light. “There. All finished,” he smiled.

      Iggy sat on his bed and began to think. There were plenty of things to do “I know! I’ll go to a concert!” he smirked. He set the dial to Tyrannia and away he went. “Yes Boy Ice-Cream my favorite!” he said to the person behind him.

      After the concert Iggy picked up an omelette at the Giant Omelette and returned to his room. He sat on his bed and thought about where he would go next when his sister Star popped into his room.

      “What are you doing?” the baby Kougra asked.

      “If I tell you, do you promise to not tell anyone else?” Iggy said to her in a whisper.

      “Of course!” Star replied as Iggy covered her mouth.

      “Quiet down; I don’t want anyone hearing us,” he scolded.

      “Well, what is it?” Star said eagerly.

      “You see, I have this box. The box can take us to any place we want. See for yourself,” he replied as he set the dial to Terror Mountain. He held Star’s hand and pushed the big button.

      Star’s eyes grew wide. “Wow! We are in Terror Mountain!” Star then grinned a huge grin. “Can we stay here?”

      “Yes, but only for a little while.” Iggy smiled.

      Star ran off to play with some other baby neopets in the snow and started making a snowman with a baby Aisha.

      Iggy lingered around the town looking at everything. He hadn’t been to Terror Mountain in years.

      Soon after, the Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky came running out of the Ice Caves. “The Snowager is attacking!” she screamed. “Everyone run for your lives!”

      The Snowager slithered out slowly from the caves and Iggy gasped in horror. He had to get Star!

      The Snowager smirked. So many little neopets to eat. He reared his head and spotted a bunch of baby neopets playing in the snow. “They will be a good appetizer,” he thought to himself. He started towards them.

      “Oh no! He’s heading for Star!” Iggy said out loud even though no one could hear him. He starting running towards the baby neopets. A couple of them started crying as the Snowager slithered towards them. All of them froze in their tracks and had scared looks on their faces.

      “Someone help me save the babies!” Iggy cried. A few neopets ran over to him to help him. They grabbed as many babies as they could and ran towards the valley. Many of the babies’ owners found their baby and ran towards Neopia Central.

      “Come on, Star, let’s get home.” He pulled the box out of his pocket and fumbled with the dial. He almost had their address on the screen when the Snowager appeared in front of them.

      “Going somewhere?” the Snowager asked.

      Iggy froze. He didn’t know what to do. He started running the way the babies’ owners had. The Snowager caught up to them though and he pushed the box out of Iggy’s hands with his head.

      Iggy gasped. How else would they get home? He had an idea. He took handfuls of snow and threw it at the Snowager. Star started doing the same. Soon the Snowager couldn’t see. Iggy ran to get the box and came back grabbing Star in his arms. He turned the dial once more and their address appeared. Just as the Snowager was about to take a bite out of them, Iggy pushed the button and they were back home in his room.

      Star grew relaxed as she took in their surroundings. “You were great back there,” she said to her big brother.

      “You were pretty good yourself,” he replied as he tousled her hair with his hand.

      The door suddenly opened and their owner walked in. “It’s nice of you two to play with each other. You guys were so darn quiet. It was like you weren’t even here.”

      Iggy and Star smiled. “We weren’t as close as you thought,” they both said together.

The End

If you are reading this, that means I got my first submission in the NT! Yay! *dances*

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