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The Dangers That Every Petpet Owner Faces

by shakinheadtotoe


It seems like petpets are a great addition to your little family here on Neopets. They’re some of the most adorable creatures in Neopia. (Or you can get most of them in scary mutant form if that would suit your pet better.) They make sure your pet stays content and does not become unhappy. Plus, there are so many types and colors – you have endless options for who your pet’s newest companion will be. There can’t be a downside to owning one of these little fellows, right?

Wrong! Petpets are always getting into trouble and need rescuing! It’s a constant job to keep all of those little petpets out of harm's way. If you’re a petpet owner, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the dangers out there. But for those who are considering getting their pet a companion or who want to know of the dangers, here are just a few of the hazards awaiting them:

The biggest worry for my pet and me is that her petpet will become someone’s meal. Most people know about the most common petpet eater - Turmaculus. He sleeps in Meridell most of the day but awakes hungry for a snack. In fact, some people even try to tempt him to eat their petpet every time he does awake in return for a brand new avatar. Shame! However, Turmaculus is not the only thing out there eating petpets.

You also have to worry about Florg, a petpet gobbling Chia, and the evil Balthazar. Again, both of these games will give you an avatar, which is why so many people are tempted to help push petpets into Florg’s mouth. But don’t fall for this! Avoid Balthazar and feeding Florg at all costs – not matter what avatars either promise. Allowing the bad guys to snack on petpets is wrong… even if you do get that shiny new avatar that you’ve been dying to get.

As if those petpet gobbling characters were not enough, TNT has recently released a new game called Snowbeast Snackrifice. This is a horrifying game in which the local citizens are trying to sacrifice petpets to the snowbeast, to keep him happy and away from them. So, not only do you have worry about the scary bad guys out there, you and your pet must keep a careful eye out for other ordinary citizens looking to turn your petpet into a snackrifice. You and your pet must always watch for those around Neopia looking to make your favorite petpet into a snack.

As if that all wasn’t enough, there are two more big concerns.

The first is the petpetpets that your petpet can catch from time to time. Some people love to attach petpetpets to their little petpets. But don’t be fooled by how cute they look or how well they match your petpet! These little petpetpets are a real pain. They make you petpet itch, give it red bumps, and they may even try to use your petpet as a meal. That’s right; try reading the descriptions that go with the little critters sometime. Not as great as they first seem, are they? So, as cute or fun as they may look – don’t fall for it! They just look that way so that you’ll skip over the description that tells the truth and decide to attach them to your poor little petpet.

The second big concern you’ll need to keep in mind is the evil petpet lab ray. Sure, at first it’s great to zap your petpet. You can get a rare color, new type of petpet, or even gain additional levels. It’s a lot of fun… until you find out that’s not the only thing the lab ray does. It will turn your darling little petpet into a pile of soot! Or worse yet – just make it disappear entirely. That’s right! The petpet lab ray will make your petpet disappear. Poof, gone, never to be seen again. So, be wary when using this dangerous invention. (What would make any of us trust something run by a crazy Kookith that gives you the creeps?)

Have I worried you enough yet?

Well, here’s a little bit of relief. If you’ve had enough of all the dangers out there, why not try cheering up with a few fun games that involve saving petpets? There is Bumble Beams – in which you can use your balancing skills to save robots petpets from becoming recycled. It will make you feel great because you’ll save a few petpets and earn some neopoints. If that’s not enough to cheer you up, try Petpet Rescue. In this game you can save imprisoned petpets from Gargrall the Evil. If you get good enough, you can even get an avatar! And finally, one last pick-me-up game is Itchy Invasion. In this game you can zap and get rid of those nasty little petpetpets plaguing various petpets. It’s great fun!

And one last thing to make all of you petpet owners out there feel a little safer – the Petpet Protect League is out there. So, even though there are all sorts of dangers, there is a group looking out for petpets. They have condemned the use of the Petpet Lab Ray (no painting petpets who have been zapped or getting the prized Petpet Protection League Award) and continue to work to stop snackrificing. Not only that but they reward those people who keep petpets happy and healthy for a very very long time. So, keep that in mind next time you make an attempt to wake up Turmaculus or zap your petpet with the Petpet Lab Ray.

Now, the final question is – Is it all worth it? Do you still want a petpet even though you’re going to have to fend off those looking for a snack, stop those nasty petpetpets from attaching themselves, and avoid the temptations of the lab ray? Of course you do! Even though a petpet is a big responsibility for you and your pet, it makes a great friend. My Snow Yurble Evelyn will never part with her Snow Ona Ciaran. They’re the closest of friends and love to frolic on Terror Mountain in winter. It’s worth every moment of worry and every rescue we’ve had to launch.

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