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Collecting Coconuts

by lizzex8


In Neopia, there are a multitude of objects, knickknacks, and wobbles to collect. Galleries are filled with expensive items, most pretty and shiny. Rare among Neopians are the collectors of gross foods and broken toys. Even fewer seem to collect these fiery coconuts.

Coconut Shy is a game that many believe to be impossible to win. The winners of this game are few and far between, but if you are lucky enough to be rewarded with a prize, part of that prize is an evil coconut that you may either sell, keep, or place into your stamp album as part of your collection. There are 25 different types of coconuts, each more evil and more sinister than the next.

Many stamp collectors are attracted to the bright, the beautiful, and the expensive collectors items for their albums. Many coins are unbuyable, as well as several stamps that grant access to rare avatars worth showing off. Evil Coconuts are, mostly, buyable and cheaper than many of the stamps out there. Though coconuts can only be obtained from Coconut Shy, they are hardly rare and therefore, seem to be the lowest priority for collectors, unless of course, you are obsessed with everything.

As a stamp collector, I found myself attracted to the Sea Shells at first. They are pretty and colorful, while coconuts are brown and exploding with fire with menacing names and evil looks on their faces. I would much rather hear the ocean calling me, than listen to the evil cackle of a coconut shaped like a head.

Though, as time passed on and my collection grew, I was disturbed by my lack of coconuts. I felt, like the rest of Neopia, that I was neglecting them and that they were just as good as the stamps from Maraqua, or the Space Station coins. I decided to make this guide on the different types of Coconuts and to say that despite their oddness and possible evil intentions, these Evil Coconuts aren't a burden to have around and actually provide some variety to that wonderful album.

Though some do have their faults, they are still worthy of being wanted. I hope that Neopians everywhere will learn from my findings on them and want to add them to their own collections!

Angry Evil Coconut - Though seemingly an angry coconut, this one is the least of your problems. Its anger can multiply, infesting the rest of them, though most are angry anyway.

Sinister Evil Coconut - Bob it three times to make it smile. But I didn’t tell you that.

Ugly Evil Coconut - Ok, this one isn’t nearly as ugly as they make it out to seem. I mean, chewing grass hardly makes something ugly. This coconut’s just... hungry.

Screaming Evil Coconut - You will want to hold your ears when you win this one. That arrow going through it is there for a reason, to shake it until it stops screaming. Sometimes this backfires, and it only screams more. Yikes. No wonder people don’t collect these.

Horned Evil Coconut - One of the calmer coconuts, this one is actually very quiet and just stares at you when you visit your album. Don’t get lost in those eyes; they are particularly creepy.

Infernal Evil Coconut - Now, we’re not even sure this is a coconut at all, but a skull’s head lit on fire for eternity as a joke. I wouldn’t touch it if I were you...

Burning Evil Coconut - I wouldn’t touch this one either. It’s so hot to the touch, you really will get burned. Good thing Neopia has a hospital and pharmacy.

Mini Evil Coconut - Isn’t this one so cute? You would think so! It is small and looks so out of place among the others and so innocent... It is rather hard to believe that this little mini coconut has the heart of a devil. I would keep it away from the others as best you can!

Silent Evil Coconut - This one likes to stare too. With that mouth sewn shut, it just smiles at you. *shudders* Creepy.

Monstrous Evil Coconut - Yes, it is a monster. Though, unfortunately, only half a monster...

Tusked Evil Coconut - This one definitely spawned from a Tuskaninny, though I have no idea why a Tuskaninny would want to make something so evil in its own image.

Hairy Evil Coconut - Ticklish. Hairy Evil Coconuts are so hairy, they often tickle themselves accidentally. Who would have thought? Just don’t get too close or you will be tickled too.

Painted Evil Coconut - My favorite! I wish we could paint coconuts all the time. Maybe, I will insist on there being a coconut painting contest for Neopia! I think it is a great idea!

Stitched Evil Coconut - I know that someone went wrong here. Poor coconut. It must have broken and someone tried to stitch it up. Whoever it was that stitched all these coconuts must have gotten very tired after awhile. I wouldn’t trust them to sew my favorite potato sack.

Wailing Evil Coconut -And you thought the Screaming Evil Coconut was bad? This is worse than a baby Uni. I am talking a lot worse. Its screaming is so bad, you can’t even hear yourself think when you are around it. Beware and don’t get caught in its scream fest!

Light Brown Evil Coconut - Light Brown in appearance it may be, but light it is not. This is one of the heavier coconuts and will weigh your album down considerably. If you are thinking of collecting, I would go for this one as late as possible, especially if you are traveling with your album! Unless you are pretty strong.

Damaged Evil Coconut - There is much reason to feel bad for this coconut. It has been rudely damaged by the others, though whether on purpose or accidentally, no one is sure.

Flaming Evil Coconut - One of the most elusive coconuts, this one is the most expensive. The price is so high for this coconut because it will do anything to not get stuck in your album and it has gone into hiding. Finding one after it is won from Coconut Shy is a tough feat. I bid you good luck on that journey.

Seasonal Evil Coconut - Happy Advent! Despite being evil, this coconut is the life of any party. Especially during Advent. This one knows how to be fun, as well as evil!

One Eyed Evil Coconut -Who knew one eye could be so freaky? At least this coconut has fire coming out of one less hole to get burned by. With all of these on fire constantly, you have to be careful. Good thing they don’t burn down the entire album...

Vicious Evil Coconut - Vicious is definitely the word to describe this... runt of the litter. Slightly smaller than the rest, this coconut does not like being picked on at all. Do it and experience its wrath.

Moaning Evil Coconut - I’ve never seen something so evil complain so much! With all the other noise on this page of your album it starts to get a bit annoying. Don’t worry! if you scratch the bone on its head, it calms down for a few hours to give you some peace and quiet!

Sliced Evil Coconut - Oh, not pretty. At least the Stitched Evil Coconut had someone fix it. No one felt the need to find the rest of this one.

Scorched Evil Coconut - This one is definitely one of the oldest. It has been burning so long, that it has become scorched in appearance. Beware! This coconut is also one of the hottest to touch.

Golden Evil Coconut - Probably one of the most sought after coconuts, made of pure gold and filled with utterly pure evil. Despite its shiny appearance, this coconut is worse than all of them combined. I would stay away once you obtain it and let it duke it out with the others instead.

Remember to choose wisely when you start collecting evil coconuts! You cannot remove them, or any of the other stamps, shells, or coins, from your album! Hopefully, you have read this guide and learned a little more about the coconuts before you buy them! Or, try to win them from Coconut Shy!

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