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7 Steps to Complete Your Back to School List

by nerdy_13


Everyone has that pesky back to school list lying on their writing desk, waiting to be checked off, thrown into the rubbish can, and decomposed in a toxic waste dump. Yet most Neopets overlook it as just a piece of paper stained with ink, but it is much more. It is a piece of paper stained with ink that tells you what you must give your precious Neopoints away for so you can start school with fresh, new, shiny things to help you learn 1+1, and the proper way to write a letter to a dear old friend who moved away years ago. Yes, this piece of paper stained with ink is a great thing to have (until you're done with it, of course), although pesky and unusual.

And now that I have bored you with that speech, I will wake you up and guide you on how to supply yourself with school... supplies. And if you don’t wake up, I might have to poor a bucket of ice water over your sleepy head. I really hope I don’t have to do that, though, so please, wake up and read.

Step 1. The Reviewing

Look through your list. There will be the basics: backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks, lunch boxes, folders, ink, and erasers. But there will be a rare moment of shock when you see Snotty Ink or a Funny Pen on the list. Then comes the time when the strange twist of fate is over and you notice that the styles in which the items come in doesn't matter, and you can choose whatever style you want.

Step 2. The Deciding

Next, think for a moment what you might like to have, and imagine what you would look like using them and if you would get laughed at or not. If you browse around the Back To School Shop, you will see there are many styles to choose from. You could choose faeries, pets, petpets, Sloth, plot characters, food, or other random styles. Depending on your interests, gender, and species, you may want different styles than other Neopets. For example:

If you’re girly, you may want a Romantic Notebook, or Light Faerie Eraser.

If you’re a Grundo, you may want a Metal Folder, or Sloth Lunch Box.

If you think you’re quite hilarious, you may want Snotty Ink, or a Funny Pen.

If you’re a boy, you may want a Fighting Folder or Utility Backpack.

If you love petpets, you may want a Hasee, Drackonack, Meowclops, Kadoatie, or Angelpuss Backpack.

If you’re always hungry, you may want a Doughnutfruit, Tchea, Tigersquash, Twirly Fruit, or Pea Eraser (unless, of course, you get so hungry you eat the erasers, which is quite unhealthy).

If you’re very random, you may want a Sock Pencil or Jelly Folder.

Choosing a style can be difficult, but fun. Although, some people don’t even have a style. They just pick something they think looks cool and buy it. This is a good plan also, but it is proper to match.

Step 3. The Browsing

Browsing shop after shop can be weary, but worth it. Find a reliable shop to browse. A shop that has lots of good merchandise is usually stocked, fairly prices things, is very reliable, and is a great place to start searching for the perfect items. Instead of bringing the list your Neoschool gave you, make a list of more specific things you want, like the things I suggested in Step 2.

Step 4. The Finding

When you finally find the perfect items to help your brain increase in mass, find out if the store will let you test them out. If they will, make sure you're buying a quality item before purchasing ANYTHING! If you spend 3,000 NP on an item that turned out to be a piece of rubbish, and the store you bought it at won't give you a refund because you lost the receipt in a blizzard while traveling Terror Mountain, you just might burst into tears and your owner won't be able to cure your sadness even with an Usuki Doll or slice of Pizza from Pizzaroo, and your owner will have to take you to the Hospital and have all the doctors and nurses be stumped about your “illness” so their brains explode, making a terrible mess, and you'll have to mop it all up, which will make you even more miserable, and might even make you throw up!

This, of course, is an exaggeration, and only happens to Blumaroos painted with a Baby Paintbrush (no offense intended to such Neopets), and even then, it only happens on April 14, if it’s Thursday, and at 2:34 AM. So, this exaggeration rarely ever happens.

Step 5. The Purchasing

After testing the quality of the items you've selected and deciding that you want to buy the items, it's time to head to the check out. But you ABSOLUTELY MUST check the price!! If it turns out you can't even afford a Tatty Pencil, the store clerk will kick you out of the store and send you to the arcade. Also, if you think the price asked for is outrageously expensive (meaning, very, very bad), put it back on the shelf and find something cheaper.

Step 6. The Usage

When you've bought your items, and it's finally time for Neoschool, pack your items in your new Mipsy Backpack, and use your new Water Faerie Pencil in your new Shimmery Notebook, and store the pages in your new Cloud Folder.

Step 7. The Storage

When Neoschool is finally over and you don't have uses for your school supplies, put them in your SDB (Safety Deposit Box). This will serve two purposes: 1. Keeping the Pant Devil from snatching them, 2. Helping you earn that precious Pack Rat avatar you've been wanting.

And so, fellow Neopets, I hope this article will help all Neopets to have a wonderful school year, and a better experience with school supplies.

And this concludes my article about completing that pesky Back to School List.

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