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Find Your Perfect Hat!

by confiserie


Have you ever wondered what wearable hat is right for you? Take this quiz right now to find out! It will help you find one that matches your personality. Note: It will be much easier to score if you write down your answers as you go along.

1. Your favorite season is:

a) Spring-- lots of bright colors

b) Summer-- warm and leisurely days

c) Fall-- many fun days with friends

d) Winter-- quiet and reflective

2. What kind of music do you listen to?

a) Pop

b) Country

c) Anything

d) Only the classics

3. What is your idea of a good time?

a) Sleepovers

b) Spending time with my significant other

c) Hanging out with friends

d) Going to see a play

4. What are you most proud of?

a) My good looks

b) My kindness

c) My good attitude

d) My intellect

5. Which of these pets do you like the most?

a) Baby Xweetok

b) Royal Girl Cybunny

c) Darigan Hissi

d) Male Usuki Usul

6. What is your favorite Neopian world to visit?

a) Faerieland

b) Shenkuu

c) I love them all

d) Altador

7. While in Neopia Central, you would go...

a) Shopping!

b) Read the new submissions at the Poetry Contest

c) Try some new food

d) Browse the Art Gallery

8. What would you ask for at the Wishing Well?

a) Pretty clothes for my pets

b) A Mysterious Valentines Card

c) A Ghost Paint Brush

d) I don’t waste my time wishing

9. Which slushie are you most likely to try?

a) Slushies have too many carbs :(

b) Loveberry Slushie

c) Mystery Berry Slushie

d) Raspberry Slushie

10. On a rainy day, you would...

a) Plan your outfit for going out that night

b) Watch a romantic comedy

c) Run outside in the rain like a crazy person

d) Read a good book

11. Your favorite saying is...

a) It’s hard to be this beautiful

b) All is fair in love and war

c) Never say never

d) Patience is a virtue

12. If you were in the Haunted Woods late at night, you would be...

a) Scared to death

b) Asking Edna for a love potion

c) Doing a Brain Tree quest

d) Enjoying a quiet walk

13. Your favorite game is...

a) Hasee Bounce

b) Faerie Cloud Racers (in 2-player mode with a friend)

c) Whack-A-Kass

d) Spell-Or-Starve

14. During the Altador Cup, most of your time was spent...

a) Playing Slushie Slinger

b) Motivating my team to keep playing

c) Playing Yooyuball or Make Some Noise

d) Debating about who would win the Cup

15. What is the worst thing to do to someone?

a) Call them ugly

b) Break their heart

c) Continue to ignore them

d) Assume that they are unintelligent

16. If Sloth asked you to help him take over Neopia, you would...

a) Run away quickly

b) Find out what went wrong during his childhood

c) Accept his offer, of course!

d) Talk some sense into him by pointing out the plan’s flaws

17. How do you feel about Krawks?

a) Too ugly

b) Too mean-looking

c) Too cool

d) Too much of an investment

18. Your favorite section of the Neopian Times is...

a) The comics

b) The short stories or series

c) The articles or editorial

d) The whole thing!

19. You are most concerned with what right now?

a) The latest party

b) My relationship

c) My friends and family

d) School or work

20. What is your least favorite color?

a) Black

b) Bright yellow

c) I like all colors

d) Pink

21. When things go wrong, you...

a) Yell or complain to anyone who will listen

b) Hide out and cry

c) Try to shrug it off

d) Immediately figure out an alternative

22. In your group of friends, you are...

a) The girly one

b) The sweet one

c) The fun one

d) The traditional one

23. What is your pet peeve?

a) A sloppy appearance

b) Insensitive people

c) Boring people

d) Ignorant people

24. What is your favorite avatar to use while chatting?

a) FQD (Faerie Queen Doll)

b) Valentine Chia

c) Draik - Hatched

d) Jazzmosis Elephante

25. Which dessert sounds most appealing to you?

a) Pink Nimmo Sugar Cookie

b) Dark Chocolate Hearts

c) Super Sour Shocker Chia Pop

d) Mint Ice Cream

Now just count up your answers to see which letter you answered with the most, and look below to see which hat is right for you. Thank you for taking the quiz!

If you answered A the most:

You are all about being girly and bright, which is why the Pretty Pink Flower Hat is for you. You will definitely stand out while you are shopping with all of your friends. You are aware of your good looks and want to accentuate them. Some may call you vain, but you just call them jealous. x) The Pretty Pink Flower Hat is wearable for all species of pets.

If you answered B the most:

Sweet and romantic, the Brown Velvet Bow Hat is your perfect match. It’s not as “loud” as the Pretty Pink Flower Hat, but it is just as effective in making a statement. It can be dressed up or dressed down, so it is very useful. The Brown Velvet Bow Hat is wearable for all species of pets except the Quiggle and Ruki.

If you answered C the most:

You are always experimenting with new clothes and activities alike, and are a lot of fun to be around. You like to wear a lot of different styles, so the Blue Newsboy Hat is perfect for you. It is great for both genders, and can be worn with most outfits. It is a must-have for any closet, so make sure to snag one. The Blue Newsboy Hat is wearable for all species of pets except the Buzz. I suggest pairing it with an Explorer Backpack before you head out for the day.

If you answered D the most:

Classy and mature, your perfect hat is the Black Derby. You are most likely smart and know what you want in life. You are also one of the most logical people you know. Don’t let others tell you that you are boring; you have a style all your own. The Black Derby is wearable for all species of pets. Spectacles of Perception will also be a good match for you.

Note: If your pet is Maraquan, Baby, Mutant, a Fruit/Veggie Chia, or not converted, they will not be able to wear these hats, no matter the species. Sorry. :(

Thanks a bunch to my friends who tested out the quiz when it was in its developmental stage. You guys are the best. :)

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