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Faerie Crossword 101

by sunkissage


Located in the heart of Faerieland is none other than the Library Faerie. After slipping some Neocola I headed down to pay a visit myself and try the arduous daily Faerie Crossword game. Upon arriving I learned that this daily mind teaser is no small task even for the brightest of Neopets users. But after weeks of mastering these tricky puzzles, I have found a easier way to speed through the puzzle and earn 600 neopoints a day; not bad, huh?

History lesson

The Faerie Crossword was started a few years back when the Library Faerie began to do crosswords in her spare time. *gasp* But the problem was that she could not figure out any of the clues. *yet another gasp* Upset and confused, she began asking Neopians to help her figure out the crossword puzzle. Users quickly began helping and were rewarded if they could figure out the crossword. Today many users consider the Faerie Crossword as a *daily*, but there are still many out there who, like the Library Faerie, can't figure out the clues. They are what the next section is about, which I bet you all can't wait to read. But hold on just another second; if you, yes you, would like to give it a try, go visit the Library Faerie and ask kindly if you may help her complete the crossword. If she says no, I don't know what to tell ya, but if she says yes, well then, good luck, pal.

Completing the crossword 101

The Faerie Crossword is no small task; you need to read the clues, find the answer, type the answer in the correct blank, and then do it 25 more times, which is pretty demanding work. Some of the clues are pretty hard and can leave you feeling stupid, but no worry; I can help. First read through the clue once and then again until you have it memorized. Then think if you know the answer off the top of your head; if not, it's time to begin searching for the answer, which is probably what you didn't hope for.

First place to check is the Neopedia; the clue may be "Dark Faerie", so you go to the Neopedia article search and search Dark Faerie and you will pull up a list of two articles: "A Dark Faerie" or "Jhudora, the dark faerie". Going back to the clue, you find you want a name, so looking at both articles you find that "Jhudora, the dark faerie" would be the best one. Reading the article, you find out that Jhudora is the dark faerie, which is the answer to the clue. All that's left to do is make sure it fits in the number of blanks and matches the lettering of other clues. You can also use the Battlepedia for clues dealing with the Battledome such as "Bruce Battledome Ability". I know it is pretty tough to identify which clues have to deal with the Battledome; I'm here for you.

Next place you might try is the search bar located at the bottom of every Neopets page where you can search all of Neopets, imagine that. Here's an example; the clue may read "Puppy______". In the search bar you would just type "puppy" and pictures of about ten items come up. Now go back to the crossword and count how many letters the word has to be; in this case it's four. Here's some help counting if you don't already know how: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Going back to the search results, you look to see what word would fit. Puppyblew Balloon isn't going to fit and Usuki Puppyblew Set isn't going to fit either, so you go through all the items until you find one word that fits and makes sense. But in this case none of the words fit, but after some CRITICAL thinking you find out that almost all the items have to do with the petpet, puppyblew. After realizing this fact, you would just type the blew part in the crossword which fits in the clue perfectly and the crossword.

Some clues you just may know where to find the answer, but don't know the exact answer; oh no, it's terrifying. So quickly find the page which you *believe* the answer is on and get the answer. It's as simple as that; who knew? NOTE; sometimes the answer isn't where you think it is; once again I am here for you. But here comes yet another example to cheer you up; say the clue is "Chuffer _____; Cheat contestant who loves to eat". You know by the clue that "Chuffer _____" plays Cheat, so go under games, card games, and then open up the Cheat page and look at all the contestants. You then will find out one of the Cheat contestants' names is Chuffer Bob, and wow, you have your answer. Another example might be "Sections of the Neopian Times", so you would go to the Neopian Times page and count the number of sections, which would give you six (refer above again in reference on how to count). Type in it in the blank and move on to the next one. Now you got it; good work, everyone!

Homework tips

1) Have multiple windows open to make searching easier and faster.

2) Don't go so fast that you misspell words and have to go back and change them.

3) Try to do the clues in order so you don't have to keep checking which ones you did and didn't do.

4) If you get really stuck on a clue, move on and go back later.

5) Practice; the more crosswords you do the better and faster you're gonna get. And when you can do it fast you can earn a lot of neopoints; it's 100% true, I guarantee it.

6) Reread the clues; sometimes you can't find an answer just because you read the the clue wrong.

7) The crossword puzzle isn't meant to be super easy, so don't get mad if you can never complete it in under 5 minutes. After doing a lot of them you're bound to get faster.

8) Enjoy doing the Faerie Crossword and have fun with it; after all, it's just a game and is meant to be fun! :)

After you hand in your crossword

Ahhhh yes, the best part is the reward you get for finishing or completing the crossword. If you solve the crossword in under 5 minutes, you win 600 neopoints; if you solve it in under 15 minutes you win 400 neopoints, and if you solve it in more than 15 minutes you win 200 neopoints. I know you're going being the richest Neopian ever with all royal painted pets and a million rare avatars after doing a Faerie Crossword puzzle.


As you can see the Faerie Crossword can be as easy as one two three with a little hard work and some common sense. I hope after reading this long and probably boring and undelightful article you have some sense on how to complete the Faerie Crossword and that maybe you'll give it a try? Which, if you do, good luck and if you don't, good luck too. Happy crosswording!

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