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Which Chat Board Do You Belong On?

by shakinheadtotoe


There are 25 different kinds of neoboards in Neopia. How do you know which you belong to? Answer these 6 questions and it will tell you! Remember to keep track of how many times you answer with a certain letter.

1. What do you spend most of your time doing on Neopets?

a. Hunting for avatars I don’t have yet

b. Fighting other players

c. Playing games or trying to get the high score on the newest games

d. I don’t know. I just signed up a few weeks ago

e. Playing Neoquest I or II and kicking myself for losing on insane again!

f. Being someone totally different, like a medieval ninja

g. Finding awesome deals

h. Looking through The Evil Denizens of Neopia, just in case I run into one

2. If you could have anything in Neopia what would it be?


b. H4000 Helmet

c. The trophy for a game I’ve not earned it in yet

d. Some help figuring this all out?

e. A trophy for beating NQ or NQ II on insane

f. A good group of creative friends

g. A retired item that everyone wants, and I’m the only one selling it!

h. A transmogrification potion; yes, Dr. Sloth is evil, but those potions are great

3. If you had to pick a motto, which would you choose?

a. “Where is the Chef Bonju avatar?”

b. “You have won this fight!”

c. “Your score is being reviewed by staff”

d. “Um, I dunno”

e. “I’m lost, I need a map”

f. “I’m awesome at being all kinds of characters”

g. “Will you haggle?”

h. “EEP! Scary Random Event!”

4. What did you do before taking this quiz today?

a. Borrowed a meowclops –pokes avvie– Doesn’t it pwn?

b. I just finished beating the Space Faerie!... or I wish I did.

c. Trying to get the top score on one of my favorite games.

d. Attempting to find someone who can explain Neopets to me

e. Fighting Terask; I will save Queen Fyora!

f. Well, first I was a mythical creature, then a student; who knows what I’ll be after this quiz!

g. I got a fantastic deal – I can’t wait to resell it for triple what I paid!

h. Trying to hide my items from the Pant Devil and the Grundo Leader

5. What is your Neopet's favorite food?

a. Something with the word “speckled” in it

b. Neggs or Shrooms that improve your pet’s skills

c. Neggs, like from Meerca Chase

d. Chocolate? That’s on Neopets, right?

e. I don’t have time for food! I must finish my game of NQ or NQII

f. My character doesn’t need food for this role-play

g. Anything r99 or higher

h. As long as it isn’t spooky I like it

6. You’re lost in the Lost Desert. What do you want to have with you?

a. A way home, because I don’t think I can get any avatars out here :/

b. Some weapons to fight with; there’s all kinds of battlers in the Lost Desert

c. I’m not lost; I’m playing The Great Desert Race

d. Lost in a lost desert? Kind of ironic...

e. Oh, I’ve been lost there before; I have to have Velm!

f. Ooooh, I’ve not played this character before!

g. Someone else to trade with and sell to

h. Oh my gosh! I heard there were evil mummies here!

If you answered mostly a, you belong on the Avatars / NeoSignatures boards. You must be obsessed with getting avatars! Hopefully one day you can get the Avatar Collector avatar. Or maybe TNT will finally reveal how to get the Chef Bonju avatar.

If you answered mostly b, you belong on the Battledome boards. You have the great weapons needed and love a good fight. You’ve probably finished Defenders of Neopia 1 and can’t wait for the newest challenger in Defenders of Neopia 2!

If you answered mostly c, you belong on the Games boards. You love to play all the games you can. You get amazing high scores that everyone is jealous of. Maybe you can head over to the game boards and give some advise on how to be a pwnsome game player.

If you answered mostly d, you belong on the Newbie boards. You might have just started playing, or you’ve returned from a long break. You’re not sure how anything works. It’s okay; we’ve all been there. Head over to the newbie boards and ask, “Can someone help me?”

If you answered mostly e, you belong on the Neoquest + Neoquest II boards. Whether it’s your first time playing either of these games or you’ve gotten a golden trophy in both, you’re clearly addicted to the game. If you’ve not been to these boards already, you should head over right now! The Neoquest + Neoquest II boards are a great way to find help on what skills to use or find a map... because being lost in those caves is a headache.

If you answered mostly f, you belong on the Role Playing boards. You love playing characters. Maybe you’re always the same one or maybe you’re always looking for a new part. The Role Playing boards have endless options, so head over and join in one!

If you answered mostly g, you belong on the Trading / Auctions boards. You look for a good deal like avatar hunters look for the newest avatar. Whether you’re buying from Neopian shops, sniping the auctions, or just finding really good trades – you love the neopoints you’re earning and the thrill of a good sell! If you’re trying to sell something or looking for a good buy, head over to the Trading / Auctions boards!

If you answered mostly h, you belong on the Evil Things and Monster Sightings boards. Maybe you were scared by a random event. Or maybe you’re a Dr. Sloth supporter. Either way you’re obsessed with the evil creatures and characters that lurk in Neopia. Make your way to the Evil Things and Monster Sightings boards and you can find others just like you!

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