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Shenkuu River Rush Guide

by jintrepid10


I have received several emails asking me how I get my high scores in Shenkuu River Rush, so I have decided to write a guide. Once you learn how to play, the game will be much easier than it appears to be. When the game first came out I was one of those that said, "How do they get 600 points?" Now I myself am scoring over 1800, although I admit when I got the gold trophy I had four of the six items.

Note: this guide refers to locations in the game that you may not recognize at first. As you play the game you should be able to figure out the locations I am talking about.

The Characters

Bowe, the character I use, appears to be a large Tyrannian Techo, while Cassile is a White Lupe. So far I have not been able to find any differences between the two characters in skill; however, their jumps do look different, so it’s a style choice.

The Jumps

There are six Jumps:

Tomamu Tail Flare(TTF): Down Down

Whirling Kazeriu(WK): Right Down

Juma Spin(JS): Right, Down, Left

Sandan Somersault(SS): Up, Down, Down

Pygui Roll(PR): Left, Right, Down, Left

Quilin Eclipse(QE): Up, Left, Down, Up


TTF and WK are worth 1 pt, JS and SS are worth 4pts, and PR and QE are worth 8pts each. You also get bonus points for each trick after the first. The second trick gives you 1 bonus point; the third trick gives you 2 bonus points and so on. Also you get an extra bonus point if the trick you did was different from the last.

For example if you do a QE, SS, and WK in one jump you will get 8 pts for the first trick, 6 points for the second trick (4pts for the trick, 1pt for second trick, and 1pt for a different trick) and 4 points for the third trick (1 pt for the trick, 2 pts for the third trick, and 1 point for a different trick) for a total of 18 points. Remember that you must land your trick to get the points.

You also get 1 point for each power up you collect and there is a bonus available at the end depending on your time. This bonus is 0 at 8 minutes and negative after 8 minutes.

The final way to score points is the pack of holding. You get 2-4 points for getting it for each level. It appears that this bonus is random.

Lives and Power-ups

You start with three lives and you get one additional life each time you pass into a new level although you can only have a maximum of three.

There are three types of power-ups. The first is the speed bonus which does exactly what it says. This will also allow you to make better jumps. The second is the super jump. Collect as many of these that you can as they will allow you to perform many tricks in one jump for big points. The last is invulnerability. This is the best of all as you can hit an obstacle and not lose a life which is the key to the 100 point trick (see tips below).

Two types of games

There are two ways to play the game. You can go for a high point total or you can play for fun. To play for a high point total, you have to not only make the most out of each waterfall, you must make jumps along the sidewalls just like you see X Gamers use the half-pipe. To play for fun, you just make jumps on the waterfalls and go as fast as you can.

The secret area

There is a secret area about halfway through level three. You will see a waterfall off to the left and a stream that runs under the main stream and comes out the other side. My advice is skipping it for now. There is another location where there is a super jump over a log right before a waterfall. If you hit the super jump while you’re using a long jump go right and you can sail over to the secret area and get a 100 point trick and a super jump that you can get another 50 or so points on.


For now don’t pay attention to the White Gnorbu. I have hit him before with no benefits and going after him makes you skip opportunities for more points.

If you’re going for a high score, only use the 1 point tricks. Go back and forth between the two to get all the bonuses and your total point score for the jump will be higher.

You can stack jumps, but make sure to press the spacebar just before you land to clear the queue before you land.

Get the items if you have the neopoints. Each individual item doesn’t help, but together they can make your jumps better.

The 100 point trick – On the first ramp in Level 3 there is a super jump; if you hit that with the long jump, you can fly onto the rock formation that comes across the river. When you land on it you will lose your invulnerability but you can do trick after trick till you get to 100. Watch out for the log on the other side. Also you can do the same thing on the flat roof buildings with the four wooden beams sticking out. Get up on the roof and do trick after trick, although sometimes it’s a hassle to get unstuck from behind one of the beams.

If you’re going for a high score, don’t finish the game. Crash yourself on purpose right before the end. If you did as many tricks as you can, your time will be in the 8 to 9 minute range and this will give you a negative time bonus.

With a little bit of practice and this guide you should be scoring a cool trophy in no time.

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