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The Uses of Neggs

by flew_by_now


NEGGERY - Neggs. They are Neopia’s most famous delicacy, with dozens of uses. But, what are Neggs really? And what are they really for anyway? Well, they can be simply, and obviously eaten, or even taken to the Neggery to exchange with tokens to buy other Neggs from the Negg Faerie! Put it in your gallery of Neggs, or of something that relates with that Negg, or look at them in the safety deposit box! You can get prizes from them, gain strength from them, or even sell them (and buy them, of course). This last one might not sound good, but you can ignore them and leave them in your “items on hand” for months! Who can imagine the wonderful world of Neggs!

Like most things, Neggs come in variations. For example, from just the plain old “Negg” to super-rare “Cool Negg”. From normal-looking “Purple Negg” to a ferocious “Monster Negg”! They also come in different shapes and sizes, and sometimes good, but sometimes bad effects. Some might look like balloons filled with sand, and some a bit, strange… Now that’s what I call varied!

To my opinion, I think Neggs aren’t hard to find. Starting from the good old shop wizard, trading post and auction house, to random events and maybe even Tarla’s Shop of Mystery. So I reckon Terror Mountain is the best place to find Neggs, what I mean is, they have the “Neggery”, where the Negg Faerie will trade your Neggs for tokens, which, if you have lots of can buy a rarer Negg with. Another place that a Negg might be in is the Shop of Mystery, and the Garage Sale. If you come at the right time, the Snowager might just have a Negg for you to pinch, but careful not to get hurt! Or, the last, and easiest way is you can just get it from a random event, which I had once!

What happens when a Negg gets eaten? If you only eat the normal Negg, chances are, nothing. BUT if you eat something like “Super Negg”, with a high rarity number, it’s the other way round. How do you eat it you say? Simple, just eat it like it’s a normal omelette or something you always feed to your pet, and do the same thing. Only of course, it’s a Negg. Some effects are good, some doesn’t do anything, and some are BAD! Some Neggs are gourmet foods, but not the super-rare one, because it’s gonna be over 100 rarity, so watch the rarity.

For me, the best use of Neggs is to, let’s face it, sell. Whether to the Neggery and get an ultra-rare one with all your tokens, or in your shop, it earns you something. You can also put it up in the auction house or the trading post! Yes, you can earn something from selling it to the Negg Faerie, and get an ultra-rare Negg, and sell it for some more extra Neopoints. But your use of your Negg is completely up to you.

If you are giving it to the Negg Faerie, you can check how much it’s worth. Go to your items, and click on it, and see its description. If it’s in the safety deposit box the writings should be next to it. If you’re not sure of what to do, go to a help site which has the list of Neggs, and what they might do. You might not want to take a risk, so you’re going to sell it, or it could be the other way round, it’s too.

If you think that the Neggery is not worthy of your Negg, BUT, I repeat but you don’t want to eat it, and decided to put it in your shop to sell, look at the price on what the other shops have. For example, if you’re going to sell a Purple Negg, and the lowest price is 6000, just lower it down a teeny weeny bit. For example, 5975 would be a great price by then, even though it’s quite expensive. Remember to refresh and see other shops rather than just the one you saw. If you saw an extremely LOW price, click on it, because sometimes it’ll say that the particular user doesn’t have a shop. If that happened, don’t count those shops in.

If you are going to buy a Negg, look at the price. To check if it’s reasonable, look at the left side, under the place where your username, NP’s amount and pet’s name belong, there’s a rectangle that says under it “search Neopets”. Type in the Negg’s name, e.g. - Purple Negg. On the screen, it might say, Item- Purple Negg, and Item- Ornate Purple Negg. Click on Item-Purple Negg, and wham! You’ve got it! If you want to look for it, see if it’s for stock, or search with shop wizard. Now you’re ready!

If you just want people to see your collection of Neggs, or whatever it is that has something to do with the Negg you’re going to put in your gallery, well, put it in your gallery, and don’t get the prices wrong. Double-check ALL the time, because you’ll never know when you are going to be wrong or not. You might just sell it for 10,000 NP’s, and someone bought it! To avoid that, just write on your shop description (if you’re older than twelve or returned your consent form) that all of your Neggs are NOT for sale, do the “not” in capital or underlining it helps people to notice the writings more.

Neggs are particularly quite expensive in shops. It might be because it looks rare, well, some of them are, but the common ones are expensive for what they’re really worth. It’s like, Ghost Marshmallows, which is a gourmet food, is cheaper than a common Negg. So MY preferred way of getting Neggs is by random events (unless of course, you found someone who is very kind, and know how much Neggs are really worth, and is willing to give it to you). Well, I hope I’ve helped you with your Neggs, and so long now! Bye, and I might just write another helpful article after this!

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