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Six Questions About Shoyrus Answered

by hkhalie


So, you want to know about Shoyrus? Well, my dear reader, you’ve clicked on the right article. Here are six commonly asked questions about Shoyrus answered! They are the most popular pet (with a striking over thirteen million created) and with so many of them around Neopia it’s only right that you know about them. Being the owner of four Shoyrus myself, I’ll be explaining everything with the help of Ash, my starry Shoyru.

Ash: Why couldn’t you get Renee to do this?

Me: Because you love this.

Ash: No, I don’t! I love cookies, not helping you with articles for the Neopian Times.

Okay, so maybe Ash isn’t the most excited Shoyru about this, but he’s here either way. He has no choice, actually. So we’ll just get started with the rest of the article for your reading pleasure.

Where can I get a Shoyru?

The easiest way to get a Shoyru is to simply create one in Pet Central! Of course it’s not the only way, though; morphing potions are the best way to go if you have four neopets already. These can be a little pricey, though, but the cheapest are the red, blue, green, and yellow Shoyru morphing potions. You may even get a lucky zap from the Lab Ray that will turn your pet into a Shoyru.

Ash: Unless you’re like my owner Star here, too lazy to get the Lab Ray.

Me: I’m not lazy! It’s just, um, you guys are all painted. Yeah, that’s it.

Ash: What about-

Me: *throws cookie*

Ash: Yay! *chases after the cookie*

You can also adopt a poor Shoyru from the Neopian Pound. Sometimes it may already be painted, but don’t get your hopes up. Usually they’ll just be the basic colors. Nonetheless, you could help an innocent Shoyru have a better life.

How do Shoyrus act?

Well, Shoyrus vary in personality. And I mean vary. For example, Chopacho, my ghost Shoyru, usually keeps to himself and has a temper at times. Ash, on the other hand, is very random every once in awhile and is often seen doing idiotic things, like chasing cookies.

Ash: Hey! Not cool!

Don’t get me wrong, there are very smart Shoyrus out there. You just have to find them. One thing all Shoyrus usually do have in common, though, is a photographic memory. They remember the smallest things for a very, very long time. This can come in handy when you go shopping, when you almost always forget the thing you actually went to the store for.

What are some flaws Shoyrus have?

Well, when you come home to find that one of your Shoyrus is stuck in the chandelier of your neohome and none of your other Shoyrus bothered to help him, you can see that Shoyrus aren’t perfect. Even the most sweet Shoyrus show carelessness when you least expect it. Although they have the wonderful ability of flight, that’s what usually gets them into trouble. For example, a certain starry Shoyru flew onto the roof to clean the chimney, and ended up getting stuck inside it for four days because we couldn’t find him.

Ash: It wasn’t MY fault! You’re the one that made me clean it!

All in all, flight is a strength and a weakness for Shoyrus. Just don’t trust them in cleaning chandeliers, chimneys, or anything else they have to fly to get to. Cleaning is something they have no talent in either, so don’t expect your neohome to be totally clean if you live with a bunch of them.

What kind of petpet should I get my Shoyru(s)?

Well, it really depends on what kind of Shoyru you have. If you have a Maraquan one, you probably want to get it something like a baby blu or a turdle so they can swim together. It’s quite sad to see a petpet left on the shore because they can’t breathe underwater. They are much happier living in the ocean or a lake unless you take them there frequently, so try not to get them a petpet that has to stay in a tank all day

Ash: Unlike you, who gave Ena a nuranna for her birthday even though she’s not Maraquan.

Me: Quiet. What I do doesn’t make it right, sheesh.

Ash: Great example, aren’t you, Star?

Ignore him. If you have the classic Shoyru, with wings and such, you obviously might want to get them something that flies or matches them in colour. It’s even better if you can get both. Sometimes it’s best to let the Shoyru pick out the petpet itself, so you know they’ll be happy.

What are great gifts to give to a Shoyru?

Me: I’m going to let Ash handle this section, since he would know more about what Shoyrus like the most more than myself.

Ash: Cool! I’m actually doing something now.

So, yeah, Shoyrus totally like expensive stuff, like any other neopet in their right mind would. To really get them the perfect gift, though, you have to actually pay attention to things your Shoyru likes. Yes, I know, a lot of owners don’t have great attention spans *coughStarcough* but you need to just this once. Okay, so say your pet collects purple items. What are some of the most expensive purple items that aren’t in your pet’s collection yet? Purple paint brush? How about a certain purple plushie? Just make sure it’s in your budget. Of course, your Shoyru isn’t going to care, but you don’t want to be broke.

New, customisable clothes are cool too. Just make sure that your Shoyru wants to wear the clothes, otherwise it’ll do the opposite of making them happy. Please, for the sake of your pets, know which clothes go together and which don’t. It will save them total humiliation. Star will be taking it from here again.

Are there any famous Shoyrus?

Of course! There’s Torshac, the Shoyru Scout. He’s one of the bad guy fighters. Plus he’s the one who started the awesome trend of those nifty goggles. Then there’s the Shoyru Spy; we don’t know much about him other than that he stole a huge treasure before other travelers could get to it. Finally there’s the Fire Shoyru. I’m not quite sure who he is, or what he does. He’s a flaming Shoyru, what else can I say?

Now you should know a couple things about Shoyrus. You should be able to adopt or create one knowing that you’ll (hopefully) be able to understand them and take great care of them.

Ash: Star, you barely manage that yourself.

Me: But I do manage it, don’t I?

Ash: I guess so.

Well, there you have it, faithful NT readers. Six questions on Shoyrus answered.

Hey everyone, if you’re reading this, I’m finally in the NT! Yay! If you liked this, there will hopefully be more to come. Neomails are open, feel free to send suggestions.

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