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The Quest for the Moonlit Orb: Part Seven

by alex313


At first, Nalina felt shocked. How could this have happened? A tear trickled down her cheek, where it instantly froze. It was then that she remembered the dream she had had, the night they camped in Tyrannia. She had dreamed about this moment, but she hadn’t understood what it meant.

     At that moment, she knew that she could not stop to grieve. Not yet. She had a job to finish. She turned to look at Cleo, who looked just as shocked as she felt. Simultaneously, they both turned from the edge of the cliff and ran across the snow to duel Jasmine.

     Mysia, who was holding the Orb at the time, nearly dropped it when Stacia and Edd fell. Matarah, who showed no concern for either Stacia or Edd, took the opportunity to snatch the Orb from Mysia’s hands. Mysia flew after her, trying to fight the fierce winds. Narros happened to look up as Matarah glided by overhead. Quickly, Narros soared upward, catching Matarah by surprise, grabbed the Orb, and flew away. Reacting quickly, Matarah sent a long jet of flame chasing after him. He managed to swerve to the left, but felt the heat as the flames singed the tip of his right wing. Another burst of flame was just behind the first, and it was quickly closing in on its target. Spotting Cleo below him, he shouted, “Cleo, catch!” and dropped the Orb. It landed squarely on Cleo’s back. At that moment, Jasmine lunged at the Uni. Cleo let it drop from her back, and then hit it with her tail seconds before it touched the ground. It flew straight into Nalina’s waiting arms, just as Cleo had hoped. Nalina started running across the snow, where she ran into Goulart. Before she could react, he grabbed the Orb and began to run, only to find Jamie and Ten waiting for him.

     Soon the battle was just as fierce as before. So fierce, in fact, that no one noticed a little red Pteri fly up from the canyon. She was able to fly unnoticed into the thick of the battle, where Jamie, Ten, and Narros had regained the Orb from Goulart but were struggling to keep him from getting it again. She waited for just the right moment before swooping down, knocking Jamie off his feet, and catching the Orb. She soared away, leaving the others standing in complete disbelief.

     Mysia, however, was not surprised. The Pteri could fly, after all. She had expected the Pteri to fly up, but she had no hope for Stacia, who hadn’t completed her apprenticeship and therefore couldn’t fly like Jasmine and Goulart, who were more experienced magicians. She flew as fast as she could, grateful that this time the wind was on her side, and chased after Edd.

     By this point, everyone had noticed Edd, and they were so amazed to see her that they didn’t think to look back towards the cliff. If they had, they would have seen a teenage girl with piercing brown eyes slowly ascending the side of the mountain, as though pulled by an invisible string. Stacia brought herself level with the cliff and landed gently on the snow. She surveyed the scene before her, and let the magic flow through her. Jasmine would not get the better of her this time.

     She watched the scene before her without making herself noticed. She knew that everyone, even Edd, thought she was dead. This way, she could secretly interfere without becoming a target again. Most likely no one could see her through the blinding snow, and no one was coming near the cliff’s edge for fear of falling.

     When she saw Goulart creeping up behind Jamie, she sent a spell in his direction that caused him to trip and land headfirst in the snow. Stacia then sent a huge gust of wind in Edd’s direction, causing her to fall right out of the air and land on the hard ground below. This gave Mysia the opportunity she needed to take the Orb.

     “Use the Orb, Mysia,” Stacia whispered.

     As if she heard, Mysia held the Orb firmly and closed her eyes. The snow began to swirl faster and faster around the faerie, and she was lifted higher into the air. Jasmine, Goulart, and Matarah tried to reach her, but each was stopped by a quick spell from Stacia.

     The Orb began to glow brighter. Soon only the glow of the Orb was visible as the snow whirled, creating a tornado around Mysia. Goulart, Jasmine, Edd, and Matarah looked afraid for the first time. The four of them began to rise into the air, intending to fly away in a desperate attempt to escape the Orb’s power. However, they weren’t fast enough. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light, and all was completely dark for several seconds.

     When Jamie dared to open his eyes, he found that he was sitting in a luxurious Fyora-print chair in the midst of a sitting room decorated entirely in purple. On either side of him sat Cleo and Ten, and across the room sat Mysia, Narros, Nalina, and, to Jamie’s complete surprise, Stacia. Even more surprising was the presence of the faerie queen herself. Fyora sat in a large armchair, holding the Orb.

     Cleo, always the first to speak, asked, “What in Neopia just happened?”

     “I transported us here,” Mysia muttered softly. “I used the Orb.”

     “And Goulart and the sorceress and Edd and the faerie?” Cleo asked. “What happened to them?”

     “They are being held in the palace dungeon, to be dealt with later,” Fyora replied, “after you have told me everything that occurred.”

     “I didn’t know the palace had a dungeon,” Cleo said.

     “Luckily, we do not have to use it often,” Fyora replied with a smile. “Now, Cymirus and Sylia have told me everything that they knew. Until Sylia arrived, I had absolutely no idea that the Orb had been stolen. I intended to set out to Terror Mountain to help immediately, but it seems Goulart already anticipated this, for he laid several clever spells that prevented me from leaving the palace for quite some time.”

     “What kind of spells?” Cleo asked.

     “It doesn’t matter,” Mysia said irritably. “I’ll bet Goulart didn’t set them. Matarah did. She’s been living here in Faerieland.”

     “Who’s Matarah?” Narros asked, for he and the others still did not know that the fire faerie was Mysia’s sister, though Stacia had always suspected it.

     “She was the fire faerie,” Stacia said, deciding not to embarrass Mysia further by adding more detail. “And the sorceress, she was Nicosia’s previous apprentice, Jasmine.”

     “The one with the twin sister?”


     “So,” Fyora interjected before someone could ask another question, “tell me what happened.”

     They went around the room, each person or pet contributing to the story. Mysia said little; it seemed that using the Orb had tired her immensely. Fyora was silent for a long time after they finished; she appeared to be deep in thought. After a few minutes she led each of them to one of the many guest suites within the palace. All seven of them collapsed on the soft bed as soon as they entered the room, and all fell asleep immediately, their adventure having finally come to an end.

      * * * * *

      No one knew exactly what Fyora did to punish Goulart, Matarah, Jasmine, or Edd. Rumor has it that Edd was transformed into a White Weewoo and given to a loving family who had absolutely no idea that she was previously a treasonous Red Pteri. If you notice your Weewoo exhibiting some strange or even frightening behavior, you might want to ask Fyora about it...

      Jamie adopted Narros and Nalina, who moved into his spacious home in Faerieland and got along well with their new siblings and friends, Cleo and Ten. Nalina never lost her talent for haggling, and always accompanied Jamie when he went shopping. Narros regularly visited Ruhr and his friends in Terror Mountain, as well as Octa and her pets on Mystery Island, but he took the ferry rather than flying. Nalina did quite a lot of traveling too, finally fulfilling her dream of seeing all of Neopia’s worlds.

      Mysia officially retired from Guardianship of the Orb, only to find that retirement was very dull. Without something to worry about or protect, she didn’t know what to do with herself. Fyora was not at all surprised when Mysia asked for her job back after only two weeks of retirement. In fact, her successor hadn’t been chosen, because everyone knew she’d be back.

      Stacia returned to the Haunted Woods to complete her apprenticeship with Nicosia. The first thing Nicosia taught her upon her return was how to fly properly. After several years, Stacia completed the apprenticeship and joined Clover, Jasmine’s twin sister, in secret work for the Defenders of Neopia, where they could put their magical skills to good use.

      Jamie and his four pets never lost contact with Mysia and Stacia. Though Mysia pretended to be annoyed when they visited, she secretly enjoyed seeing them. The quest had magically brought the seven very unlikely people together. They were connected in a bond that could never be broken.

The End

Author’s note: Thanks for reading this series! I have been working very hard on it for over a year now, so I hope you enjoyed it. I just wanted to apologize to anyone who has a username or pet name that is the same as these characters; it was completely unintentional. I also wanted to point out that this was written before the redraws and customization, so I apologize if descriptions of pets aren’t entirely accurate, or if there’s absolutely no mention of clothes. Feel to neomail me and tell me what you thought of this series.

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