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Lending Adam! And Other Amusing Neoboard Trends

by indulgences


The Neoboards can sometimes seem like Site Events in themselves, a place where all of our imaginative minds can come together to help each other, to wage friendly Battledome challenges, to advertise shops, and to conjure up thousands of creative role-playing games every single day.

But there’s much more. We also enjoy poking fun at the cute mistakes and clumsy foibles that newbies make on this delightful website, and that some of us still make as 6-year-veterans! We spend a lot of time helping out on the Neoboards. Isn’t it great to be able to crack a smile every now and then, too?

Ever wanted to know about the latest and greatest trends on the Neoboards, while laughing about the charming mistakes we make there every day? Just hop onto the Neoboard Index, my friends, and follow the peals of laughter to some of my favorite board topics!

Avatar Survivor! (Avatar Board)

This is the latest role-play twist to the Neoboards! Avatar Survivor is a game where several people join a board topic and put their avatars on default. The topic creator says a subject, and the players switch their avatars to an avatar that goes along with that subject. Everyone then neomails the creator about who they think should be voted off. Once everyone has voted, the creator chooses the person with the most votes to ‘go home.’ When there are only 2 people left, and the remaining contestants have chosen their avatars, the creator chooses the winner!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I’ve yet to join in myself, but once I hit my first avatar goal, you can be sure I’ll be giving the game a try!

Act Like Your Avatar! (Avatar Board)

This is the oldest and funniest role-play on the Neoboards! Random people join the board topic created for them and act like their avatars, switching off whenever they need to. There are no rules, no rhyme, and no reason! It’s just a silly old time for people who like to kid around and crack jokes. For example:

I Love My Rock: Sic ’em, rock! *tosses rock*

Clay - Ouch!: Hey! You dented me!

Broken: Yeah, she got me yesterday.


Petpet Laboratory: Oh no! *pile of soot*

Valentine Chia: I love you all.

Petpetsitter: Really? *happily wets floor*

Avatar Simon! (Avatar Board)

The easiest game to play on the boards, this is where the board creator changes his or her default avatar to another, more challenging one, and the people involved in the game have to change theirs to match the board creator’s. I’ve played it a few times myself, and it was tons of lighthearted fun!

Lending Adam! (Avatar Board)

Adam is a real live human being with a mind of his own, my innocently misguided Neopians. Like most people, he would probably object to being bartered, bought, lent, or sold, unless given a cut of the profits to buy himself an Iced Borovan and some well-deserved Asparagus Chocolate Cupcakes. Then he would HAPPILY perch on the corner of your Message Reply Box and merrily wait for your pixels to dry (while brushing off the occasional errant crumb).

And although I’m sure he would do anything to make your Neopets experience more thrilling, doing a hair-raising stunt like downloading his earthly soul into a 50x50 pixel would be far too taxing for someone who gets most of his calories from borovan and asparagus, anyway. Those foods don’t have a lot of fatty calories, you know. There’s a REASON Chocolate Chip Biscuits sell faster than Grilled Asparagus in the Food Shops of Neopia Central. -wink-

Turmy is asleep! / Snowy is awake! (Help Board)

Ah, the ever-classic reversal of somnambulance and wakefulness! I’ve made this one myself, countless times. -bashful smile-

Commonly made by newbies, this amusing mistake is almost never flamed by older Neopians; instead, the enthusiastic topic creators are gently prodded with a merry “So?” and “But they’re ALWAYS sleeping/awake!” (Followed by a sparkling string of ‘lol’s and ‘rofl’s.) Why get annoyed? They were only trying to help, after all!

The Turmaculus, for those of you who don’t know, is a massive petpet in Meridell who sleeps nearly 24 hours a day. Whenever he’s woken up, he usually gives gifts to the waker. Wouldn’t you prefer a Help Board topic that notified you of when he was awake, rather than sleeping? It sure beats having the Turmaculus roll over in his slumber and hearing “OWWW! That was your petpet.” After all, mine isn’t one of those flat paper petpets from the Newbie Pack -- it’s a round furry Altachuck!

The Snowager, on the other hand, is a massive worm made of ice who resides in the Terror Mountain Ice Caves. You don’t want to bother him when he’s awake! Because if he’s awake, “You better run before it eats you!” So please post when he’s ASLEEP, my generous topic creators, and the rest of us will be indebted to you forever (without rolling on the floor laughing, this time!).

The Dark Faerie wants her ‘Koi Bath Buddy’! (Quest Board)

Getting a Faerie Quest is quite thrilling for some people, since you get to raise your Neopet’s stats for very little NP. However, there are some pitfalls to posting your quest on any board other than the Quest Board. For one thing, the Dark Faerie always wants the silliest toys, and she probably doesn’t want you telling the world that she wants you to get her a Koi Bath Buddy. But who knows, maybe it’s a gift for her niece? Maybe. Possibly. Ok, barely possibly. -cheeky grin-

My Ice Hissi / Faerie Peophin / Maraquan Draik / Malevolent Sentient Poogle needs clothes! (Customisation Board)

No, they don’t! You already have some of the rarest and most valuable Neopets in Neopia. Going ‘au natural’ is OK, just like it says on the Brown Paint Brush! Show off their grandeur with a birthday suit romp through Neopia Central, and be proud of the painted skin they’re in! (And if you don’t know what a birthday suit is, it’s simply the original color of your painted pet, before you put clothing on it.) Or trudge through the icy windfalls of Terror Mountain, if your Neopet is daring enough to brave the snow!

This concludes my list of some of the latest and greatest games and trends ever to hit the Neoboards. Stay tuned for further updates from yours truly, especially as the summer season rolls on! And good luck with all of your Neo-endeavors both on and off the Boards!

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