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Goodsigns' Petpetpet Guide

by goodsigns


Ever wonder what petpetpet you want or how to make it attach to your petpet? Look no further! Goodsigns is here to help! If you look at my user account, you'll see that I have four neopets, they have four petpets, and each petpet has a petpetpet. I will kindly give you some handy information about how to get your petpetpet to attach.

First, I will show you some different petpetpets that I have discovered on Neopets. I don't know them all, but at least you don't have to search for some of them.

Petpetpets that don't itch, cause rashes, suck blood, or bite.

Moach - I know the description is "Eww... Is that a moach walking up your petpet's leg?!", but still, that doesn't mean that it's harmful. If you're holding a worm and someone says "Eww... Are you holding a worm?!", it doesn't mean that the worm will hurt you. These guys are very adventurous and fun to play with.

Glack - Great for those who love music. If well taught, a glack might tap out a small beat for you.

Moffit - These guys aren't as expensive as other petpetpets, but they are still cute!

Fleaf - The perfect petpetpet for those who love nature. I suggest you don't give it to a herbivore petpet.

Jermite - If you love grooming your petpet's hair, this guy is just for you! It can comb petpet hair as it moves.

Wormoeba - for those potatoes out there who do nothing but sit around all day.

Squippit - A cute little guy that can jump pretty far!

Petpetpets that DO itch, cause rashes, suck blood, or bite.

Breebly - A petpetpet that resembles a flea. If your petpet can take the itching, this is your perfect petpetpet.

Cooty - It's soooo cute... until your petpet gets a rash from it! One of the more expensive petpetpets, but if you really want it, then get it.

Vernax - This petpetpet has been known to cause petpets to have itchy feet, so if you have a petpet with no feet, like a Wadjet or Swabby, then it's your perfect petpetpet!

Veespa - This cute little petpetpet is the cause to those red bumps on your petpet.

Zytch - These petpetpets have a long snout used to suck petpets' blood.

Mozito - Mozitos tend to sting whenever they get nervous, which is often, so your petpet will most likely get covered in bumps.

Lightmite - If your petpet doesn't mind being bitten a couple of times a week, then this beautiful petpetpet is for you!

Mootix - ANOTHER petpetpet that resembles a flea. Probably one of the most famous and expensive petpetpet there is.

Bumbluz - This petpetpet (like most petpetpets) can cause a LOT of itching, but if your petpet can handle it, then you've got yourself a really cool petpetpet.

Moquot - This is another petpetpet that has a long snout used to suck petpetpets' blood.

I suggest getting a petpetpet that doesn't bite, itch, cause a rash, suck blood, etc. because it will be more comfortable for you, your neopets, and your petpets.

How to get your petpetpet to attach

Try painting your petpet a special color. A petpetpet might like a painted petpet more than a regular petpet, so it may attach to a painted petpet. Two out of the four petpetpets I have wouldn't attach when my petpets were regular, but attached immediately after they were painted.

Get a modest petpetpet. Even I have to admit, moffits aren't as cute or popular as other petpetpets, and I think they know this. So, when they get a chance to attach themselves to a petpet, they'll take it! (Moffits aren't the only modest petpetpets, but they are the only ones I know that are.)

Make your petpetpet get lonely. When three out of my four petpetpets where attached, I think my glack got lonely knowing it was the only petpetpet without a petpet, so it attached to my petpet.

Make your petpet stronger. Take your petpet to the petpet Battledome and try to raise its level. High level petpets are harder to come by, so if a petpetpet attaches itself to a high level petpet, it may feel more protected or/and more powerful.

Get rid of some of that junk in your inventory! More items in your inventory will provide more entertainment for your petpetpet, making it forget about attaching itself to your petpet.

Make your petpetpet jealous. Play with your petpets and neopets a lot, get them nice, comfy places to sleep, get them a beautiful garden to play in, and give them lots of tasty food to eat. Your petpetpet may soon want to join in on the fun and attach itself.

Give your petpetpet competition. Find two petpetpets that you like and put them in your inventory at the same time. Knowing that if they don't attach soon, the other petpetpet may attach, and thus they'll attach them self. After one attaches, you can save the other one for another petpet or you can sell it.

All of the above!! (Except choose either 3 or 7, because you can't do them both.)

Petpetpet sections

Want a petpetpet but don't want to look up the ones I've shown you? Then read this!! (You can see what the petpetpets look like by going to the trading post, entering in the name of the petpetpet, and pressing "Find those trades!!")

Glowing petpetpets!! - A really cool kind of petpetpet that you'll never lose in the dark!!

  • Bumbluz- - Glows a really pretty shade of blue.
  • Lightmite - Glows a nice yellow color.

Flying petpetpets!! - They can accompany you as you fly away!!! (Assuming that you can fly)

  • Moquot - Has small wings and can fly up to 1 hour without rest.
  • Squippit - Has small wings and can fly up to 30 minutes without rest.
  • Vernax - Has medium, beetle wings and can fly up to 30 minutes without rest.
  • Cooty - Has small wings and can fly up to 15 minutes without rest.
  • Moffit - Has medium, moth wings and can fly up to 15 minutes without rest.
  • Lightmite - Has huge, butterfly wings and can fly up to 6 hours without rest.

Striped petpetpets!! They are petpetpets... with stripes.

  • Veespa - Has purple and yellow stripes.
  • Zytch - Has orange and gray stripes.
  • Wormoeba - Has green and purple stripes.
  • Mootix - Has yellow and green stripes.
  • Moquot - Has purple and darker purple stripes.

Spotted petpetpets!! They have spots and are petpetpets!!

  • Vernax - Has yellow back with darker yellow spots.

You'll have to look up the rest of the petpetpets by yourself since I could not categorize all of them.

Why should I get a petpet?

Well, that's really your decision, but here are some reasons just in case you need to find your reason...

Well, if you get a good petpetpet for your petpet and neopet, then they will have another friend.

When people look up your neopet, having a petpet and a petpetpet will make your neopet a bit more interesting.

You might enjoy saving up the neopoints.

Wanting to get a petpetpet may motivate you to do better on games in order to earn more neopoints.

You may think they're cute. (The cooty really is cute if you can handle all the itching.)

Just wondering, why did you write this guide?

One time I when I really needed help with my petpetpets, I saw a guide in the Neopian Times about petpetpets, and you know what? It stunk!! Nothing in the guide was of any help to me!! I thought, "If this can get into the Neopian Times, then surely I can write a better guide and get it into the Neopian Times." So, I did some research, used my imagination, and got typing, and this was the result!! And if you're reading this, then I was right!! Yay!! Thank you and I hope this helps you.

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