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Stinky, or Just Skunky?

by neo_grl51


*Sniff, sniff* ...

Eugh, what's that smell?

That, dear readers, is the wonderful smell of, well, skunk!

An issue that has gone unaddressed for way too long is Skunk pets and the way they are treated! They are certainly not the first, and definitely will not be the last, type of pet to be treated like an outcast. Like their Snot, Mutant, and Msp counterparts, pets painted Skunk are simply misunderstood. I have a Skunk Aisha myself, so I know from experience just how wonderful they are. Skunk pets are just as good as, if not better than, pets of any other color. They're just a bit... quirky! What, don't believe me? I bet I could rattle off tons of great things about skunk pets! What? You want me to? Fine!


First, you've got that... that smell. Sure, some may say that it's more of a stink than a smell, but look on the bright side. Once you've spent so much time with your adorable skunk pet, you'll become used to the smell. The good thing about that is, when all those omelettes in your inventory start to go bad, or when the petpets have dragged all sorts of things through your neohome again, cleaning it out won't be such a difficult task anymore!

This also leaves you free to buy a set of very cheap dung furniture without a care! Just don't plan on having company over too often.


As you know, Skunk pets are mostly black all over with a white stripe down their middle. This gives your pets a shocking and mischievous look. And, let's face it, the black and white look is TOTALLY in this season. Give the other pets something to wag their tongues about by buying a skunk paint brush today! For an added bonus, buy some Skunk Lipstick (Approx. 1,000 NP with the shop wizard) and make your pet the talk of the town.


The Skunk Paint Brush is often overlooked in favor of the more popular Shadow color. However, the white stripe down the middle in skunk pets breaks up the monotony of one solid color, BORING!, for 50K less than shadow! Skunk is more affordable and more exciting!


Do you have a bully problem? Adopting or befriending a skunk pet can clear that problem right up! When that bully comes storming up to you, they'll catch a whiff of your new friend, and then BAM! They'll be knocked unconscious by the surprising smell, and you can flee to safety. And, well, if THAT doesn't work, then you should probably run screaming for your mommy.

You can say goodbye to theft, too! You'll no longer need expensive, extra security to keep your prized collection of one-of-a-kind stamps safe. Just have your Skunk pet hang around and any thieves around will be sure to avoid them!


Besides the adorable color, there's TONS of stuff that comes in skunk or black and white.

Plushies that come in skunk, the Skunk Kacheek Plushie, for example, are far better than regular ones. They're just so cuddly and cute.

There is a Chia Skunk Tail can be used in the Battledome to help defeat your opponent! Well, that is, if you can afford it.

Then there's the great Zen set of furniture for your neohome! This black and white set of furniture includes a bed, a dresser, a table, and more! It's not too expensive, and it can bring a touch of funky to your otherwise colorful rooms.

A definite must-read is the book Being Stinky, which you can pick up for about 1,500 NP. It's a bit of a tear jerker, but it gives you a great insight into what things may be like for a skunk pet. It'll make you smarter, too.

Skunk Pattern Pen - this useful pen writes in black and white at the same time, so you can use it on almost any color paper! How resourceful.

However, the grandest of all things skunk HAS to be the Skunk Paint Brush. It's priced around 200,000 neopoints at the Trading Post, and it is worth every single point. Even if you're hesitant to paint one of your pets, it looks great in a gallery or on display in your neohome.


If all else fails, your pet will be bursting with personality! Having to deal with being constantly avoided by peers, skunk pets have to have SOME good qualities to draw in friends. These pets won't care about how you look, or about your own stink (no offense). Skunk pets are all about what is below the surface. This makes them ideal friends and playmates. They'll never reject you or turn you down! What more could you ask for in a pet?

I asked my own Skunk Aisha, Syekayelou, to sit down with me for an interview.

Me: Hi, Syekayelou. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. Now, you're a Skunk Aisha. How do you like it?

Sye: Um, it's okay.

Me: Do you ever find pets or owners running in opposite directions when you're around?

Sye: No.

Me: *Kicks under desk* Ahem.

Sye: Oh, yeah, I mean, sure, but I don't really mind. I REALLY like heading up to the Money Tree when that happens. I do have a problem with getting petpets to stay with me, though.

Me: Is that lonely?

Sye: Not really. It gives me time to read and play games. I still have my family, too.

Me: Is there anything you'd like to say to Neopia about Skunk pets?

Sye: Uh, not really. Now, where is that slice of birthday cake you promised?

Me: Shh!

Well, that didn't exactly turn out as planned. But, next time you're wondering what color to paint your pet, or before you pass judgement on any pet for being a little different, just remember the Skunk pets and all their fantastic qualities. Also, keep in mind that some of the weirdest colors can become popular in Neopia.

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