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3 Strategies for Being a Successful Dice-a-Roo Player

by mrquints


You have probably played Dice-A-Roo before. You know, the game with the 5 colored dice on Roo Island. How many times have you had a good outcome playing Dice-a-Roo? For some, very rarely have you won more than 10 Neopoints. For others, you may have made it to the yellow die only to lose a pot of 100 Neopoints and have your hopes and dreams of becoming a Dice-a-Roo champ smashed. But if you use one of my three strategies for being a successful Dice-a-Roo player, you could just be building a brand new Neohome on Roo Island with a big bank account. Heck, you could own the Neopian National Bank after you follow these strategies!

Strategy #1: Slowly But Surely

This strategy is for people who don’t like to take big risks and have a lot of patience. You will mostly stay on the red die here.

There are different variations here. There first one is when you hit a pot larger than 5 Neopoints, take it. If you do this over and over and over, you will get rich fast. Like I said, it will take a lot of time, but it is worth it.

The other variation of this strategy is based on probability. After playing Dice-a-Roo over and over and over, I have found what the average number of turns is before you lose is. They are 6 with red, 32 with blue, 42 for green, and 16 for yellow (Note: these are averages and your game in Dice-a-Roo could end in any number of turns. That is the reason why this is a game of chance). So after 6 rolls of the red die, if the pot is any larger than 5 Neopoints, take it and play again. If not, the second you get more than 5 Neopoints, take it.

If you manage to get to the next die in six turns, you can keep rolling in blue or green till you get a pretty decent pot, then pull out.

Strategy #2: Go for Green

This strategy can get you prizes and a decent amount of Neopoints. The green die is the die with the highest turns before a loss of all the dice according to my test trials. Do all that you can to get to green. Once you are there, if you keep hitting roll over and over, the statistics say you’ll last for 42 turns before you lose. And that’s a lot of time to earn Neopoints and move on to the yellow die, which is pretty much the same as the green die. Plus, with the green die, you can win prizes. So, even if you lose before you collect your pot, most likely you will have won at least 1 prize, if not more.

The biggest challenge is getting past the red die, though. If you kept hitting roll over and over, you’d have a 17% chance of moving on to the blue die. Watch out for red.

Strategy #3: Roll, ROLL, ROOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

This strategy is the most straightforward of all three, and it is to keep hitting roll till you hit the jackpot. This should only be attempted by people who are betting fiends or by people who have a lot of Neopoints and want to have the bragging rights of saying, “Hey, you, I beat Dice-a-Roo!”

That sounds catchy. I think I will enter the Poetry Competition later.

Anyway, with this, you will use a lot of Neopoints, so make sure you’re going into a game with a high jackpot, because the odds for winning the jackpot this way are as such:

My calculations say that you have 17% chance of getting past red, a 97% chance of getting past blue, a 98% chance of getting past green, a 93.5 % chance of getting past yellow, and after all that is accomplished, you have a 16.6% chance of hitting the jackpot on the silver die. Overall, your percentage of winning is 2.5%. That may look small, but what it means is that you will win the jackpot once every 40 times. Which is pretty good. However, if you lost every time, you would lose 200 Neopoints. A small price to pay for a jackpot of 10,000 Neopoints. Most people could be able to afford that.

And just for the record, you have 0.25% of winning the jackpot with the 10x multiplier, so I really wouldn’t count on that if the jackpot were 400 Neopoints. In simple terms, you’d win this souped up jackpot once out of every 400 times you played. Not very good odds.

Dice-a-Roo can be a very good tool to use to get rich. Most people think it’s too hard to win at it because it such a game of chance. “Oooo, there’s such a small chance that I could win it’s not even worth the trouble.”


Like I said, if you use Strategy #3, you can win the jackpot once every 40 times you play, and, if you have a good long while to play, once every 400 times you play you can win the jackpot with the 10x multiplier!

Dice-a-Roo can be formatted to fit anybody’s needs. If you had fewer Neopoints, you’d use Strategy #1. If you had somewhat of a good supply of Neopoints, you could use Strategy #2 or #3. And once you use Strategy #1 and achieve enough wealth, you can start using Strategy #2 and Strategy #3!

But you should also watch yourself. These numbers aren’t perfectly accurate, even though they are pretty close. Manage your Neopoints and use the strategy that fits best for you. You could even combine my strategies with one another and use them to your advantage, or you could just take out parts and altogether and add something new. That’s good, too. You don’t need to follow these instructions to the letter. Improvising can get you very far.

Just get out there, figure out what it is you need to do, and roll those dice!!!

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