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Psellia's Homecoming

by vtguerrero


Psellia was shooting like an arrow toward her home that she had missed for so long. Almost a year ago Altador had sent a message to her telling her the details of their awakening and pleading for her to return but to no avail. Brightvale just needed her more than the other protectors did, Psellia tried to tell herself. Deep in her heart she knew why she left but she shoved the torrents of memories away. As she left the borders of Brightvale she realized that she would miss the place she had called home for too many years. Her plan was to fly till she hit Sakhmet and rest there for a night, then fly right to the city of Altador the very next day. After the battle of Meridell, Psellia packed her bags and left for the quieter kingdom of Brightvale to study and pursue her dreams of becoming a more powerful and wiser faerie. Psellia chuckled to herself as she remembered the look on King Hagan when she said she was going back home.

     “But Psellia, we still need you here. There are festivals to be had and celebrations to be hosted! The motery won’t know what to do without your famous motes; the potionery won't mix the right ingredients. What about the fruits shop too? They can't pick shrooms without you!” he had said on his throne.

     “I assure you, your majesty, Alice, Grace and Jimina will know exactly what to do when I leave. And you and I both know that I was never planning to stay here forever, Altador’s gates have been calling me for months now and I can’t refuse any longer,” Psellia had told him. That night everything was packed in her woven bag and by the door. In the morning Roberta had heard the news and came to wish her a goodbye. When the blue Acara saw Psellia in her normal blue silk dress she couldn’t help staring. It was so different then what Roberta always saw Psellia in and it confirmed that Psellia was leaving.

     “I came as soon as I heard you where leaving. I’m going to miss you,” the Acara said, looking at her shoes. Psellia sighed, knowing this might be the last time she saw the young sorceress and said,

     “I will too, Roberta, but to make the parting a bit easier I got you something.” She pulled something out of her bag.

     “A negg faerie snow globe. Thank you so much; I’ll always admire it!” Roberta exclaimed happily. Psellia’s laugh was snatched up in the wind whizzing by her but she still laughed. One day soon I’ll go back, Siyana and I will explore all of Neopia, Psellia promised herself.


     Siyana was overjoyed. Psellia was coming back, back to Altador and back for good. The Uni messenger had just came to the gates, saying that Psellia had given him the very scroll she was holding now.

     Dearest Siyana,

     I’m coming back, this time for quite a while. As I’m writing this I’m in the Lost Desert, right by the famous shrine of Coltzan! I’ll start for Altador as soon as I get some sleep. You know me; a dreamer must sleep. You can tell me everything when I get there in a day, right at dusk.


      P.S. don’t tell the others, I want it to be a surprise.

      Typical Psellia; she wanted to be the center of attention, if only for one night. It would have bothered Siyana if it was anyone but Psellia that wanted more glamour than herself but Psellia was like an older sister to her. A smart, beautiful, adoring, loving older sister who was finally coming back. Going to one of the many windows in the Hall of Heroes, Siyana looked out into the sky and to her dismay only saw the sun peeking above the horizon. Scowling at the slowness of time, Siyana went down to the gardens to practice her magic before the others woke up. Jerdana was already there, despite the early hour.

     “I didn’t know you where a morning person; I thought the opposite, actually,” Siyana said, remembering the time Jerdana had been woken up early.

     Jerdana laughed her light laugh and then said after a few moments, “So who was the Uni you were talking to?”

     “Just a messenger delivering fan mail,” Siyana lied.

     “I know you have plenty of things to do, Siyana, but would you like to help me re-enchant the gardens today? Psellia used to do it so well and I just can’t seem to get them to glow. If only she hadn’t - never mind,” Jerdana said, as if knowing that Siyana was going to faint with anxiousness if she didn’t have something to keep her busy.

     “Absolutely!” she answered in a heart beat. Thoughout the entire day of work Siyana kept thinking about Psellia coming back and when the two finally retired for the day Siyana nearly beat the flying record when she went to meet Psellia on the coast. For five long minutes Psellia didn’t show up but then when Siyana looked down for only a few minutes to make sure the city was in order Psellia was only an arm's length away.

     “Psellia!” Siyana exclaimed. She had dreamed about seeing Psellia again and now here she was.

     “Oh Siyana, I missed you so much!” Psellia said, grasping her hand because no one could hug while flying. Once the tearful reunion was complete and when both faeries were on the ground the two stood back to admire each other.

     “You’ve grown up!” Psellia said, noting the height and figure of Siyana. What happened to the little faerie I knew; she’s no girl anymore! Psellia thought as she examined Siyana. Wow, Psellia doesn’t look a day older but she has that wise look in her eyes that Altador always does; it suits her.

     “Psellia?” Sasha called from the steps, squinting to see better.

     “Time to face the music,” Psellia whispered to Siyana as Sasha called the other protectors and raced down the steps. All eleven of the Altador protectors raced down the steps and came to welcome her.

     “I missed you all so much!” Psellia said to her friends.

     “Siyana, you knew that she was coming home? Why didn’t you tell us?” Florin asked, staring at Siyana harshly.

     “Because I asked her not to,” Psellia said, stepping in.

     “We could have had a feast celebrating your arrival back! Did you bring me back any trinkets?” Gordos said, eyeing Psellia’s bag.

     “Oh hush, Gordos; Psellia is here because she missed us, not because she brought back gifts,” Fauna said, shaking her head at Gordos.

     “Oh Psellia, we missed you. You have to tell us all about your adventures,” Kelland said gruffly, even though she knew he was happy to see her. It felt good to have all of her friends around her at last, but she knew they were all remembering the night she left like she was. Altador was the last to arrive with Jerdana right in front of him and the entire group became silent. Psellia looked down at the ground, afraid of what Altador had to say, then looked back up after reminding herself that she probably deserved a few harsh words. For a long moment Altador stared at Psellia like he was deciding what to say, then embraced her like a daughter. The group resumed talking with even more happiness than before but Psellia would always remember that great show of affection. Later, after a huge dinner, Psellia started telling her tale.

     “I know you all remember why I left and I assume you heard about my small part in Meridell’s battle,” she started. “Then I moved to Brightvale to study and teach. Every night I had dreams about coming back to Altador but for so long I ignored the callings. I was ashamed of running away when Jerdana asked to put the spell on all of us. Then one day I thought long and hard about it and decided that I couldn’t hide from the past. I was still an Altador protector, no matter how cowardly. Altador will always be my home, and you will always be my family,” Psellia said, looking down at her dessert, fully embarrassed at her sappiness.

     Jerdana smiled sweetly and said from farther down the table, “Now Altador’s light can fully shine with all eleven of us here. The gardens missed your magic; they haven’t been the same since you left.”

     Psellia then told everyone about Brightvale, Meridell, the Lost Desert and her time spent in all of the places. When the long conversation dragged Psellia yawned and said sleepily, “Well I’m going to go to bed. You know me-”

     “A dreamer has to sleep,” everyone said in union, laughing just like old times. Tomorrow there would be celebrations welcoming the last Protector home, gardens to re-enchant, and more stories to be told, but Psellia was content to rest in her own bed and dream of something other than coming home, and this is what she dreamt; there were pets of all kinds in the city streets parading around with colorful banners, streamers and balloons.

     One family was filing out of their home with their little children when one baby Lupe asked, “Mommy, where are all the people going?”

     The mother Gelert answered, “To the Hall of Heroes for a celebration. One of the eleven protectors is back. Psellia is home.”

     “Psellia is home,” the child repeated thoughtfully. And she was.

The End

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