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Altadorian Astrology

by micrody


It is the yearning of a man’s heart to know himself. So, too, is it in this truth that the stars were charted by those of Altador in times now long past. It was in this that their visions were planted upon the earth and made to grant wisdom and understanding of ourselves. It was in this most primal of longings that the craft of Altadorian astrology was conceived.

Hardly more than a few years into the peace that was borne of Altador’s birthing, the many scholars and wise men there dedicated themselves to mapping the skies. On finding that the twelve founders were each born under different clusters of stars, the scholars named and recorded these clusters as the first of Neopia’s many constellations.

As this study of the night sky continued, it was soon found that others born under these signs bore the traits of the founders after which these stars were named. As this striking coincidence was recorded time and time again, more and more scholars began putting their minds together into understanding why this was so. After many years, the science of astrology was fermented and found to be complete. This great and unending oracle of stars spread swiftly, and all knew of its gifts of understanding and enlightenment of self.

Unfortunately, after the Betrayer’s crimes, this knowledge was lost by all and these constellations became unseen. In times more recent, however, this knowledge has begun returning, and with the reemergence of the Altadorian zodiac of stars has come forth the wisdom of Altadorian astrology once more. I shall share that wisdom with you now.

The premise of Altadorian astrology is quite simple: to each soul born, there is a sign under which every soul was born. These signs, held aloft by the stars, are everlasting and unbreakable. Their origins are wholly uncertain, though we know them from the sky, and they have been there from the beginning.

As the sky turns around us, so, too, do these signs change above us. For every month of the solar cycle, there happens to be a single sign that dominates the sky and imbues its blessings upon all those born beneath it. It is the divine way of this world. It is simply what is and shall always be, for eternity until the end of all time and existence.

Those twelve signs are beings both alive and unique unto themselves. So, too, is each being influenced by many hundreds of factors, few of which can be learned by studying these stars alone. Those signs, carried by the sun, the moon, and many of the planets as well, also weave around us and help to shape who we are and what will become of us.

In the scope of this text, however, such extensive influences as the sun, the moon, and distant planets are beyond the extent of common understanding. Therefore, in the greatest interest of the seeker reading this, this text shall cover only those influences of the star signs themselves.

These twelve star signs, comprising the primary focus of Altadorian astrology, are collectively called the zodiac. This zodiac, including the signs’ names and their times of dominance, as well as those traits to which they bestow, has been provided below.

Those born under the sign of the Sleeper, in the Month of Awakening:

He had never witnessed such compassion on the part of a dark faerie before.

--the Book of Ages

Long before the Betrayer fell to forces of darkness, the Sleeper had been a hero among those of Altador, for she herself had saved the life of King Altador himself and had assisted in the founding of his great city. The Sleeper, before her downfall, was a powerful being, but a being who knew how to control such power and act in good with it.

Like the Sleeper, those born under her sign are assertive and independent, sometimes to a fault, pushing away those closest to them and denying the aid of others when they need it most. Sleepers are analytical and inventive, and they often hold to their opinions firmly and strive for progression. They are idealistic, and they often concern themselves with the larger issues of the world. They possess both unlimited courage and grave dominance.

Those born under the sign of the Dreamer, in the Month of Running:

She leapt off the cloud and darted downward, fluttering her wings as fast as they could go.

--the Book of Ages

Psellia, a Faerie of Air, was a compassionate and heroic woman long before the rise of Altador, and to this day still, she stands strong as a symbol of Altador’s selflessness.

Those born under this sign, known as Dreamers, are receptive and intuitive individuals who possess the swiftness-of-mind that Psellia herself possesses. Dreamers are vastly imaginative and mystical, and they posses an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation as it is needed. Dreamers are keepers of profound flexibility, able to sway with the wind, and they are beings of utmost balance, able to straddle a gale without falling from their wings.

Those born under the sign of the First to Rise, in the Month of Eating:

Thinking the sun had risen, the villagers came outside.

--the Book of Ages

Siyana, the First to Rise, comes with the sun and brings light into this world. Selfless in her deeds, she took an arrow to her wing and still she fought for the sake of others.

First-Risers, as those born of her light have forever been called, are as active and as energetic as she is, as excitable and as impulsive as the very sun itself. Those of her sign are optimists, always seeing things as brightly as can be, and are open to change, much as the sky is opened from dawn to day. The power and dynamism that First-Risers possess, however, can at times lead to selfishness and projecting themselves too strongly upon others.

Those born under the sign of the Gatherer, in the Month of Hunting:

Everyone smiled and waved when Fauna walked through town.

--the Book of Ages

A gentle soul to all, Fauna the Acara possessed the bravery and the calm to confront wild beasts and to tame them for the sake of all goodness, for the sake of helpless lives.

Gatherers tend to be quiet, yet they tend to be the most affectionate as well, their calm and their patience lending them to many favorable friendships. Though sometimes stubborn and resistant to change, Gatherers are determined and practical in all of their endeavors. Gatherers also tend to be collectors, and may cling too much to possessions. Yet, nevertheless, they tend to bear great wisdom, and they oft possess influential voices.

Those born under the sign of the Thief, in the Month of Relaxing:

Kelland felt something stir inside of him.

--the Book of Ages

Kelland, though raised a thief, found sympathy in taking sight of another’s thieving, and from that point on, he lent his skills of thievery to the hands of goodness and took only from those who had the wealth to give.

Lively and energetic much as Kelland himself, Thieves are versatile and intellectual, able to think clearly in any situation and adapt to its demands flawlessly. Thieves strive often for self-expression, though in some stances they impose themselves upon others too greatly. They are vital spirits and possess the greatest of agility; it is with these traits, if truth be given, that Kelland himself became so skilled in his shadow-like ways.

Those born under the sign of the Dancer, in the Month of Swimming:

Sasha sang to the children and kept them calm.

--the Book of Ages

In the face of disaster, Sasha the dancer, fairest in all mirrors and texts, stepped forth and showed true caring and bravery to the world. In the desperation of hopelessness, she stepped forward and brought joy back to a broken day.

Much like Sasha herself, Dancers are receptive to the feelings of others, sensitive to their emotions, and kind to all beings. Dancers are in touch with their inner emotions, and they are often shrewd and inventive. Dancers, like the one whom they are born under, are usually happiest surrounded by those closest to them, whether these people be family or friends. And even in disastrous plights, they are serene and peaceful.

Those born under the sign of the Gladiator, in the Month of Hiding:

“I will fight for them,” Torakor stated.

--the Book of Ages

Though physical strength often clouds the mind and warps the virtues of some, in the spirit of Torakor, physical strength was founded upon virtuous ideals, and when faced with a grave wrong, he stepped forward to defend justice and fairness.

Those born under his sign are as enthusiastic, as powerful, and as domineering as Torakor himself was; thus so, many Gladiators can also be arrogant and prideful to a fault. Despite their hardened exteriors, many Gladiators are expansive and possess creative minds; so, too, are they many extravagant souls. Gladiators, blessed with the will of aged generals and the strength of youthful warriors, are oft clever and witty and strong.

Those born under the sign of the Hunter, in the Month of Gathering:

Altador set out, travelling from one city to another.

--the Book of Ages

Likely one of the most well-known kings in all of Neopia, King Altador founded the city which bears his name. A leader among legends, those born beneath his sign are said to be blessed with the same incredible fortune that he himself has been blessed with.

Hunters are oft the kindest of people, despite their rather startling title; in fact, they can be credited as the most reserved and most modest of all the signs. Much as Altador himself even, Hunters are practical, industrious, and analytical, possessing of a steadfast will to understand, and are painstakingly thorough and constantly striving for self-improvement. Honorable and alert, Hunters are often as kingly as King Altador himself.

Those born under the sign of the Protector, in the Month of Collecting:

Jerdana smiled. “For years I have sought my true calling … tonight I have found it.”

--the Book of Ages

Jerdana, the Protector, is known throughout the kingdom as the one who sit’s upon Altador’s left-hand side, a seat of honor and of nobility. In all of Altador’s past, she has valiantly protected the King and she has honorably protected the city itself.

Jerdana has been many things, among them a wanderer for quite some time, and as she was such, those under her sign are active, easygoing, and peaceable. Protectors often prize beauty and harmony and tend to be rather socially inclined. Many, too, are beautiful artisans, the spirit of expression freely flowing through their veins. Though regardless of anything else that they are, Protectors are loyal friends and long sincerely to uphold justice.

Those born under the sign of the Farmer, in the Month of Storing:

Within days, the blight had vanished.

--the Book of Ages

The Farmer was a selfless hero, and in his selflessness, he gave his own crops to save those of others for the sake of an entire village’s wellbeing and sustenance.

Farmers are imaginative and passionate, and though they are subtle in their ways, they are persistent, unyielding, and intense in their commitments. Though oft obstinate in their stances, Farmers are in touch with their feelings and are often balanced in their ways. Farmers, though hardworking and committed, are often carefree and content souls inside.

Those born under the sign of the Wave, in the Month of Celebrating:

The courage to lead is a trait that few possess.

--the Book of Ages

A famous leader and renowned peacemaker, Marak is admired for both his honor and his wisdom.

Oceanic waves are forces of undeniable energy, and so too are Altadorian Waves. Those born under this sign are energetic, ambitious, direct, and even generous. Like Marak himself, Waves are freedom-loving and enjoy challenges, yet they remain open to change and are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Waves, quite logically, make incredible leaders. Intelligent beings, many Waves enjoy exploration and learning, and nearly all possess high aims in life.

Those born under the sign of the Collector, in the Month of Sleeping:

The governor attempted to bribe him, but Gordos would have none of that.

--the Book of Ages

Those who collect taxes are often greedy souls lusting after riches, though Gordos is a peaceable man, one free of greed and wanting only to serve his people’s greater good.

Prudent and patient, it is no wonder that Gordos himself was born under his own sign, as all of the founders were born under their own signs. Collectors, like the honorable Skeith himself, are well-disciplined and gravely determined; they seek security and honor, praise and approval. Collectors are often tenacious and reserved, prudent and patient as well.

A study of the Altadorian zodiac and the months in which the signs fall clearly raises obvious questions and sows much confusion in its wake: Why is the sign of the Sleeper dominant in the Month of Awakening? Why is the Wave not dominant over the Month of Swimming? And, possibly most confusing, why does the sign of the Hunter rule over the Month of Gathering when the Month of Hunting is home to the sign of the Gatherer?

The answer to these questions and similar ones is an answer both simplistic and obvious: the founders of Altador and those who first gave names to the year’s many months were not one and the same. The Neopian calendar, in use for many millennia before the founding of Altador, was crafted in much the same way as one crafts a daily schedule, organizing times according to what must be done. The Altadorian zodiac, however, is not arranged so, but is instead ordered by the virtuous deeds of the city’s famous founders.

Yet another question that has been raised more recently in this study is the question of why the astrological order of these signs contrasts the order of reappearance of their corresponding constellations during the recovery of Altador’s once-bound history. After much research and applying simple logic to the situation, it has been unanimously agreed by most astrologers that this inconsistency is due to the constellations’ reappearance in an order of the most-simple to the most-complex, an order that clearly contrasts the truer astrological order.

One final realization that has become quite apparent to those who avidly study the art is that those who are born in the final seven-to-ten days of one sign might more notably resemble the following month’s sign instead of their own. This phenomenon, largely believed to have been an astrological anomaly in the study’s earliest days, has more-aptly been accredited to an actual astronomical occurrence that has subsequently been called stellar drift. In observing stellar drift, it would appear that towards the end of a month, the natural shifting of the skies will at times cause one sign to have greater dominance than the other, thus accounting for this quite-common occurrence that affects many individuals.

Given these facts and those aforementioned, anyone may easily commit himself to attaining a deeper understanding of his soul and thus begin to gain a greater appreciation for his own innate skills and his natural tendencies. Although the practice of Altadorian astrology stretches much further than the stars alone, this text has provided a crucial foundation for those who wish to further seek their self-enlightenment and has paved the way for future pursuits of both knowledge and understanding of our inner selves.

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