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Snow Wars 2: Blasting Lupes and Snowbeasts, Oh My!

by pretty_feet


Also by knucklestheechidna52

TERROR MOUNTAIN - So, Snow Wars 2 is probably one of the hardest games ever, not even going to lie to you. xD I remember when the first AAA challenge was out, I couldn’t even get 50 points in the game to send my score and get my prize. However, now I can score over 10,000 points usually. How? Read on. :D

First things first: your purpose is to build a huge fort around your snowmen, protect them from the never-ending bombardment of Lupes, and kill some snowbeasts. Sounds great, right? Well it is, and the avatar is even better.


Barricade or fort – the snow you build around your snowmen to protect them from the hungry (or thirsty?) Lupes; also, what the snowbeasts try aim at.

Snowmen – the little guys you are protecting.

Lupes – horrible creatures that multiply faster than you can say “omgoshEmilyIsSoCool”; they also never stop moving forward.

Snowbeasts – the guys with the guns. xD They will throw snowballs at your barricade to aid the Lupes in killing your snowmen. =(

Movers – snowbeasts that never stop moving! It is harder to kill them!

Pieces of Snow

These are the pieces of snow you will get to make your barricade.


aka the single dot

Very helpful pieces when you get in a tight spot. Common in the first levels, not so common later on.


aka the two in a row

I don’t really like these pieces, but I don’t hate them either. More common in the beginning as well.


aka the corner piece

Angles are very helpful throughout most of the game. They will keep your corners safe.


aka the three in a row

Good pieces in my opinion. Easy for fast building, and common throughout the whole game.


aka the T o.o

More common after level 3. They are nice for filling in a single spot and adding a buffer around it.


aka the three down and three across

Common after level 4 or 5. Nice for filling in some spots, but they can be burdensome if you run out of room.


a three in a row with a head and tail :P

I could do without these. D: I find them in my way all the time. But hey, you might like them. =P

The Game

Your first building round should be used to make your basic fort around your snowmen. Now, there is a technique to this. Don’t take your time to position the snow perfectly; just keep clicking around the snowmen in a relatively big square. The pieces do not have to be perfectly placed so they are all pretty and neat. Don’t waste time on that. Just build a huge fort, which gets you more points.

Hint: Bigger forts give you more points. Imagine getting like 10 points off the avatar. A bigger fort could have helped. =(

While you practice building the best fort, be on the lookout for good snowmen setups. What is a good set up you should be asking? There are three main components to a good set up:

  • Your first snowman (the one closest to the frozen river) needs to be farther back than normal.
  • Your snowmen should be equally spaced. You don’t want all 5 to be right on each other.
  • This isn’t required, but it helps. You should be able to divide your snowmen into three groups (two groups of two, and one single snowman).

Placing catapults is relatively easy. Give each snowman one catapult. Then pick one snowman to get another catapult. Pick this snowman wisely, grasshopper. Pick a snowman that is going to be your main fighter. You will protect him more than any other snowman, and he will be your hero. He should be kind of toward the middle or back, and have a bit of room around him.

In your first attack, learn the basics. There are only two snowbeasts, so take them out first. Even when there are 5 snowbeasts, take them out first. Snowbeasts destroy your barricade, which is very bad. Killing them is very good. Keeping your fort is very good. So aim for them first. You might get what I call a “mover” (read above). Movers are annoying, but hey, the snowbeasts need something to help them get a grip in the game. If you get a mover, just aim for a different snowbeast until the mover gets tired. When the snowbeasts are gone, turn your catapults on the three Lupes. Aim slightly in front of them, as they are constantly moving forward towards your helpless snowmen!

Before you click the button to advance to the next building round, look at your fort. You can see the holes and gaps that those meanies made. So fix up your fort. Hopefully, there is not much damage. If you have more time, start adding extra snow to the front of your fort, like a buffer. Personally, I like to keep my front wall about 3 blocks of snow think. It makes me less paranoid.

Here’s an extra tip: If you didn’t get rid of all the Lupes, you can during the building time. If you build a complete fort around a Lupe, it dies. It doesn’t have to be huge, but remember Lupes do move.

Hopefully, you are still in the game. You’ve beat the first round of everything, and now we are ready for the rest of the game =]

You will have some time to place more catapults. I usually added all my catapults around the main snowman. I try to make like a 3 by 4 area of catapults around my snowman. Then after I finish that, I start giving the other snowmen some catapults (you probably won’t be able to at this point in the game).

This round there will be an additional snowbeast, so the total is now three. Again, target the snowbeasts first. Then aim for the Lupes. Remember, Lupes move forward, so aim a little in front of them!

Survive the horrors of Terror Mountain so far? Good! Let’s rebuild. Before clicking the button to begin building, look for your obvious and not so obvious holes. Then start patching up your fort. If you haven’t added a buffer to the front, try to as soon as possible. If you have your front wall buffer, you should start to partition off your snowmen. Remember the groups of 1, 2, and 2 from before? That’s what you will divide the fort into. Start building walls across the imaginary lines. Why? If one snowmen group is missing a block of snow, but you cannot find a piece to fix it, the other groups can survive and you can patch it up later hopefully. One warning, though: Do not make the walls too close to your catapults if you are still adding catapults to the game. So, patch up, fix your buffer, and start to partition.

Yay, time to beat more Lupes and snowbeasts :D Remember all the advice from before, and you should be fine. By this round, the Lupes might start to be a bit overwhelming. Try not to freak out if you don’t get rid of all of them in the round.

Rebuilding time; remember the rules: fix up, buffer up, and split up. You can do it.

Extra hint: By this time, you might be getting A LOT of cross and Z pieces. Each of those pieces takes about a 3 by 3 space, so try to leave room for those pieces in case you can’t use them.

By now, I think you get the picture. Be sure to just keep your snowmen safe. Also, if one snowman dies, don’t freak out! You still have 4 more! Keep playing until you run out of time on building, or until all your snowmen die.

After you get to about 5,000 points, the game starts to lag super bad. It still is possible to get the avatar with lag, but there are ways you can minimize the lag: exit all messengers, turn off all music, close all programs, etc.

One last hint: Reading this guide is not enough to get you the avatar. You NEED to practice. When I first started playing, I never even could build my first fort. Then I hit 1000 points once and I freaked out. XD I kept practicing and eventually hit milestones such as 5000 or 8000 points. It took me about two months of playing to get the avatar as well, so don’t expect to get it by next week. xD If you do, you’re my new hero.

So, best of luck to you! Remember, this is a game! You should have fun destroying the Lupes and snowbeasts, okay? If you want to see any screenshots of a particular section above, feel free to neomail me. ^^ Also, questions are welcome too. =)

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