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Top 25 Things to do When You're Bored on Neopets

by eggnogrocks21


It’s a boring Saturday afternoon, and you’re bored. And you love meepits. All you have to entertain yourself is this site I like to call Neopets. (Actually, everybody calls it that, but...) Here is the meepit lover’s top 25 list of surprisingly entertaining, time consuming things to do on Neopets when you’re really, really, bored out of your mind.

1. Count the number of games that involve Jelly, Berries, or garden Gnomes. You’ll be surprised.

2. Find that one picture TNT put on the “new features” page that one day that had that one meepit. Watch it blink... and blink... and blink... and blink...and move its nose... and blink...

3. Find a picture of a meepit (the blinking one will do) and a feepit and put them side by side. Look at them for a long time trying to figure out which one’s cuter... or more evil looking. Then virtually rip the picture of the feepit into a million pieces for no apparent reason.

4. Buy some pie. Eating pie is good. Or you could buy one of the new pi pies, so you could eat double pi(e).

5. See if you can get your pet to say something like... “EEEEKKK!!! Get that [insert object here] away from me!!!” One time, I bought a cute little angelpuss for my pet and he said that. (Well, he said, “EEEEKKK!!! Get that angelpuss away from me!!!” not “EEEEKKK!!! Get that [insert object here] away from me!!!”, because I have no clue what an “insert object here” is.) I bet I know why he said that, though. He would have rather have had a meepit than an angelpuss. Duh.

6. Restock. It takes patience... trust me. And you can earn Neopoints. That you can then donate to meepits! Yay!!

7. While you’re counting the games that contain Jelly, Berries, or Garden Gnomes, take a little of your time to play a round of “Giant Jelly Blobs of DOOM!”. You might even figure out what it sounds like to be swallowed alive by a huge gob of pink stuff.

8. Find another bored Neopian and chat; there are a lot of them around.

9. Refresh a page for a long time to see if the Fountain Faerie will FINALLY give you a quest. I do not recommend doing this. Unless you are really trying to waste your time, then it’s a very good thing to do.

10. Make a gallery of meepit items. Make sure to include a lot of meepit pictures. Like the blinking one.

11. Watch one of your weak pets fight in the Battledome. Then laugh when they lose miserably. Or... if your Neopet is strong, cheer if they win and get you an avatar! Because it would be so much nicer to get an avatar and win then to lose and have to pay precious Neopoints to heal your pets. And it would make your pets sad to get laughed at.

12. Collect avatars. No actually, don’t do that. It would be a GOOD way to waste your time, and we don’t want that, now do we? Unless you want to be productive in wasting your time, but then you probably have much better things to do than read this list, don’t you?

13. Read stories from the Story Telling Competition. This should take you lots of time, seeing as there are thousands of them!!!! (or at least a lot, I actually haven’t counted).

14. Put a banner on your lookup promoting meepits. For no apparent reason whatsoever.

15. Try and figure out if and why I am soooo obsessed with meepits. Or don’t. Because you may never find out, or you just might not care.

16. Find every single way to make your pet sick (Wheel of Excitement, random event, poisonous jelly, exec...) and then take the time to make them all better again! Yay! You could even boost your mood a lot just by doing that. Just think of the look on your cute little Neopets’ faces when you make them sick, but then cure them again!

17. Make a board about meepits. Recruit meepit lovers to help them take over Neopia. (See below.)

18. Help meepits take over all of Neopia. Except where the Cybunnies live. Then the Cybunnies and the meepits can take over Neopia together!! And everybody would be happy. Except most Neopians. But that’s OK.

19. Stay far away from that terrible game called “Meepit vs. Feepit” because it promotes people being mean to cute little meepits, who are just trying to do evil! NO!!! Good. Sorry. I meant to say good. Cute little meepits that are just trying to do good. Hehe. *nervous smile*

20. Pound surf. Look for painted pets, limited edition pets, pets with meepits... so on.

21. Look for Jelly World. This would be particularly time consuming, seeing as you’d just be looking for a place that doesn’t exist, but you could try anyway.

22. Eat omelette. It’s freeeeeeee!!!

23. Try to figure out how to get the “Chef Bonju” avatar. Good luck. Or you could simply join a board titled “Chef Bonju seekers #4556 *we have cookies*” just for the cookies, not actually because you want the avatar. Or maybe you do want the avatar. Then you can get cookies and maybe learn how to get the avatar.

24. Create a Neopian Times article titled “The meepit lover’s top 25 list of surprisingly entertaining, time consuming things to do on Neopets when you're really, really, bored out of your mind” although I have no clue why you would ever want to do that.

25. Read a Neopian Times article titled “The meepit lover’s top 25 list of surprisingly entertaining, time consuming things to do on Neopets when you’re really, really, bored out of your mind”. If you are really bored, and if you’re not, I have no clue why you’re reading this article in the first place.

So there ya go, people! The meepit lover’s top 25 list of surprisingly entertaining, time consuming things to do on Neopets when you’re really, really, bored out of your mind!

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