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About Premium

by kaelay


Today I noticed a Poll on one of the pages and I realized most of the Neopians don’t know what Premium is. At least when I saw the poll, 50% of the Neopians who answered didn’t know.

So what is Neopets Premium? This is a question that I made to myself just a few weeks ago. One day I noticed someone had this strange Icon on their lookup, I asked what it was (since I love getting myself trophies of what I can) and she said to me “It’s the Lucky Space Faerie Charm”. Okay, I've got to admit, I had no clue what this did, so I started researching. It turns out there is this strange thing (at least it was strange to me) called Premium. Whenever you got this Premium thing, you could have several benefits from all of Neopets.

Again, since I didn’t knew much, I started researching, and after a few pages and reading things here and there I came up with the answer: Neopets Premium is when you subscribe to Neopets. By doing this, you are helping in a small way to keep Neopets running. For a small amount of money (yes, my Dad gave me permission and I’m using his credit card) you can have all of the following benefits:

Before anything else, you get your very own “” mail.

You can use this to send mails to your Neofriends or to anyone, and have your very spiffy mail! If it's something Neopets related, why not send a mail from your own Neomail account?

With this mail, some other rewards come as well. For example: every Friday you’ll get a mail that says something like this:

Hello kaelay

Your weekly Space Faerie Scratch Card is now available!!!

Click here to retrieve it!

You get a Space Faerie Scratch Card! Yes, you click on the link and you get to play. So every Friday you get to try your luck. So far for me, I’ve always won something, mostly some NP and just one time I got a collectable card of the Space Faerie. (You see, apparently Premium is very linked to the Space Faerie.)

Another benefit you get from your Neomail is more Random events!!! I just love finding more and more Random events. In your Mail you get to see these other random events; mostly so far, I’ve gotten lottery tickets that won something, so I get a few more NP and an item. Sometimes the NP are low, like 250, but the item can be something you can sell for thousands (*cough* like the last item I got).

The last thing I often receive in my Neomail is... *drums rolling* more NP!! Indeed, every month I get 1,000 NP just for having a subscription to Premium.

And that’s not it at all. If you’re an avatar collector and you’ve always wanted the Neomail addict avatar, you get it instantly for subscribing! And it's not the only avatar available for Premium users. This leads me to the next group of Premium benefits:

First of all, benefits from Referrals

You know that when you invite your friends to play Neopets and they join through your link, you get free stuff, right? Well, with Premium it is the same! You get 20 referrals you can give out, and if the person you referred joins Premium, you also get stuff. For the first referral you get some money; for the second one... you get the “Lucky Charm” I mentioned before.

About the Lucky Charm: Apparently when you have this item looking great on your lookup, you also get a chance to get DOUBLE the Neopoints you get by playing games. So it not only looks good, it also helps a lot.

And returning to the referrals: well, on your third referral you get a Paint Brush; now about this I have absolutely no clue what kind of Paint Brushes they give out, but in any case, any Paint Brush is cool. Either you use it or sell it.

For the 4th referral, you get the Premium Avatar!! This is for you avatar collectors out there. And for the 5th, you get a sidebar. From there on, every 5 more referrals you get to choose a collector package. I don’t know exactly what they are, but it sounds interesting enough.

Second: the all mighty SSW... huh? You don’t know what SSW is?

Well SSW stands for Super Shop Wizard (this is by far the most useful tool I use with Premium). Basically it’s the same as Shop Wizard, but instead of searching in just one section of the market... he looks in Every Single Shop!! So the list he gives you of the prices of items, you can be sure, is indeed the cheapest list there can be. So if you search for a Kiwi Milkshake you will know that the price you see on the SSW page will be the lowest price in the whole of Neopia. But beware; as other people have the SSW if you ever find one of those uber-cheap items, you have to be fast to get it!

On with more benefits

Well, of these ones, I'll just say a few brief things; basically I'll just mention them.

You can use the Portal to log on to Neopets; it has a lot of useful things that will make your Neolife easier. For example, a quick link to Neopia’s most visited daily activities, including places that don’t exist *cough*, also a calendar so you can be aware of the activities of the month, the weather for Neopian places (very useful if your planning a trip with your Neopets), and another fun feature for us game players... BETA VERSIONS!!

You can’t get NP from them but it's fun to try out the new games that TNT has in store for us. It’s great to know that by finding any bugs in these Beta version games (and sending them into the bugs report) TNT will be able to fix the games and we will be able to play them in their full versions very soon.

Such as all of what I’ve already told you, there are quite a few other things out there for Premium users, but truth be told, it’s awesome to find out for yourself. (I’m still finding new things here and there myself.)

So what else can I tell you about Premium?

Well, if you want to check all the info out there and decide if you want to join or not, you can check this page: But you won't be able to join just like that; you’ll have to find someone that has Premium so they can send you an invite.

I'll give you a tip for finding the Neopians that already have Premium. Well, a lot of us use the “Stealth” mode, so instead of seeing “Last Spotted: One day ago” you’ll see “Last Spotted: Stealth!”. In any other case, there are a lot of people around the Neoboards that have on their signature, “Want a Premium invite? Neomail me.” I suggest you do! You’ll make that person very happy by helping them get the Lucky Charm and the avatar!

So don’t be afraid of checking it out! There is always the 15 day trial to see if you like it or not. But be sure to ask your parents for permission first; tell them what it is about and ask them if they would let you have it.

Remember that by using premium, you're helping Neopets overall. AND you won’t be seeing advertisements all over the place.

Anyway I hope this article has helped my readers know a bit more about Premium and I hope to see more and more people on Stealth mode!! Lol... it's just fun!

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