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Which Gallery of Evil Character are You?

by wigglyfish


All Neopians who do NOT live under a rock know about the Gallery of Evil. It’s a handy little guide to the most feared organisms in Neopia. But, alas, no one has ever stopped to think which one they are the most similar to. Just think... if you knew who YOU were similar to, instead of running away, you could strike up a conversation. By the end of the conversation, they’ll be BEGGING you to join their army. And just like that, you will become powerful and feared.

But, alas, there are a LOT of Gallery of Evil members, so I have chosen the most interesting ones, so this quiz won’t have 27 answers for each question... And remember, keep track of your answers, because, if you don’t, you will have a difficult time figuring out who you are.

1. When you wake up, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

A. I shall destroy Neopia today! Muahahaha!

B. I don’t sleep, dude.

C. I woke up on time today, thanks to that handy little alarm clock I pilfered!

D. I shall lurk in my room all day. Wh00t.

E. Achoo!

F. I had a terrible dream last night!

G. Today, I will attack Meridell!

H. Ooh, today is my first dance class. I hope I have fun!

I. I hate everything.

J. Good morning, world!

2. It turns out that today is Give Everything and Everyone a Day Off Day. What are you going to do?

A. Destroy Neopia. DUH.

B. I dunno, maybe play some pranks on people.

C. I’m gonna go shopping... without the pesky burden of PAYING. Nyahahaha!

D. Just walk around and hope nobody notices me.

E. Spread germs all around the world!

F. Donate some stuff to the Money Tree. Particularly faeries.

G. Lock myself in my room and draw battle plans.

H. I’m gonna dance until I can dance no more!

I. Sit and stare at the wall.

J. Oh, gosh! There’s so much to do! I could go shopping, play games, or sleep more! How can I pick just ONE thing?

3. You decide to go to sleep, and you have a really good dream. What is it?

A. I took over the world!

B. I was alive... again!

C. I was all rich and had all these items and stuff.

D. I don’t have dreams.

E. I sneezed on everyone and they all got sick!

F. Those mean people finally apologized to me.

G. I took over Meridell, and that fat king was my slaaaaaaaaaaaave!

H. I was the best dancer in the world, and all the boys loved me! Tee-hee!

I. I got more quests than Illusen did.

J. I became a millionaire, and my pets got Fountain Faerie Quests!

4. The next night, you have a terrible nightmare. What is it?

A. I was zapped by Boochi and became a BABY!!!

B. I got exorcized.

C. I went to jail and had my Thieves Guild membership revoked.

D. It was a sunny, beautiful day. Need I go on?

E. Everyone was HEALTHY!!!

F. I was getting picked on. WAAAAAAAAAH!!!

G. I was imprisoned in that cutesy Meridell.

H. I became all clumsy and everyone hated me. Oh, sob!

I. Illusen got more quests than me... oh wait, that’s real life.

J. I lost all of my Neopoints, items, and pets.

5. You were forced to submit a piece to the Neopian Times. What did you write?

A. A blazing battle story filled with gore and violence.

B. A ghost story. Tee-hee.

C. An article on the art of thievery.

D. A dramatic, heart-wrenching tragedy series.

E. A story about the day I infect everyone with GERMS!!!

F. A story about Lupes trapped in the forest who get helped by kind faeries.

G. An editorial question on why Darigan had to be defeated.

H. A cutesy article on how to belly dance.

I. A short story about how wonderful dark faeries are.

J. A nice comic about my pets having cute, hilarious misadventures.

6. Well, it turns out that your piece was rejected. How do you cope?

A. I bang on my keyboard and demand to know why it was rejected.

B. I start grumbling and leave.

C. I cry.

D. Whatever, I didn’t want to be accepted anyway.

E. Those stupidheads wouldn’t know a good story if they sneezed it out their noses!

F. Awwww, that’s too bad.

G. But I need to know!

H. But EVERYONE needs to know the proper belly dancing techniques!

I. I will never write again.

J. I think I’ll fix all my errors and re-submit it!

7. Cheese!

A. I don’t have time to eat cheese!

B. I don’t eat at all.

C. Is it... free?

D. I don’t like cheese.

E. Is it moldy cheese, or regular cheese?

F. I like cheese! Gimme, gimme!

G. Unless the cheese can help me take over Meridell, I don’t care.

H. Cheese is, like, uber-fattening!

I. Why is everyone so obsessed with cheese?

J. Sure, I’ll have some cheese.

8. Good news! You just won 1,000,000 Neopoints to redo your room? How do you decorate it?

A. I decorate it with pictures of myself!

B. I make it all cobwebby and spooky.

C. I keep my room the way it was and pocket the Neopoints.

D. I get everything painted black and get a speaker that plays sad music.

E. I cover everything with mold, fungi, and GERMS!!!

F. I get a big, fluffy bed and a Lupe Treat dispenser.

G. I get a nice big closet for all my capes!

H. I get a nice big dance floor, some weights, and some speakers that play peppy music.

I. I get some dart boards and put photographs of my enemies up on them.

J. I can get that nice big bed I was eyeing, and maybe some chairs and stuff to match!

9. You just won the lottery! How will you react?

A. I can finally be a rich villain!

B. Materialism is bad. I’ll just throw it away.

C. I’m uber-super rich! Eeeeeeeee!

D. I don’t care.

E. Uh... yay?

F. I’ll donate it all to the Money Tree!

G. I can buy the UBERTASTIC WEAPON!!!

H. I’m going to use it to bribe TNT into releasing a dancing game!

I. I’ll buy a bunch of items to give away for quests, I guess.

J. Wow! I can’t believe this just happened! This is my lucky day!

10. Okay, now that you’ve taken the quiz, what did you think about it?

A. It didn’t help me take over the world. I hate it!

B. I guess it was okay.

C. Maybe I can sell it for a couple of Neopoints.

D. It was stupid.

E. I hate it! *blows nose on quiz*

F. It was kinda neat.

G. It was boring.

H. Gasp! I sat here and read it for two minutes! I’d better go work off those two minutes of idleness!

I. It was too happy.

J. It was great!

If you answered mostly A, you’re Dr. Frank Sloth! You’re this big green evil guy that I wrote my first article about humiliating. You set robots on fire, turn items into sludge, and have a loyal team of worker Grundos. You’re, like, TOTALLY evil!

If you answered mostly B, you’re the Ghost Lupe! You’re a dead Lupe who haunts 121 Soup Alley and who is SO FREAKING HARD TO BEAT IN THE BATTLEDOME. But you died nobly, which makes you fairly decent. Good job!

If you answered mostly C, you’re the Pant Devil! You’re this devilish little blue guy who likes to steal stuff, particularly pants. Your greatest fear is poverty. Don’t worry. Poverty isn’t THAT bad. If you’re poor, you get free soup!

If you answered mostly D, you’re the Shadow Usul. You’re a black Usul who lurks around in the shadows and scares the heck out of a lot of people. You are a night owl who hates daylight. People generally like to steer clear of you... But if you start talking to people, they’ll talk to you as well.

If you answered mostly E, you’re Meuka! You’re a Meerca who is covered in snot and uses snot-based weapons in the Battledome. You only wait in the Battledome if someone’s active pet is sick. The thing you hate most? Medicine.

If you answered mostly F, you’re Balthazar! You’re a cute, fuzzy, snuggly Lupe who was picked on by mean dark faeries. Therefore, you have a grudge against faeries and like to capture them in jars. But not all faeries are mean. Try talking to Illusen or Taelia, and you’ll feel better.

If you answered mostly G, you’re Lord Darigan! You’re a big purple guy who hates Meridell. They weren’t very nice to you. A lot of people chose to be on your side in the war, but, alas, you grew too powerful and had to be DESTROYED. But do not fret; people still love you.

If you answered mostly H, you’re the Court Dancer! You’re really good at dancing, and you entrance people with your graceful movements. I see a dancing career ahead of you, my flower. But do not think you are better than everyone else, because then a nerdy little girl (cough cough LISHA) may bring you down....

If you answered mostly I, you’re Jhudora! You are the dark faerie who offers quests in Faerieland. You give away cheap, sometimes dangerous items to Neopians who complete your quests. A bit of advice? Be more generous. Give out nice, safe, EXPENSIVE items, and people will FLOCK to you.

If you answered mostly J, you’re not evil at all! You’re a nice, average Joe (or Joanne, if you’re a girl) who plays Neopets for fun and always looks on the bright side of things. But be careful, as not everyone is as nice as you...

Note: I hoped you liked my quiz! When I took it, I ended up a cross between Balthazar (yay, my favorite villain!!!) and Average Joanne. Now remember... if you don’t like my quiz... you don’t like cheese.

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