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Faerie Friends

by black_skull725


When most Neopians think of faeries, they always think of a winged female creature. However, when you think deeply about it, faeries don’t have to be winged female creatures. In fact, you can find faeries just about anywhere. They can be any type of person and have wings or no wings. Who knows? Maybe the friend you have is a faerie. Today I will talk about the faeries of life, and that includes real life too.

The Faerie Queen

This type of person cares about others very much. They are very compassionate and always are able to lend you a helping hand. However, sometimes they care too much. They can be very bossy and they want you to do things their way. Although they sometimes can be a bit mean because of this, they usually are a good friend and always ready to listen when you need help. Think about the faerie queens in your life. They may be your parents, your siblings, and maybe a good friend or neofriend. Whoever they may be, you are lucky to know them.

Fire Faeries

This type of person can be the kind of friend that is warm at heart. They always care about their friends. However, they tend to joke around a lot and sometimes the jokes may get hurtful. Usually they are the type of person that likes to plan practical jokes for April Fools’ Day. Even though they may hurt you a bit with their jokes, as a good friend, they will always make it up to you. And since they are warm at heart, they will always care about you, no matter what.

Light Faeries

Think about the friend that always seems to be a good kid. You never see them hanging out with the crowd that does those horrible things in school. You always see him or her doing her homework quietly in the corner while everyone else is being noisy and disobeying the teacher’s instructions. And then when they are out of school, they help others with homework and even go out and do voluntary community service for others. These friends are amazing because of their persistence in doing good deeds for others. They are amazing with their ways of not doing anything that will harm others. Light Faeries are rarer but when you truly find one in your life, you’ll know exactly who they are.

Dark Faeries

So you’ve heard that Dark Faeries are evil... WRONG! Too many people have judged these people before they get a chance to know them. They may look different from others but you shouldn’t consider them outcasts. In fact, once you get to know them, they are quite friendly. These are the friends that need help; they are shunned by other people and really need attention. The nicest thing you could do is just talk to them. Have a nice conversation and you’ll find that they are very friendly. Don’t be with the crowd and shun them too.

Earth Faeries

Ah... the friend that loves hanging around outside. This person loves the season of spring and loves the hobby of gardening. They love the environment and will do anything to protect it. You may see them participating in a garbage cleanup or recycling project. These people also like to encourage others. They are the ones that keep you going when you are going through a rough time. They will invite you to play with them outside so you can relax and forget all the troubles of life. They will encourage you when you are trying to solve your own problems in life. Remember, though, you better not litter on the ground outside or they will be either angry or very hurt. They definitely will make you pick it up first of all. Then they will reprimand you for committing such an offensive act.

Water Faeries

These people are the ones that like to take care of others. They spend much of their time helping the wounded and the sick. Remember that friend that helped you up during recess in elementary school; that friend that walked you to the nurse’s office when you tripped while playing outside? Well, guess what; they are that water faerie in your life. They enjoy caring for the injured. You could say that these are the potential doctors and nurses. They encourage others to live a healthy life so they don’t get sick. Water faeries display an immense amount of compassion but they are shy. They have a small group of friends that they pour out their compassion to. The rest of the people need to find another water faerie friend.

Air Faeries

Yep, that friend that always has a smile on his or her face. These friends are usually joyful and look on the bright side of life. They see the glass as half full. Their smiles are always contagious. Even when you are angry, when you see your friend smiling at you and gently patting you on the back letting you know everything will be alright, you can’t be angry for long. You’ll end up smiling back. Air faeries like to make peace too. They always try to break up a fight or an argument between two friends that had a disagreement. They are not afraid to get in the middle of a fist fight and push both people apart. Air faeries enjoy athletic events. They are fast runners and fliers too... that is if your friend has wings. They also may enjoy dancing or other activities related to dancing.

The Snow Faerie

The friend that relies on you a bit too much may be a snow faerie. He or she can be demanding but they are most appreciative when you give into their demands. They may always ask for homework help or ask you to help them do other things. If you do feel like he or she is too demanding, you should set clear rules about stuff you can do for them and stuff that would be better if they did on their own, like their homework, for example. If they do not wish to comply, maybe it’s time to reconsider if he or she is really your friend, if he or she really cares about you. A real friend knows that time is important to everyone and that people need to have time alone, doing their own things, and spending time with family.

The Tooth Faerie

The extrovert friend you have is the tooth faerie. The tooth faerie is very outgoing and outspoken. Your friend is never shy and never afraid to speak his or her mind. Sometimes that’s not a good thing, but usually he or she tries to utter helpful words. This person is also very caring and will do anything to help a person out. However, they may be harsh with their words sometimes because they are so outspoken. Once you learn to be tolerant of that, you’ll have a very good friend with you.

The Soup Faerie

The friend that is kind and giving. You can always expect him or her to bring you a birthday gift or a Christmas present. They love to give. If they can’t give you anything that you can touch, they will at least spend time with you. They will give you their time to help you, to talk to you, to listen to you, and just to be your friend. They care very much for the people that aren’t as fortunate as they are and love to give things to charity. They are the wonderful donators of the world that help make the world a better place.

Faeries don’t have to have wings; they don’t have to be the small bottled creatures you think of. What counts is what a faerie has on the inside, not whether he or she actually looks like a faerie. I hope you all have your faerie friends to help and support you and I hope you do the same to them. Farewell.

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