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Uncovering the Secrets to Brightvale Castle

by dragon_and_the_fly


Also by bluesoccercat

In this article I will share with you the grand (okay, not quite 'grand') adventure I had discovering some of the secrets of Brightvale Castle. I'll spill all the facts I learned, and hopefully this can answer some of the questions you've had about what exactly is in that castle!

Travel west of Meridell for 50 miles, and you'll stumble upon Brightvale. Ruled by King Hagan, the brother of Skarl, this Kingdom is known for its scholars and educators. It is also home to many wonderful shops that carry items not found anywhere else in Neopia. From potions, to motes, to books, to fruits, any visitors that venture here are guaranteed to not leave empty handed. Yes, there are plenty of places of interest in Brightvale, but only one place is the subject of this article: Brightvale Castle.

People who come to Brightvale get an excellent view of the castle. You can even cross the drawbridge and enter the front door. You'll be greeted by wise Hagan, who, while lounging in his chair, will invite you to share some of your wisdom with him:

"Pity those who underestimate the allure of a Barbat," you utter insightfully.

"I'm not dense, youngin'. I already knew that!" he booms as you're escorted back out the front door by a Palace Guard.

That is all they'll ever allow you to see of the castle, and that just wasn't enough for me.

After weeks of planning, I came up with a foolproof and highly complicated way to get into the castle: I snuck around back when no one was looking, opened a window, and climbed in. And to my surprise, I had done what no one else before me had managed to do.. I had entered the forbidden back area of Brightvale Castle! Woohoo! Was that ever easy...

As my eyes adjusted to the dark of the room I had climbed into, I began to see what appeared to be barrels and barrels of potatoes! (It seems Hagan has an appetite for Meridell food, just like his brother!)

Still nearly blind in the darkness, I felt along the wall until I found the handle to a door. I quietly opened it, and snuck out into a well-lit hallway. There were two doors on each side, four in all. After no hesitation, I opened the first door to my left and peeked in.

Here I will share all the information I learned from exploring these rooms. You won't want to skip this!

Room One:

This room was filled with the biggest collection of potions and scrolls I had ever seen. Not surprising, since Brightvale is known for its magical items.

The ceiling was 50 feet above my head, and the shelves that held endless potions reached all the way to the top. Looking everywhere (but where I was going), I walked straight into a table holding all sorts of odd liquid concoctions. Potions spilled from their bowls, onto the table. I looked around for something to wipe up the mess with, but it was too late. The potions had dripped down onto the floor, making a huge mess I didn't have time to clean up. Worse than that, though, is that some potions had been combined as they splashed together onto the ground. Everyone knows mixing potions can be a dangerous thing to do, and as the potions started to bubble and steam, I was really wishing I had been more careful. Not wanting to see what my clumsiness had created, I ran out of the room as fast as I could.

Vowing to watch where I was going from now on, I entered...

Room Two:

This would turn out to be my favorite room of all, as it was filled with nothing but mounds of chocolate! Some big (20 feet high?!), some bigger (40 feet??), and some bigger still (how did they fit that in here?!!). With shifty eyes, I grabbed a handful off of one of the larger chocolate piles, and stuffed what I had taken into my pocket. "They'll never miss it," I snickered as I headed back into the hall. Though I couldn't help wondering who needed so much chocolate...

Room Three:

Turns out whatever creature those potions had made when they mixed had eaten room three. So we'll move on.

Room Four:

Ah, King Hagan's own bedroom. At first glance there was nothing unusual: a massive bed, swimming pool, a few 'King Hagan Rules' posters. It wasn't until I saw the nightstand next to Hagan's bed that I was truly surprised. For it seems, as much as Hagan may publicly bash his brother, this nightstand held his true feelings: A golden picture frame holding a picture of Skarl. Turns out this Wise Old King really did care for his brother, even if he didn't want anyone to know it.

As I turned to leave, a massive alarm started wailing. Apparently I hadn't been as sneaky as I'd thought, and security was aware of my presence in the castle. I ran back as fast as I could to the potato room, hoping I could get back out the way I came in. Tripping over potatoes in the dark, I made it to the window I'd snuck in through and climbed back out. I hit the grass-covered ground and bolted for Meridell, knowing any guard of Hagan's wouldn't dare look for me in such a smelly, farm-filled place.

I was really upset I had only gotten to see such a small portion of the Castle before I was discovered, but it was enough for now, I figured. After all, most people don't get to see ANY of what I had seen...

Once the heat had died down, I felt it was safe to leave Meridell and return home. Pockets full of chocolate, and a brain full of information, I was satisfied with my day.

I hope that this article has helped you understand more about Brightvale Castle, and in turn, the King of Brightvale himself. There's lots more to discover, and one day, if I run out of chocolate, I may just go back in and be the one to discover it. ;)

And remember, if someone asks, you didn't hear any of this from me...

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