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Find the Perfect Avatar!

by mary_rox_sox


Have you ever been wondering: What IS my perfect avatar? What will people think of me with this one, this one, or this one? Well, than you have come to the right place! Believe it or not, many people judge you by your avatar. For example, many people have said that the Must____Keep____Smiling___ avatar makes them think you are a pre-teen girl who loves to chat, and that’s all she basically does on neopets. So, if you are a 21-year-old guy who loves to restock, I advise you not choose that avatar. If you use the Number 6 avatar, people think you love to make neopoints, show it off, and are 17+. So, if you are 13, hate to make neopoints, and don’t like to show off, I don’t suggest this avatar.

So, how DO you find your perfect avatar? Well, first think of your personality. If you love to stand out or be different, maybe use uncommon but easy to get avatars like Neoquest_II_-_Weakling avatar, or use the default avatar. I don’t really recommend the default avatar since it is a common newbie or spammer avatar, but you can use it if you want! If you are more of the hyper, energetic type, maybe consider the Angelpuss avatar. If you are the calm, helpful type, maybe use the llusen's_Glade avatar. There are many possibilities!

After you have thought of your personality, think of your age on Neopets. This means how long you have been around. If you have been around since the Mystery Island Plot, show it off by using an avatar like the Free_Jhuidah or I_Saved_Mystery_Island avatars. If you have been around for a year, show off so by either using an avatar only available on a certain day that was several months ago, like the Seasonal_Attack_Pea avatar if it’s way past December.

Also, think about your real-life age. If you are 20, I would advise using the SlugaWOO_ avatar to show your talkative nature over the Must____Keep____Smiling___ avatar because the Must____Keep____Smiling___ avatar gives people the impression you’re somewhere in-between 10-13, while SlugaWOO_ gives most people the impression you’re 15+.

Additionally, you need to be aware of your gender. Many people do not look at your gender, but rather your avatar. I would not recommend the Nabile avatar for guys, but I would also not recommend the Scorchio_-_Scordrax avatar for girls. Now I must admit, for guys, finding an avatar is much harder than for girls. I just don’t recommend faerie or "girly” avatars for guys. Girls have a pretty easy time; just be careful when it comes to mutant avatars!

Although, still keep in mind how much time and dedication you put into Neopets! If you are very dedicated to the site and spend 3+ hours a day on Neopets, then I recommend the SDB_Pack_Rat. If you are not so dedicated, then I recommend one of the “clickable” ones like Raindorf. Then, there are ones in-between like Poogle_Racing_Winner. Don’t pick one that takes a lot of time if you don’t spend a lot of time on Neopets!

Also, keep in mind what you like! If you think that the Plushie_Eyrie avatar matches you, but not your likes, don’t use it! Only use avatars that YOU like, not just ones that match your personality! Always, ALWAYS keep what your tastes are in mind. You don’t want people to think you have no idea what’s ugly and what’s not, do you?

Most importantly, think about what kind of player you are. If you love games, choose a gaming avatar! If you love the plots, choose a plot avatar! If you love to collect neopoints, choose an expensive avatar like Number 6. People do judge what kind of player you are by your avatar, whether they admit it or not. If you are obsessed with Neopets, maybe use an avatar only attainable from Neopets outside of the site, like TCG_-_Return_of_Dr__Sloth_Champion. If you are a collector, consider an avatar like Stamp_Collector_-_Lost_Desert. There are so many possibilities, I can’t possibly list them all.

You might think that all these possibilities are a bit overwhelming, but they’re not. I’ll tell you how to fit it all together. First, I picked out some avatars I liked. Then I thought about which ones showed my real-life age, young, and my personality was calm, and mature for my age. I am obviously a girl, so I crossed-out guy avatars. I had some dedication, but not a lot, so I came to the conclusion of the Bon_Appétit avatar.

Now, it’s your turn to complete the steps. Open up either an avatar guide or a list of avatars in another window. Then, find avatars you like. After that, find ones that match your real-life age and neopets age. Now, cross out avatars that are your opposite gender. Finally, pick one that matches your personality and dedication to Neopets. You have found your perfect avatar!

You’re probably now wondering, “how am I going to get this?” Have no fear, I am here to help! First of all, make sure you don’t already have the avatar. You can do this by going to Neoboards, Chat Preferences, and then checking what avatars you have. Most likely, you don’t already have the avatar. You can guess on how to get this mysterious avatar for years, or you can simply check an avatar guide. After you find out how to get your avatar, set a goal to get it and reach it! Change that avatar to you current avatar and you are set! Congratulations!

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me (mary_rox_sox) and I will be more than happy to help!

If you are currently reading this, then that means I have got my first article in the Neopian Times published. I am more than happy to take any questions, comments, concerns, or constructive criticism any time. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something!

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