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How to Get That Fabulous Pet You've Always Wanted

by foxo11


So we’ve all seen these fabulously exotic, cute, unique and all-round pwnsome pets around the site. But the question is, how do I get that perfect pet? There are some obvious methods, and some not-so obvious ones. Let’s explore that now.

1. Even the n00bs know this: Painting

Paint brushes are lovely things. They’re the most common method of changing a pet’s colour. With just a few brushes, your new pet could grow some fabulous looking wings or horns.

The good: Paint brushes aren’t terribly hard to come across. They come in dozens of varieties, and the prices start at a very affordable 100,000 NP.

The Bad: Some of the best paint brushes are hard to find, and can cost you over 3 million neopoints.

The verdict: 100% reliable, and a good option. Keep in mind that paint brushes aren’t always the cheapest, though.

2. The exciting game of chance: Zapping

If you can manage to collect all 9 pieces leading to this rather strange island, you have the permanent use of the lab ray (on the account you converted it at). If you’re lucky, you could have your dream pet in no time.

The good: You could save thousands if you get a lucky zap. Instead of spending millions on a Maraquan or faerie pet, pay half the price. Because it’s permanent, you can keep zapping until you’re happy. The lab ray also has its own unique colours like robot, chocolate and jelly.

The Bad: It’s a game of chance. Although you could be incredibly lucky, you could also be incredibly unlucky. You could zap for a year and never get a colour better than gold. The lab can also give an unwelcome change to your pet’s stats, species or gender.

The verdict: The lab makes an interesting new daily. You’ll most likely get some really good zaps. The colours that are unique to the lab ray are a big bonus. But don’t rely on it to get your dream pet- I recommend zapping in case you get lucky, but at the same time earn the NP for a paint brush/potion.

3. Should I drink this?: Morphing Potions

Not only will these odd potions change your pet’s colour, but they change the pet’s species as well. For example, a cloud Pteri morphing potion could turn your green Bruce into a cloud Pteri. (Who would have guessed?)

The good: Sometimes you can save thousands. Instead of saving up for a fire paint brush for your Buzz, spend just 400,000 NP instead of 600,000 NP.

The bad: As well as saving you heaps, they can also cost a lot more then the paint brushes. Usually the most popular ones are the expensive ones, which means that if you want to morph your pet, you can’t be picky.

The verdict: They can equally save and cost more. Don’t rely on these every single time you want a certain colour pet; do some price checking of other methods first.

4. Why do I have an extra eye?: Transmogrification Potions

Much like morphing potions; if your pet drinks one of these concoctions, they could change species and turn into a hideous mutant. Who knows, they could sprout extra eyes or legs.

The good: Sometimes trans potions are the best way of getting a limited edition pet. A great example are Krawk and Draik trans potions- instead of paying the full price for eggs or petpets, save hundreds and thousands.

The bad: Well, they can only give your pet one colour- mutant. So unless you’re a fan of mutants, there’s no point giving your pet a trans potion in a hope that they turn Darigan.

The verdict: Great for getting limited edition pets, and the best way if you actually want a mutant. If there isn’t much money in the bank, these can be the cheapest ways of changing colours.

5. Ha hah, look at its nos-*zap*: Magical Plushies

Magical plushies. Where do I start? These little devils could change your pet in the blink of an eye. Magical plushies are a more uncommon way of changing colour/species.

The good: Some people might get a bit of a kick out of watching their unsuspecting pets play with their new toy, then *zap!* they’re completely different.

The bad: There’s a limited colour list. The list is mostly greens, reds, yellows and blues. The most exciting is probably the Magical Fire Lupe Plushie.

The verdict: Once you take into consideration the price and limited colours, it’s not really worth it. Some of the limited edition magical plushies can save you a bit, though.

6. Wow, those look yummy!: Magical Chia Pops

Not to be confused with the regular Chia pops; if you feed these little beauties to your Chia, you could end up with a quite delicious new pet. Make them look like they belong on a tree after eating one of these funny foods.

The good: The only way to get a fruit Chia, other than the unpredictable lab ray. Having a fruit Chia can earn you a lot of respect.

The bad: You better be pretty dedicated if you want to be able to afford these. We’re talking millions here. And of course, they’re only limited to Chias.

The verdict: If fruit Chias are your cup of tea, then these are awesome. As I said, you could get a lot of respect for having a fruity pet.

7. Don’t let the Kadoaties near: Draik Eggs

The name says it all- hatch these to get a Draik. After a trip to the Draik nest, you could come home with one of those lovely limited edition pets.

The good: They count on the neopet popularity page, unlike morphed Draiks. This could be considered a bonus.

The bad: More expensive than they need to be. Draik trans potions are so much cheaper.

The verdict: Draik eggs really aren’t worth it. There are cheaper ways to get Draiks.

8. Aren’t you a cutey- Argh! My finger!: Krawk Petpet

After feeding on fungus in the fungus caves, these funny little critters can grow up to be big ferocious (and limited edition) Krawks. Or you could just keep one attached to another pet just to taunt your friends (and enemies).

The good: Quite enjoyable to watch them grow up. And like Draik eggs, Krawks who have grown from the krawk petpet count on the stats page.

The bad: Again, much too expensive and hard to come by.

The verdict: I said it for Draik eggs and I’ll say it again. It’s not worth it. Save yourself the stress of earning the extra cash and buy a trans potion.

9. You have to be lucky: Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ)

The random event that people pray for every day of the year. If you complete one of the Fountain Faerie’s quests, she will allow you to paint your pet almost any colour at her fountain.

The good: Can cost hardly anything. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plushie pet for only 50K? (But keep in mind the quest could also cost hundreds of thousands of neopoints.)

The bad: Unreliable. You could get a FFQ after 2 weeks on Neopets, or go years without seeing her at all.

The verdict: Don’t get me wrong; if you get a FFQ, use it. But don’t spend your whole time on neopets waiting for her to give you a quest- I know users who have been on Neopets for 6 years and haven’t seen head nor fin of that pointy-eared Fountain Faerie.

10. What an unusual looking bottle!: Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water

Yet another little-known method. Found at Underwater Fishing, this little bottle can turn your pet into any random (available) colour. The colours aren’t limited like the Rainbow Fountain itself.

The good: Just like the lab ray, you could spend only 500,000 NP and end up with a lovely rare-coloured pet. If you actually fish it up, then you don’t have to pay anything.

The bad: It’s a good thing, and a bad thing- it’s completely relying on luck. These one-use items could turn your lovely green Uni into... a green Uni. A rather pointless and expensive exercise.

The verdict: Only use one if you’re feeling lucky, because you’re most likely going to get a colour whose paint brush is cheaper than the water. But then you can also get some incredibly rare colours like MSPP. In my opinion, save your money for something a bit more reliable.

11. Wow, the bottle has funny fog coming off it!: Mysterious Swirly Potion

This funny-looking bottle will turn your pet into a fabulously limited edition pet. They will most likely keep the colour they were before they drank it. For example, a faerie Pteri could be turned into a faerie Poogle.

The good: Your well-named, good-coloured pet can change into a limited edition pet and most likely keep their colour.

The bad: If the colour isn’t available to the species your pet gets morphed into, then they will turn into a default colour. For example, your Darigan Kacheek could turn into a blue Koi. You have no choice of what species. It also seems (unconfirmed) that the potions won’t give you Krawks or Draiks.

The verdict: Rather than pay 600,000 NP, it’s probably easier if you just wait for the pet’s special day to come around and create one. But if you’re emotionally attached to your pet and want to make it rarer, swirly potions can be better than morphing potions in most cases.

And there you have it. Eleven ways to change your pet into a fabulous (or not so fabulous) looking thing that will make everyone jealous. Now, start saving!

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