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The Truth of the Faerie Wars

by tj_wagner


Lately, rumors have been spreading quickly on the nimble wings of Neopian Faeries that a new war was quickly approaching. All of Neopia began preparing, choosing sides and strategies for what was quickly dubbed the Faerie Wars. Yet, there was more than a few of us who was confused. It seemed unlikely that the Queen Fyora would allow the Faeries to engage in such a battle, for if all the Faeries were caught up in a fight, Neopia would be defenseless. There have been arguments and skirmishes between faeries - the most known being the rivalry Illusen and Jhudora. Yet, beyond some harsh words between the two, there has been no actual fighting. Besides, it was alarming that a single announcement from the Queen could escalate into a war so quickly.

Stepping apart from the other journalists, whom I will always respect and appreciate, I sought to find the truth about this matter. It was not an easy task, as I soon learned, because everyone had heard of the upcoming war and was preparing. Arguments were erupting between Neopians concerning the outcome of the war. In Meridell, I saw a staunch supporter of the Earth Faerie, Jodi, engaged in a verbal battle with two supporters of Nychta, the Dark Faerie. However, while everyone had an opinion, it seemed impossible to learn any actual facts.

That was when I received an offer of a lifetime. I was going to be allowed to interview Fyora herself in regards to the war. Only a handful of Neopian Times reporters have ever been allowed to ask the beautiful Faerie Queen questions, and I was both honored and humbled. Finally, I was going to be able to get to the bottom of this matter.

I met Queen Fyora in the tea room of her castle, a lovely room that was both cozy and inviting. She was as beautiful and elegant as always, but there seemed to be a troubled sadness brimming in her lilac eyes. After thanking her for this rare and priceless opportunity, I asked her about the war.

She signed deeply as she shook her head. “It’s sad how these things can get out of hand so quickly,” she responded. “One simple misunderstanding, and now all of Neopia thinks that there’s a war.”

“Is there going to be a war?” I asked.

Fyora smiled softly. “There will always be battles and wars,” she responded, “but not between the faeries. I would not allow it.”

“Then what these rumors?” I questioned. “Is this all some sort of big joke or prank?”

“Not exactly,” she replied. “Allow me to explain. I set up the Faerie Quests as a way to help the faeries and Neopians alike. Sometimes, a faerie will need a certain item, but she can not leave her post to do so. That’s where the idea of the quests come into play. She can ask a Neopet to do this quest, and they will be rewarded. These were supposed to be rare and only used if the faerie in question truly needed the item but couldn’t get it herself.

“However, I learned that this was being abused. Faeries were just asking for things they wanted or simply didn’t want to go to the trouble of getting it themselves. Because there were so many quests, they couldn’t give out the rewards that were intended. Instead, they had to give out cheaper and more common rewards.

“When I learned of this abuse, I called a meeting of all the faeries. I told them that some of the quests needed to be cut out.”

“Then how did this become understood that one of the groups of faeries were going to lose the ability to give quests?” I asked.

“I thought I had made my thoughts clear,” answered Queen Fyora, “but there was a few troublemakers within my group of faeries. I am not going to say their names, but they have been identified and will face punishment. The ringleader was a Dark Faerie who simply wanted to play a mean prank on the rival Earth Faeries. She began a rumor that I was intending not to cut the number of quests but the right for some faeries to give quests - hinting that it was Earth Faeries. She cited that some have complained that Earth Faeries only reward with filling a Neopet with food.

“The Earth Faeries became angry when they thought I intended to cut only their quest giving rights, and decided they would rather fight rather than just accept what they felt was an injustice. When they announced these intentions, other faeries felt threatened because all of them wanted to be able to continue giving quests. Even the original pranksters seem to forget that this had all been a joke as it quickly grew and spread.

“There was a Neopian Times reporter in Faerieland that day, who happened to hear the story. Gathering other reporters to cover this Neopia shattering event, they talked to these faeries who really did intend on fighting. I had no idea what was happening until I read the Neopian Times the next day.”

“Then the reporters didn’t lie?” I questioned. “They reported what they thought was the truth.”

“Absolutely,” Fyora answered. “I don’t believe the Times would purposely cause panic throughout Neopia. Besides, at that time these Faeries that gave the interview thought they were telling the truth. They thought there was going to be a war and they were going to fight.

“Now that I’ve learned what has been happening, I’ve taken step to prevent it and make sure it never occurs. All those who started the incident have been punished. Any faerie who attempts to fight anyway, will have all her rights as a faerie taken from her and she will be confined to Faerieland. It seems like a strict punishment, but no war is going to happen while I sit on this throne.”

“So, there is no war?” I clarified.

“There is no war, nor will there ever be among the faeries,” Queen Fyora responded. “That is why I asked you here today. I heard that you were seeking the truth and I wanted to make sure that you, along with the rest of Neopia, knows the truth. There is no war between the Faeries.”

I thanked Queen Fyora for the interview and left her castle soon thereafter, feeling as if a weight had lifted off my shoulders. Ladies and gentleman of the reading Neopian public - there is no Faerie War. There is no need to panic, pick sides, or prepare strategies. As always, all of us here at the Neopian Times are happy that we can finally present the full truth of this matter.

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