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Petpet Panic

by kotahkue


Plop! A Faerie Peo glides down right in front of you as you go shopping for a Petpet. So of course, you look around for an owner. When you don't find any Neopets looking frantically here and there for a lost Faerie Peo, you pick it up. Perfect for that Faerie Peophin of yours.

     When you get back to your Neohome, you suddenly realize that you don't HAVE a Faerie Peophin. No, you have a lovely Cloud Aisha. So then you rush out of your huge, wooden Neohome, leaving the bewildered Peo inside. Apparently, this is one Peo that doesn't have to be in water.

     Now, along comes your adorable Cloud Aisha. She sees the Peo and instantly loves it, nearly squeezing the poor thing to death. That's not the only thing either. That cute Faerie Peo loves that Cloud Aisha back.

     Meanwhile, you are once again rushing off to the Neopian Petpet Shop. Suddenly, you hear a wailing somewhere close by. Looking past the bushes, you see a young, crying, Cloud Kadoatie. You search around once again for an owner, and, finding none, you pick up the Kadoatie. It instantly calms down. It must like you, right?

     On your way home, you pass the Create-A-Pet Center. An idea pops into your head, and you create an incredibly cute Red Peophin. While thinking that you'll only have to save up 10,000 NP more, you stumble over a Faerie Paint Brush. Picking it up, you rush off toward the Rainbow Pool.

     Walking home with your newly painted Faerie Peophin, you open the door to your Neohome to find that wonderful Cloud Aisha of yours giggling madly with the Peo. At the same time, the Cloud Kadoatie jumps nimbly out of your coat, right on top of your Faerie Peophin.

     This turns into a state of confusion and chaos. Your Cloud Aisha is asking who the Faerie Peophin is, and your Faerie Peophin is asking who the Cloud Aisha is. The Kadoatie adores your Faerie Peophin, and is announcing its love of that watery Neopet to the world in the only way it knows how. By yowling as loudly as it can. Your Faerie Peophin loves the Kadoatie as fast as lightning can strike. The Peo goes over to check out the Faerie Peophin. It immediately begins making as much noise as a small Peo can.

     After a tiring ten minutes of trying to calm things down, you notice that you left the door open. Kicking it as hard as you can, you find the noise not only makes everything in the loud Neohome quiet, it makes everyone in Neopia quiet.

     In your mind, you silently thank the Faeries that everything is now quiet. However, you know that this silence will not last for over two minutes, so you explain what has happened. You also explain how you were planning to have Faerie pet to Faerie Petpet, and Cloud pet to Cloud Petpet.

     You should have expected it, but you didn't. Everything in the house starts shrieking, and you are right in the middle of it all. You decide to appease your pets, and you tell them that they can keep the Petpets that they like.

     It is a wonder how they hear over all that racket, but they do. Perhaps they had known that you would give in to them, and were just waiting for you to say anything at all. Anyway, they all quiet down instantly, and you announce that you are going out to get some food.

      *** The Next Day ***

     So your pets are happy, right? They got what they wanted, and everything is just perfect, like a watermelon split completely down the middle with everything equal. This watermelon must have been cut unequally, though, because when you step into your Neohome, the first thing you hear is an ear-splitting shriek.

     Knowing full well what was going on, you race to the room that both of your Neopets share. As expected, your beloved pets are fighting. Apparently, while everyone was sleeping, the Cloud Kadoatie had ventured a little bit too close to the Aisha, and the Faerie Peo had slid uncomfortably close to the Peophin. Now the pets were fighting about stealing each other's Petpets.

     So you try to prevent this fight of words from becoming a fist-fight. Too bad, it doesn't work. Even though a Peophin doesn't even HAVE fists, that Aisha and Peophin still get into a fist-fight.

     Nothing you try can get them to stop, until you say that you'll give them some Illusen Cream Cookies if they do not continue their brawl. You blink, and they are gone. Turning around, you see that they are rushing at breakneck speed to the kitchen. You sigh, pick up the miraculously still-sleeping Petpets, and walk to the kitchen.

     When you approach the kitchen, you immediately see three hours of cleaning. There is food literally EVERYWHERE. Your wonderful pets have have created a not-so-wonderful mess. The strange thing is, you don't see them anywhere. They seem to have disappeared.

     Knowing full well that they will be impossible to find, you sit down onto a glob of jelly. Suddenly, a plan hatches from its egg in your brain. You drop the Petpets and yell at the top of your lungs that the Turmaculus has awoken, starving, has moved to your Neohome, and is now eating the Petpets. After this, you flatten against the wall, for you know what is coming.

     The Faerie Peophin and the Cloud Aisha zoom right into the kitchen, scooping their adored Petpets into their paws (or hooves) and looking bewilderedly around, searching for the Turmaculus. When they don't see a giant thing gobbling up their Petpets, they turn to you.

     You tell them that it was a false alarm, and that it was just to get them into the kitchen. You then tell your wonderful Peophin and Aisha that they have some cleaning up to do. With bucket and sponges in paw (or hoof) the naughty Neopets begin scrubbing.

     Then they tell you some alarming news. The Neopets themselves had not heard your false alarm; the news had spread so quickly that they, in Maraqua, had heard about it. So of course, they had rushed home as fast as they could, Aisha on Peophin's back as they flew at lightning speed toward their Neohome.

     Your first emotion is shock at how fast they could move to Maraqua from your Neohome. Then you remember that both Neopets were created with Lightning speed.

     Your second emotion is surprise at how fast the Peophin had learned to fly on her newly gained wings and how she could carry someone as heavy as your Aisha. Right. Your Peophin was created with a strength of Quite Strong.

     Your third emotion is alarm that at any moment, there might be a stampede of owners and pets going back to their Neohomes so that they could protect their Petpets.

     Finally realizing that you have just started a disaster, you thrust open the curtains. Sure enough, there WAS a stampede. You rush up to the second floor to get a better look.

     At first, you see what looks like a great big blob of different colors because the crowd is so far away. Then, as the mob slowly comes into focus, the owners and pets start separating into their rightful homes. Some, however, are so confused that they keep running straight ahead. Right towards your Neohome.

     You take a step back, away from the window, before screaming. Your pets rush up to you, and you tell them that if they don't get out of the Neohome right now, they are going to be smushed like Lime Jelly after someone has sat on it.

     So you and your Neopets are out of the house in ten seconds flat. Suddenly, you remember the Petpets. You run back into the Neohome, against your Neopets' wishes, and grab the Faerie Peo and the Cloud Kadoatie. When you turn around, you see the stampede almost upon you. With no time to get outside, you rush to the top floor.

     Just as you reach the attic, the mob races through your kitchen. There are many more than you had anticipated, and they completely sweep the Ground Floor away. All of a sudden, the First Floor of your Neohome is the Ground Floor, and the Second Floor is the First Floor.

     You, at the very top of the attic, begin leaning crazily, as the top point of the roof is falling off. Lucky you, that just HAPPENS to be where you are. Teetering back and forth, you remember the Petpets again. You clutch them very tightly, determined to save the Peo and Kadoatie. The attic tips now, finally falling off. You are still holding on as tight as you can when everything blacks out.

     Suddenly you wake up. You think that everything is a dream, because your calendar says it is yesterday. Just as you are sighing in relief, a voice is yelling at you to wake up. When you say that you are already awake, the Voice informs you that you are, in fact, not.

     Your eyes snap open. You are staring at the pleasantly cloudy sky, and you are flat on your back. Wait, what are those lines...? Curved lines that look strangely like a smiling face... The sky speaks to you, bringing you out of your thoughts. You realize that this is your Cloud Aisha, relieved that you aren't dead.

     You ask if this is another dream, and your Faerie Peophin, joining the Cloud Aisha in looking down on you, says that it is not. When you ask how does she know, the Faerie Peophin slaps you.

     For the third time in thirty minutes, you remember the Peo and Kadoatie. You sit up, frantically asking where they are. Your Cloud Aisha answers that they are quite safe. You realize for the first time that the Peo is on top of the Peophin's head, and the Kadoatie is on top of the Aisha's head.

     When your Neopets tell you the story, they say that they also got a bump on the head. The Petpets must have also gotten a little bump on the noggin, because the Cloud Kadoatie loves your Cloud Aisha, and the Faerie Peo adores your Faerie Peophin.

     Shaking your head, you decide that you need to get more sleep.

The End

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