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Guide to a Super Secret Sweet-Fest

by pupluvr7177


Hi, I’m Kylie. These are my sisters, Stars and Art. The following is our guide to a super secret sweet-fest. Keep it away from your owners, especially if, (a) you use it, (b) they are crazy and might use it, or (c) they love sugar. Okay? I’m glad that’s clear.

Of course, being a Baby Gelert, Baby Cybunny and soon-to-be Baby (currently blue) Lupe, we like anything sweet. So we’ve decided to have a little sweet-fest. What’s a sweet-fest?!?!?! You DON’T KNOW?! I’ll be nice and tell you, because I know that some pets need simple explanations for obvious things.

Or maybe I’ll get Art to explain.

Art: “Kylie, why can’t you explain? Fine, I’ll do it. Is the microphone on?”

Me: (slaps forehead) “Yes.”

Art: (blinks) “Alright then. Okay, so you really like sweets, right? And you want to get a lot of them. So you get a ton of sweet-tasting things - chocolate, sugar, whipped cream, cakes, snowberries...” (mouth waters) “And you eat them. But not just alone - you mix them! But only with others that they taste good with. You don’t want to make them taste bad.”

Me: “Thanks. Stars, since our guest didn’t know that term, will you also explain the super secret part?”

Stars: “Okay. Just don’t tell your owner or older siblings or anyone who might tattle on you.”

Me: “Got that?”

Stars and Art: “Who are you talking to?!”

Me: (dramatic sigh) “You two, just help me explain things.”

Stars and Art: “’kay.”

Me: “Good. I’ll explain the first step. First, a while before the sweet-fest will take place, you’ve gotta get Neopoints. Go to the games room with whoever else is going to share the sweets with you. Spend the day there, make sure to earn plenty. Art, your turn.”

Art: “After that, you go to buy all the delicious things! Right after a holiday - Valentine’s, Halloween or any other one with lots of candy - is best, because you might have leftover candy. If not, don’t worry! There might be some discount. Stars?”

Stars: “Yeah. Then you get two or more siblings or friends to help. One of you is in charge of keeping it a secret. The other two (or more) mix things. Kylie?”

Kylie: “Okay, so Art is in charge of secret-ness, and Stars and I mix things.”

Art: “I want to mix!”

Stars: “But you’re bigger than us. You guard!”

Kylie: “Please-please-please, Art? You can have first choice!”

So, after arguing, Art got to guard the kitchen, and Stars and I mixed. Make sure to get things your species likes - for Art and me, we got bones and stuff; for Stars, we got carrot-y things. Also get chocolate, marshmallows, snowberries, licorice, peppermint... all that good stuff. You might want to get gumdrops, too!

Below are some things we made, and you should try ‘em.

Chocomint Chokato:

20 little chocolates

20 little mints

05 large Chokatos

Heat chocolates/mints, mix well. Cover Chokatos with mixture.

Carrot Berries:

05 little carrots

05 strawberries

05 Snowberries

05 other berries you like

Mix well. It’s too fruity for me, but Cybunnies like it.

Marshmallow Fluff S’more thing:

LOTS of little chocolates

01 marshmallow / 05 mimi marshmallows per pet

01 graham cracker per pet

Crumble crackers, mix, heat until marshmallows have poofed up.

Ultimate Sandwich:

02 pieces of bread

LOTS of little chocolates, marshmallows, gumdrops, licorice, hard candies, etc.

Mix sweets, stick between bread. Heat if desired.

Treat Cake:

01 large cake, plain-flavored, frosted

01-50 of your favorite food (number depending on size)

Stick food on/in cake.

Gumdrops Galore:

LOTS of gumdrops

LOTS of frosting

Flat chocolate/cake/bread

LOTS of sprinkles

Apply frosting to flat thing. Add sprinkles. Cover with gumdrops.

You CAN substitute another small treat for gumdrops.

Enjoy all the treats, make sure not to get a tummy ache, and try not to make much of a mess.

Art’s guarding instructions:

(A) Position yourself near the door. It works best if the location you’ve chosen to prepare/eat the sweets has only one door. If it has multiple, block all but one doorway.

(B) Get your other siblings out of the house. Tell them whatever - even send them to Faerieland to search for something you’ve made up. You might want to just give them Neopoints and send them shopping for the day, if they like that.

(C) Get your owner out. Keep him/her busy beforehand. Ask them to go buy you something, or tell them about some really good petpage. This is crucial.

(D) Clip this article out of the Neopian Times. Keep it away from them. You can even eat it afterwards, for all I care.

(E) Lock the front door. Turn the security on all the way. (You don’t want a burglar stealing your valuable chocolate, now, do you?)

(F) Stand by the door. Tell the mixers what you want to eat.

(G) Once all the food is ready, lock the door tight and push a chair against it. Sit in that chair to eat (or have a heavier sibling sit in it.)

(H) Enjoy the food.

(I) Destroy the evidence - help clean up, and if you rearranged the furniture, undo all changes.

(J) Unlock doors.

(K) Make sure to avoid your siblings/owner’s questions regarding whatever you busied them with.

(L) Either lock this article into a small, secret safe, eat it, or, if you have an overflowing Safety Deposit Box, stick it in there until some weird shift in the balance of Neopia forces your owner to explore the deep, dark depths of the box.

Clean up instructions:

(A) Divide the work equally.

1. Dish cleaner

2. Table cleaner, sweeper

3. Trash duty

(B) Bring in a trashcan.

(C) Get plenty of soapy water on rags.

(D) Get a broom and dust pan or something similar.

(E) Wash dishes, wipe table, sweep crumbs on the floor, discard candy wrappers.

Okay, now that you’ve completed all this, you have held a sweet-fest! Smile proudly, now, and make sure never to mention it again (until you are planning another one).

NOTES: You can have a something-else-fest. Just replace “Sweet-Fest” with whatever other food, replace “sweet”, “candy” and other terms for it with “food here-related food” and rewrite all the recipes.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any of the following: sugar rushes, punishments, mad siblings, messes, sickness, Meepit-bites, paper cuts or any other injuries/discomforts caused by this article.

NEVER cook alone. You might burn yourself.

Talk to Lawyerbot for a full disclaimer.

Don’t take any of this seriously, except the disclaimer part.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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