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Neopian Illnesses Revealed

by zelda2222


Your neopet says, “I don’t feel so good.”

Has your neopet been feeling under the weather lately? Flu season is upon us and while you may know how to cure an illness you would be surprised at how many Neopians have no idea at all what causes those illnesses in the first place. Prevention is the first defense against catching a disease and hopefully after reading this article you will have learned a little more about what can cause your pet to become ill. With this information you can protect your precious neopets and hopefully keep them from making too many trips to the Healing Springs and staying home sick in bed.

One of the first things you should be aware of while trying to keep your pets healthy is the food that they eat. There are several foods that can cause your pet to become sick. For instance if the food has the word “poisonous” in it, you probably should avoid that food. If your pets’ primary source of food comes from free sources such as the giant omelette or giant jelly, then be wary of feeding your pet some of the items you can get there. Particularly the rotten omelette, if fed to your pet, can cause them to catch a bad case of Ugga-Ugga, and a poisonous jelly will have your neopet sick in bed with a case of Neomonia. So if you are using these sources of food, try to avoid these two particular items. Always remember if you cannot afford an alternative, the Soup Faerie is always happy to serve up a steaming hot bowl of soup to fill your pet’s tummy.

Also, if you happen to receive a poisonous lollypop from participating in one of Jhudora’s Quests, beware! This pretty purple pop is filled with the potential to give your pet a symptom called Floppy Tongue, causing their tongue to swell up so much that they can’t even close their mouth. If that happens I sure hope you get your hands on a tongue shrinker rather quickly, otherwise the drool will be everywhere. There are also some neggs that can make your pet ill as well. For instance a ferocious negg can give your pet a random disease and a vortex negg might give your pet Neggitus. And while coming across a poisonous mushroom these days might be quite rare, if your pet manages to eat one, they will get Neopox.

When feeding your pet, it’s also important to consider allergies. Yes, I said it, allergies. Your pet could very well be allergic to certain foods. So listen to what your pet is telling you after you feed it. For instance if you feed your Skeith any food item with the word “cheese” in it, they will break out in a rash from contracting Neezles. It also appears that Tonus will have an allergic reaction to melted chocolate neggs, resulting in Neezles, and Quiggles can get neezles from eating items with the word “cream” in them. Also if you notice your Kyrii itching and scratching after eating an apple, head over to the Pharmacy for some itchy scratchy cream because they have the, yup you’ve guessed it, Itchy Scratchies. So pay attention to what you feed your pet. If they get sick after eating something, it is quite likely they are allergic to that food and foods like it. So always try to keep that in mind.

There are also several activities that can make your pet ill. For instance, if you spin the Wheel of Excitement or the Wheel of Misfortune as a part of your daily activities, you may also be putting your pet at risk of catching a disease. Both of these wheels have the potential to make your pet sick. Instead of winning some neopoints or an item, you will win a disease. Not exactly a fabulous prize, now is it? It may also be helpful to know that the disease given to your pet by each wheel appears to change every few months or so. Also, a disease given by one of these activities will go to your active neopet. So remember, if you spin one of these wheels, you may end up with a little more than you bargained for, like the Neoflu and a much needed trip to the Pharmacy.

Another activity that has the potential to make your pet catch a cold is participation in the Battledome. There are several weapons that actually give your pet a disease. If your opponent throws a hemlock dart your way, your neopet will end up leaving with a case of bloaty belly. And if your opponent is using a poisonous snowflake, poison snowball or mistletoe potion, your pet will leave the Battledome covered in blue and green spots from getting Hoochie Coochies. The coral cutlass and darkness scarab, if used against your pet, have been known to give them the Itchy Scratchies. Blurred Vision can be caused by a buzz poison blaster or malice potion, and you might need to get some onion balm if an opponent uses vile swamp water or a portable cloud against your pet, because it will leave them with a condition known as Watery Eyes. Your pet’s neck may become very stiff if a poison dart is thrown their way, so be sure to have a neck brace ready because they most likely have Cricky Neck. If your pet leaves the Battledome with large cauliflower like lumps on their body, it is likely that they came in contact with a poison tipped dagger, so obtaining some neowart fungus would be a good idea. Speaking of fungus, the coral cutlass has also been known to give the disease Fuzzy Fungus which can turn your pet’s fur purple as it begins to transform them into a fungus ball. A poison muffin can also make your pet sick in the Battledome, though I’ve been unable to confirm the specific disease that it gives. However, it’s a bit unlikely that you’ll encounter one, because they are a bit rare and quite expensive.

Your pet can also catch an illness from random events. There really isn’t much you can do to avoid getting random events, though, but it happens rarely so you don’t need to worry about them very much. After all it is quite natural for pets to catch a little sniffle now and again. Just be sure to have plenty of warm soup on hand. And don’t forget to visit the Healing Springs until your pet is well again.

Well, I hope that you are now a little bit more aware of the things around Neopia that may make your pet’s stomach turn and their skin crawl. Avoiding the items and activities which can make your pet ill is a good precaution. And if you can’t avoid them, then don’t forget the Healing Springs are always open and while the healing faerie may not heal your pet on the first go, just keep visiting and she will eventually.

That’s all folks, happy holidays and healthy pets to all.

P.S. If you encounter any other poisonous items or confirmed species allergies throughout your adventures in Neopia be sure to let me know. ^^

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