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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 Game Guide

by madneogirl


This article is to all those Neopians out there that love to rot out their brains, playing video games! And just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean that I can't be one of them.

Anyway, as I'm sure everyone knows, the first ever neopets videogame, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, is now in stores. And I have some handy tips that will help you along the way of defeating the Darkest Faerie. But I really must warn you, some of these tips are easier said (typed) than done. Believe me, you’ll probably get at least one game-over during the really hard quests.

Tip one: If you are near grass or other plants, try cutting them with your sword [If you are Tor] or try zapping them with your wand [If you are Roberta]. You might find hidden Juppies, Neggs, motes, or other magical items. Also, you might even be lucky enough to find different types of clovers. The more clovers you have, the luckier you get!

Tip two: Collect money hidden in the grass. Or do something for someone. You will need a lot of neopoints in case you need to buy Juppies or Neggs or Motes or something like that. The more money you have, the more things you can get.

Tip three: You will find signs along the roads. Be sure to read them because they might help you find the right path to take. Be sure to read books that you find in stores, castles, or libraries; you could learn something important or useful.

Tip four: I'm not trying to spoil the game or anything, but sometime in the game you will have to go to the endless staircase. You will see statues of Quiggles as you walk down the staircase. When you first enter it you will see a statue pointing left and right. Keep walking until you find another statue pointing one direction. Walk the direction he is pointing until you find another pointing a different direction. Just keep walking in the direction each statue is pointing. It may seem like you are just going back and forth, back and forth, but trust me, it works. I mean, it worked for me.

Tip five: When you finally get to use both Tor and Roberta, make sure you switch them around a couple times while fighting something, because it gets pretty boring playing only one person since the other died. Uh, when I said the other died I mean you can't play him because he lost all his health while you were fighting.

Tip six: You might find treasure chests sometimes. Each chest has a jewel on it. The color of the jewel represents the type of mote you need to open the chest. Once you find the right mote, equip it to either your wand or your sword and hit the treasure chest. Example: Say the color of the jewel is a pinkish red color. You will need to use a fire mote.

Tip seven: Again, this is something that I'm trying to tell you without spoiling the game. Do you know how hard that is? Anyway, sometime in the game you will have to defeat a giant serpent thing to get to these berries. It’s called the “Plague Serpent”. Climb the rocks and statues and try to get high enough that the serpent can’t get to you. Actually, the serpent will still get to you. Climb the rocks so you can try to block the attacks, is what I meant to say. After the serpent hisses twice and after it attacks you, attack it. Once you defeat it, you will be able to get to the black bog berries. Then walk across the serpent’s body (use it as a bridge) to get back to the nearest save spot (those round sparkling and glowing things). Just in case you were wondering, the bog-berries were the reason you will be fighting the serpent.

Tip eight: Don’t ever just follow these tips and try to win the game faster. Because it won’t work! :-p Example - when you get to the part where you have to escape the castle and go to the endless staircase, don’t just go to the endless staircase, because it won’t let you in until you have distracted the... someone and helped someone while that um... certain someone is being distracted, and run to the nearest exit to find that you will be unable to use it. Phew! That is when you can go to the endless staircase and follow my wonderful advice. :-D

Tip nine: All the motes are based on the faerie alignments. These are some of the different types of motes and their alignments. Earth - rock mote and leaf mote. Water - water mote and bubble mote. Air - wind mote. Dark - shadow mote. Those are a few motes that I’ve used. Also, you may find a few super novas. These have all of the alignments in one mote.

Tip ten: When you fight, be sure to use the opposite mote alignment your opponent is using. Fire is the opposite of water; air is the opposite of earth, light is the opposite of Dark, and so on. Example - You are fighting a werelupe. This werelupe is dark aligned. You should use a light mote on your sword or wand.

Tip eleven: If you use the same mote your opponent is using, it will reflect the attacks. Example - your opponent is dark aligned, if you want to reflect his attacks, use a dark mote.

Tip twelve: Use the um... round knob-like things (the things you use to move your characters) to move, instead of the arrows. One of the arrows will show you your quests, and I don’t know what the others do. Anyway, just use the... I think they’re called analogue sticks... to move your characters because the arrows show you things on your map.

If you have any more questions on Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, you can also check the manual. (The poem in the introduction is awesome!) Well, I hope you have learned something from my article. Good luck, fellow Neopians, with defeating the Darkest Faerie!!!

If you are reading this, I'm in the NT!!! Thanks TNT for adding the Darkest Faerie to the Gallery of Evil :-D

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