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The Best, the Worst: Of Holidays

by kelszozo


Okay, so the big holidays are over. New Year's is done and gone, and your resolutions are probably forgotten on the floor. For the most part, you have squeezed every ounce of celebration out of these holidays. But you want more. You are still ready to throw on your hat and party. Then you ask yourself, what other holidays are there?

Of course there are other Neopian holidays. TNT isn’t that cruel. Some, though, are better than others. This is the reason I come into the picture. No, I am not here to sell you some new brand of Neocola, and I definitely don’t want to offer you a dung carpet. I’m here to give you the pros and cons of the worst, the best, and just the plain out fun of some Neopian holidays.

Let’s start off with the worst. Get them over with, shall we say. These holidays should be avoided at all cost. Go hide in a closet or something.

The Worst

March 3rd

March 3rd comes on the 3rd of the Month of Running (No, duh). It is “celebrated” everywhere. So this isn’t really a holiday, but it is one of the worst days on Neopets. Supposedly, everything gets cancelled due to “lack of interest”.

Cons: It is boring. No one can stand not having news. Think about it…. No new avatars, no new contests, no new collector’s items! All you can do is sit there, playing old games that came out ages ago. I would definitely say that you should skip this holiday.

Pros: None; it is the worst holiday. It is as simple as that.

Grey Day

Grey Day comes on the 14th of the Month of Eating. It is celebrated everywhere. On Grey Day, TNT reveals numerous grey items. New grey pets and petpets get released, and grey food is all over the market.

Cons: This holiday just makes you feel down and sad. You start to feel lonely, making everyone else sad and lonely too. Also, everyone thinks this allows them to use the Grey Avatar, one of the most annoying avatars out there.

Pros: Annoying n00bs feel bad too, and they won’t bother you as much.

To be honest, there aren’t many bad holidays out there. Grey Day even has a pro. Anyway, TNT does a good job at keeping the count down. Now let's move on to the best holidays. These ones are really a delight and should be attended. Most holidays are great, but because of the long list, I am only going to write about four of the best holidays. These holidays are always the best.

The Best

Fyora Day

Fyora Day comes on the 2nd of the Month of Relaxing. It is celebrated mostly in Faerieland. Fyora Day honors one of the most prosperous and respectable faeries in Neopia. She is the queen of all faeries and deserves to be honored in style. And that is exactly how TNT sees it.

Pros: TNT releases many Fyora items. Books and foods are only some of the items released all for Fyora. For graphics and writing, many ‘Fun Images’, Backgrounds, and Poems are released.

Cons: Too much pink can get bothersome.

The Faerie Festival

The Faerie Festival comes on the 20th of the Month of Gathering. It is celebrated mostly in Faerieland. Faeries seem to always have the best parties and holidays. The Faerie Festival is always one of the best days in Neopia. It’s great, especially if you have good luck. ;)

Pros: Just like on Fyora Day, many new items are released. There are new books, furniture, petpets, plushies, and weapons; all faerie, of course. There are also new poems, Backgrounds, and ‘Fun Images’. Usually, the Art Gallery, Meridell Castle Spotlight, Gallery Spotlights, and the User Lookup of the Week get updates. Overall, more items get released than on Fyora Day. Plus, “Rumour has it that this is when the Faeries are most generous to Neopians.” ~Neopian Calendar

Cons: It doesn’t honor a beautiful faerie like Fyora.

The Annual Chocolate Ball

The Annual Chocolate Ball comes on the 15th of the Month of Gathering. It is celebrated everywhere. The Month of Gathering is a busy month in the sense of fun holidays. Both the Faerie Festival and the Annual Chocolate Ball are exceptional holidays. The Chocolate Ball is just fun and relaxed. It isn’t as big as the other holidays, but it means well. Oh, and there is chocolate. There is a lot of chocolate, with a lot of sugar.

Pros: New chocolate pets and petpets appear, ready to be eaten. There are also Chocolate foods that get released. If you are lucky, chocolate furniture and chocolate fountains come out too. Plus, the Art Gallery releases some pretty cool pictures of chocolate.

Cons: It only lasts for one day.

Discovery of Brightvale

The Discovery of Brightvale comes on the 11th of the Month of Hiding. It is celebrated mostly in Brightvale. Yes, this seems extremely random next to the two other faerie holidays and a chocolate ball, but the Discovery of Brightvale is really great. In my opinion, it is even better than the Discovery of Meridell. It also honors a city of learning and renewed hope. This is my personal favorite out of all the holidays. What can I say. Save the best for last.

Pros: Many items are released. For battlers, it is really a day to remember, because a lot of advanced and shiny armor is released. There are also motes and scrolls released perfect for battling big evil monsters like the Tax Beast. For the people who don’t like battling, stained glass, books, and fruits are released. There is also screensavers, Lenny Conundrum, Site Spotlight, and much more. This is really an event to remember. And it is all in honor of one of the best cities in all of Neopia.

Cons: None; it is the best holiday ever. It is as simple as that.

Those, my friend, are the best and the worst holidays ever to be had on Neopets. They really help show what Neopets really is. It is mainly a happy, party place. Of course, there are many other awesome or horrible holidays; I just didn’t mention them. Go out there; find one and celebrate it. Remember, stay away from the worst, and cherish the best!

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