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The DiamondEyez Review- The Top Ten Coffee Trends

by goldenpaw


Coffee, coffee tables, coffee cakes, coffee beans… All around Neopia, pets and owners alike are starting to rejoice in this delicious, highly caffeinated beverage. You may ask yourself, “Why?” After all, it seems that it has only been in recent months that coffee has been seen in the hands of many all across the globe. The answer is plainly clear, however. Year Eight brought about many changes and the simple fact is this: No, the coffee itself did not get any better tasting, but we now have so many new ways for you to take in that precious caffeine. Put simply, there is a wider variety of coffee than there has ever been before. So in case you haven’t joined the bandwagon or are just checking to make sure your ways are trendy, this review is a must-have. Er… Must-read, to be precise. So here it is- some of the most popular fashions, brought to you by yours truly, DiamondEyez.

 10. The Azzle Trend

Many of us are nothing if not quick to admit that Azzle Coffee is a delectable delight. You can’t comprehend the meaning of ‘bittersweet’ until you’ve tasted the powerfully tart taste of pure black coffee mingling with syrupy Azzle. Thousands wake up each morning to enjoy the tasty sensation of this drink. And you can’t overlook the fact that if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an Azzle can do much more! For more fruit-filled coffee trends, see numbers seven, five and four.

 9. Four O’Clock Coffee, Anyone?

Tea is so two years ago! Now, pets and their owners admit that they like to gather around that Lovely Coffee Table and sip Coffee and Marshmallows. Forget the uptight tradition that flavored water brought about! Coffee is much cooler than tea and gives you much more caffeine! Of course, decaf is fine too.

 8. Hardcore Caffeine

For those of us who can be a bit cranky in the morning, Coffee Beans are the way to go. Chewing these beans lets the caffeine go straight to your head instead of spending all that extra time in your tummy- therefore speeding up the coffee’s effect. It is also mucho macho, for those arrogant males who think sipping liquid coffee is bad for your image.

 7. Coffee, Citrus Style

Especially popular with all those orange Chias out there, Orange and Mango Coffee is truly a delight to taste and smell! It’s also full of Vitamin C, so is a yummy way to boost you or your pets’ immune systems. For the fashion-forward Neohome, the Funky Coffee Table matches the adorable cup that Orange and Mango Coffee comes in- or at least half of the table does.

 6. The New Bubble Tea

As stated above in the 9th most popular way to drink your coffee, pets agree that tea is out! Well, for all you trend-conscious bubble tea fans, Neopia has found a solution. Jelly Coffee is the answer. This unique jelly drink has a jelly mug to match so you get a beverage and a snack all in one! If this ‘Jellyworld’ were real, I am sure it would be the cause for such a scrumptious, genius idea. Of course, Jellyworld is just a myth… Ahem. *twitch*

 5. Who Said You Can’t Be Both Spicy and Spooky?

Cooked up by those Halloween pets with feisty personalities, Spicy Pumpkin Coffee is yet another way to get some healthy vitamins into your pet without them knowing it. Once you try this zesty blend, I’m sure you’ll want to whip out your cauldron and take a shot at brewing yourself up some. And perhaps it’s best if you do, because this drink can be a bit expensive to purchase.

 4. What Can I Say? Animal Print Is In…

Trust me, I was joking. The ‘tiger’ in this has less to do with animals and more to do with fruit. A Tigersquash Cappucino is probably one of the most delicious flavors of coffee that has yet to hit Neopia. Workers at the Coffee Shop agree that Tigersquash is the most popular type of cappucino and one of the top selling coffees. And while no one knows exactly what a Tigersquash is, we’re sure it’s good for you!

 3. The Foreign Approach

Whether it’s Authentic Tyrannian Coffee, the Meridellian Blend Coffee, or Spicy Mystery Island Coffee, many of Neopia’s finest are drawn to exotic tastes from around the world. Since foreign trends are growing in every industry, the vogue individuals that set the ways for java-drinkers everywhere have decided that coffee needs these worldly brews. What’s more, these unique tastes can be very enjoyable.

 2. The Traditional, Early Morning Way

Some people are just so set in their ways! If you’re like them, I’m sure you’ll recognize this customary habit as one of your own. Many of the people I’ve chatted with agreed that when they rise in the morning, all nicely snuggled in their robes, they pour themselves a cup of traditional Coffee, grab the Neopian Times, and sink back into an armchair in the living room.

 1. The Colder the Better?

All those toasty warm blends are truly delicious, but in the summer they can be a bit much for the easily overheated pet. Iced Kougra Coffee, which is basically iced coffee in a Kougra-print cup, is beloved for its divine tastes. If you live around Terror Mountain and don’t want to risk frostbite, head down south and enjoy this drink. It’s pretty cute and definitely delightful to your taste buds. It’s also fairly cheap because it can be found in so many stores around Neopia. Iced Kougra Coffee is most pets’ preferred choice when it comes to caffeine drinks.

If you or your pets have not tried out different ways to drink coffee, perhaps it’s time you should! All coffee blends are a flavorful experience in my opinion, and I can never get enough of their deliciousness. It can be an acquired taste, though, so give it some time. Coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day by any pet or person, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and get yourself a cup!

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