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Extracting the Secret of the Tooth Faerie Avatar

by ellestrial


Ah, the ever elusive Tooth Faerie avatar. Don’t listen to the rumors you might hear. The avatar is not random. *cough, cough* Oh no, there is a much bigger, much... darker... secret in obtaining this gem of an avatar. Wouldn’t you like to know the real scoop on this story? *points finger in your direction* Pull up a chair, grab a cup of hot borovan, and sit back and listen to what I’ve got to say. I guarantee this is one juicy piece of gossip pie that you’ll want to pass on to your friends.

First of all, let’s discuss the Tooth Faerie. A Faerie as busy as herself doesn’t have time to carry along a tote full of avatars with her. She can only carry so many at one time, and therefore she only hands them out to the Neopets that deserve it the most. You think Santa Claus has a rough job? He only visits houses one night a year! The Tooth Faerie has the same route as that jolly old fellow, but she does it every night! AND – she doesn’t have any elves to help her!

Sure, sure, I hear what you’re saying. The Tooth Faerie doesn’t have to visit every Neopet’s house *every* night. She only makes stops at houses where the Neopet has placed a tooth under their pillow, right? *buzzer sound* Wrong, my friend. You are terribly wrong. This is part of the problem. No one truly understands the Tooth Faerie. Well, with the exception of me, because I understand her completely or this entire article would be nothing but rubbish. *cough, cough* Her job sounds as though it’s easy enough that even a Spardel could handle it, but no... it’s extremely tiring and complicated.

You see, the Tooth Faerie MUST visit every young Neopet in every house every evening. Why, you might ask? Because there are sneaky little Neopets that would purposefully hide their teeth so that she couldn’t find them! She has to go searching every room in the house, turning them upside down only to find that the tooth she was seeking has been flushed down a toilet!

Do you know that there are nasty little Neopets out there that have their guard Meepits attack that poor Tooth Faerie when she visits? Some nights she barely escapes with her life, let alone the sack of teeth she’s collected! And please, don’t blame this on the Meepits. We all know that they aren’t *really* trying to take over the world. They are sweet little babies that have been trained to behave in such poor manners by their owners – YOU! You are the reason why the Meepits take such a bad rap. Have you no shame?!?

If you really want that Tooth Faerie avatar, I have some basic tips that can help you. Make sure you follow these simple guidelines and in no time at all, that Tooth Faerie will be rewarding you with a nice handsome avatar to add to your collection. *Warning: Actual results may vary. The author of this article is not responsible for anything that may or may not occur by following these guidelines, unless of course you successfully obtain the Tooth Faerie avatar by using them. In which case the author admits that these really were her hare-brained schemes...*

1. Make sure your tooth is underneath your pillow, positioned EXACTLY in the middle of the left hand side. If everyone places their tooth on the same side, the Tooth Faerie won’t have to go feeling around underneath your pillow because she will know exactly where your tooth is! It will save her time and energy, and perhaps make her thankful that you were intelligent enough to read this article and follow the directions! Don’t try hiding your teeth either...she will find them eventually, and when she does, she will not be too happy with you. Also, if you are easily confused by lefts and rights, try practicing in a mirror. :)

2. Please ensure that you are using a TOOTH. Chunks of Petrified Bones that have been chiseled into the shape of teeth are not fooling anyone, and especially not the Tooth Faerie. Perhaps you didn’t catch her name. TOOTH Faerie. She specializes in teeth. She can tell if it’s a bone, silly! She can also tell if a Kacheek is trying to accept an avatar for a Jetsam tooth. Really... the nerve of some Neopets!

3. Flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day is key to having a healthy and beautiful smile. Never before has the Tooth Faerie given out avatars for dirty or rotting teeth, and she doesn’t plan on changing this policy any time soon. And don’t think she won’t realize if you’re brushing with only water – use the toothpaste, too! You’ll get a sparkly clean feeling. Yum.

4. All Meepits and other attack Petpets should be properly penned up at night. The Tooth Faerie will not be feeling very generous if your Meepit has chased her around the neighborhood and practically ripped open her sack of teeth. Likewise, she does not care whether your Meepit was “showing off his fangs.” She only collects teeth that are no longer attached to a mouth.

5. The Tooth Faerie will not be bribed. Do not think that by leaving more than one tooth at a time that you can buy the avatar from her. Therefore, it will be in everyone’s best interest if the Neopets that were pulling out their sibling’s teeth stop this practice henceforth.

6. I Owe You cards are not accepted in replacement of teeth. Please stop trying.

7. Please do not attempt to redeem the same tooth twice. If you have already received your Neopoints for a tooth, it must be turned into the Tooth Faerie when she collects each night. Holding back teeth to try and collect multiple times is cheating.

8. Any trace evidence left behind on a tooth that may indicate it was unsafely pulled will have your avatar revoked. This includes pieces of string or hair fibers that were used to tug on the tooth, scratches on the enamel from pliers or hammers, or proof that excessive force from within the mouth (aka your tongue) was used to pry out a tooth before it was ready.

9. Nightlights are always a plus. Leave one on, please. Even the Faeries get scared of the dark!

10. Do not let the Tooth Faerie overhear you say that you do not believe in her. She finds this very offensive and I do not blame her if she refuses to even collect your teeth after you would say such a dreadful thing! *By the way, I really am sorry for saying that... I didn’t mean it... honest!!*

There you have it. Ten very simple concepts that will ensure you are one step closer to receiving that Tooth Faerie avatar. You now realize how stressful her job truly is and you should be thankful if you have already received the avatar. Please take the time to write a thank you note to the Tooth Faerie for all the hard work that she does every night.

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