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The Petpet Awards

by lanikai94


After I realized I had more than 10 petpets for "The Top 10 Petpets" I decided to make different categories of petpets. Here they are!

4 Cutest Petpets

I love these petpets, but what is their special talent? I don’t know. So I’m awarding these 4 petpets as the cutest petpets:

4. Miamouse: Miamice love to hop through the clouds in Faerieland. Since the only thing they do is hop (and want to be loved) the Miamouse is the 4th cutest petpet.

3. Angelpuss: Angelpi are super sweet and... cute, I guess. Since that’s all I know about Angelpi (even though I have one) but I do think they’re cute; they have made 3rd place in the cutest petpet award.

2. Eizzil: This fluffy pet is quite jolly as long as there is a muffin around. Well, if you don’t have any muffins, you can just enjoy your non-jolly yet adorable petpet

1. Polarchuck: A jolly, plump, chattery friend for your pet. Jolly, plump and chattery. Since these traits are um... good, I guess, the Polarchuck has placed 1st in this section of the awards.

The 3 Best Petpets for the Shower

Who doesn’t like to sing in the shower? If you’re one of the people who don’t, these petpets are the perfect thing to break the habit. They’re also good for duets.

3. Carmariller: A jolly petpet that sings songs when happy. The reason this little critter placed only 3rd is because after its wings get soaked with water, it might not be a very good shower companion.

2. Beekadoodle: The Beekadoodle flies faster than any pet around and sings songs all day. It’s the perfect shower petpet- if you can catch him.

1. Leeble: What could be better than an aquatic petpet that sings all the time and can even learn new songs? Nothing! This is why the Leeble has won 1st place in the “Shower Petpets” award.

The 3 Best Garden Petpets

Some of those petpets can be a real pain to your Neogarden. Here are the 3 best petpets for your garden:

3. Flerper: Don’t let a Flerper see you do anything bad to your plant life or you might see a very mad petpet. The up side: your plants will be protected from others. The down side: Even though it’s not you messing with your plants, this petpet will be very angry anyway.

2. Rock: What can I say? It’s a rock. Not only is it the best petpet for the busy Neopet, but also if you ever (by some weird, impossible way) get bored with this petpet, you can place it in your garden for safekeeping.

1. Fir: This little chap can’t wait to be your Neopet's bestest friend! Just like the Rock, this little guy can be put in your garden if you ever (by some weird, impossible way) get bored with him. The reason it’s 1st: the Fir is a little more entertaining than the Rock, and it would be a lot prettier in your garden. (No offense, Rock, we still love you!)

The 3 Best Petpets to Have With You

Do you hate it when the “Something Has Happened!” isn’t good? If you’re the one who seems like you always have bad luck, these are the petpets for you:

3. Psimouse: This mouse can see into the future! Wow! A petpet who can see into the future! But here are the other things to think about: Will the things it sees be warning you about something bad all the time? Will it tell you when it has a vision? These are the reasons why Psimouse only placed 3rd.

2. Faellie: It’s cute, and has strong ears. What could be better? But wait: can you hear a ghost? I’m not sure, but if you do end up getting a Faellie, you will have a super cute petpet!

1. Whoot: This petpet seems to always know when the Pant Devil is around. What’s worse than the Pant Devil? Nothing! The Whoot placed 1st in the “Best Petpet to Have Around” awards because... well I guess you can figure out why.

The 3 Best Petpets That Involve Food

Do you hate having extra junk around? Do you hate having to find food or other little things for your pets? If so, here are the 3 best pets that involve... food and other things.

4. Gangee: This petpet will eat almost anything! If that doesn’t sound good, think again! If he eats almost anything, those junk items will go to a good use! But what’s up with those eyes?

3. Icklesaur: This petpet will never seem to grow. This is the perfect pet to give all your extra food to but this cute little petpet will always stay the same size as you got him.

2. Kimbi: This petpet will find Faerie food. Yum! Any petpet that will find food (especially made by Faeries!) is the pet for me!

1. Doglefox: This petpet will find small treats for your pet! Small treats don’t just mean food- it means other things too! The Doglefox has just placed 1st in these awards because of the help it might give you one day.

The 3 Best Petpets to Have Fun With

Some of the best kinds of petpets are the kinds that give you hours of entertainment. 3 of these petpets are listed below.

3. Slorg: Yes, the Slorg has made it onto “The 3 Best Petpets to Have Fun With” list. Not only do they have tons of Slorg-based toys, but also they can give you hours of entertainment by forming into weird shapes! (Not to mention you can poke them for a long time, and they won’t even mind.) You will also always find your petpet no matter where it goes.

2. Harris: This affectionate petpet is the perfect companion- as long as it isn’t climbing the Faerie Queen’s trees. Doesn’t sound that good? Think again. The FAERIE QUEEN’S trees! You’ll probably get to meet the Faerie Queen, do a quest, get rewards... that sounds like an adventure to me!

1. Floud: The reason Floud has won 1st place is because it keeps floating until it bumps into something interesting. Sounds fun to me!

The 4 Best Battledome Petpets

These petpets will help you in the Battledome... and other places. If you need help somewhere, one of these petpets is probably right for you.

4. Screwtop: Since the Screwtop is shaped like a screw, it is great for the tool person. You never know when you’ll need it to keep things in place!

3. Delfin: I’m not sure if this petpet will help you much in the Battledome, but it is very intelligent and can learns tricks and games easily. Sounds like a good Battledome pet to me.

2. Blobagus: The petpet you will never lose in the dark! Now you don’t even need the Magic Torch ability!

1. Bowla: Not only is this petpet very poised, but the Bowla can suck in water and grow to 10 times its normal size before squirting it all at anything that happens to be near! This is the reason the Bowla has placed 1st in “The 4 Best Battledome Petpets! (And your enemies will think it’s just a decoration!)

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