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The Creation of the Meepit Lamp

by skeetskeetskeeter


A long long time ago, before Neopets knew about a lot of land, Meepits had a large amount of land. They were all living on an island in the world of Neopia. The island was quite nice and beautiful. The whole entire island was covered with Meepits far and wide. There was blue Meepits, yellow Meepits, pink Meepits, dung Meepits, gold Meepits, disco Meepits, red Meepits, and even other kinds of Meepits you could not imagine. They were like any ordinary neopet. They went to the Rainbow Pool locally to see what colors they could transform themselves into. They had a local Rainbow Pool right in the center of their village. It was a custom to go into the Rainbow Pool once every two weeks. The Meepits were normal, just like neopets, in that they too would have New Year's parties and celebrate Christmas and Halloween. Even those random days in the year. They loved to sing their national anthem, “Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep,” every holiday as they gathered around the hearts of their villages. They even gathered as a community every Friday night at the local ‘home for lost Meepits’ to cheer on Meepits as they played “Meepit Juice Break”. At this home for lost Meepits, members would race to see who could make sure 5 of the little Meepit children get their daily Juppie Juice. Members had to create parts of the Juice-O-Matic, an overly complicated machine designed to deliver fresh Juppie Juice to Meepits. Everybody enjoyed this game and they all enjoyed each other’s company. They were all living happily on their large island.

One day travelers came across this island. They had been sailing to see if the world was flat or round. As they were sailing, they had noticed a beautiful island that had such radiance they had to drop anchor and go onto the island. To them it had seemed that no one was living on the island. So they began to tear down trees and create homes. The travelers then went back to get their families and to live on this so-called “new land.” That day the Meepits’ land had been taken over.

Many neopets began to build thousands of homes all over the Meepits’ villages. Everything that the Meepits had owned was gone. Everything that belonged to the Meepits was destroyed. It began to be very difficult for the Meepits to live. All of their food was gone. And they had no shelters to live in. Their society was slowly slipping away from them. The Neopets had taken over everything. Soon the Meepits wanted revenge. The Meepits wanted their food, land, and belongings back right then.

So the leader of the Meepits decided, “We shall create something that the travelers have never seen or heard of before. We shall create a Meepit Lamp. This lamp will be quite amazing. We will all look phony by day, but we will come alive at night. Muhahaha.”

Soon Meepits would come into stores at night with lampshades on their heads. Travelers would come and go purchasing many of them for their houses. But what they didn’t know was the lamps were real Meepits. Alive and waiting for revenge.

Travelers wanted to purchase this exotic lamp to fit into their new exotic homes and island. The Meepit lamp was quite unusual. A lamp with eyes and was shaped just like a cute little animal. No neopet had ever seen such a wild looking lamp. Since no one had ever seen or heard of the lamp, the plan was a great success for the Meepits. The original Meepit Lamp was a real Meepit with a lampshade over its head. When a Neopet would purchase one and put it in their house, the Meepit lamp would come alive, destroying everything in the house at night. Soon Meepit Lamps were in everyone’s houses and everyone didn’t understand how their houses were being destroyed.

One night, a neopet caught a Meepit destroying their house. The Neopet said, “Something must be done and fast.” No one knew that the land they had built their houses on was the Meepits’ land and no one knew they were destroying the Meepits’ villages. They soon made an agreement that a certain area was all for the Meepits and no one could touch their land. The neopet and Meepits then joined hands and sang in chorus to the Meepits' national anthem. “Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep.” The Meepits' song could be heard from thousands of miles away on Christmas and New Year’s Day. They sang as loud as they could and proclaimed their happiness that their land was once theirs again. “Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep Beep beep meep meep beep boop meep moop beep.” The Meepits and Neopet are so friendly now that Meepits have sold thousands of fake Meepit lamps. Also Meepits have created new products to sell to the Neopian public such as Meepit Bean Bags, Meepit Chairs, Meepit Posters and even Meepit plushies for all the little Neopets to care for and love. And today Meepit Lamps are sold all over the Wizard as a symbol of the Meepits and also as a symbol to never bother a Meepit. Meepit lamps are very cheap and inexpensive. Also even though these Meepit lamps may look pretty scary, they are harmless and a great place to sit on your nightstand or desk in your house. And you might assume that there is something awfully freaky about a lamp with eyes. But there isn’t; it's a perfectly harmless lamp and great to put out around Halloween time. Also a great gift to give to trick or treaters.

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