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Legacy of the Lost: Part Three

by kimssuperanimals


When they arrived at the city, they were dusty and tired. However, that didn’t stop Oyof from swiping an Ummagine from a nearby food stall. A guard who happened to be buying food from the same stall (an obvious fact that Oyof failed to notice) bellowed and within moments the Lupe was surrounded.

     After paying several thousand neopoints to stop the furious guards from throwing her pet into jail, Athmica berated Oyof.

     “You know, we have money to pay for food,” she scolded. “And that Ummagine was a lot cheaper than the money it took me to bribe those guards.”

     Oyof chose not to hear his owner and simply looked the other way. His ears pricked up and he pointed off towards the other end of Sakhmet, looking up at Athmica questionably.

     The teenager shook her head. “No, I don’t think even the Neopets Team would be allowed to have their headquarters in the Palace. Besides, I don’t think the Princess gives tours of her home and we’ll never be able to sneak in- the guards will be watching for us now,” she said with another meaningful look at Oyof.

     Oyof looked away from her accusing stare once again and a colorful poster pinned up nearby caught his eye. He trotted up to it out of curiosity, with Athmica and Auri following behind him. They read:




     Then there was an address of where to go to fill out a registration form. Athmica looked at her pets doubtfully. “Well, we do need to get to those places at some point,” she said. Oyof nodded and loped off toward the docks. Auri and Athmica hurried to catch up, grabbing hold of the Lupe’s tail to insure that they wouldn’t be left behind.

     It was just a short time later when the three were standing in the bows of a ship, enjoying the spray being flung into their faces. Well, two of them were enjoying it, at any rate. Auri was greatly enjoying the sea air with Oyof. She had given up trying to keep her tangled mane tidy, so she didn’t mind the wind blowing on her face. However, Athmica was spending most of her time staggering over to the side of the ship and getting sick.

      After a time, the ship sailed into sight of Krawk Island. Athmica sighed in relief, and the family readied to leave the vessel. However, the Krawk captain quickly stopped their preparations.

      “We’ll not be a-docking there,” he growled.

      “Why ever not?” Athmica asked, dismayed.

      Eyeing with some interest the human’s sickly green face, the Krawk replied, “The currents don’t let us. We’ll be a-sailin’ to the island o’ mystery first, then swing back around to that there liddle island. Landlubbers!” he muttered as he stumped away.

      Athmica groaned and proclaimed that she would surely die before they arrived at Mystery Island, but her pets chose to ignore her pitiful plea for pity. Eventually the ship did reach the island, with all of its passengers alive and well.

      As soon as her feet touched ground, Athmica fell to her knees and profusely thanked Fyora that she was safe. Auri and Oyof waited for a time, rolling their eyes, but finally Auri exploded.

      “Mom, stop! You didn’t die, O joy. Now let’s go!” she snapped, annoyed. “I’ll poke you with my horn if you don’t get up!”

      Oyof barked his agreement, and Athmica slowly pulled herself to her feet, muttering about how cruel and unthankful her pets were. She didn’t have time for more, as her pets immediately started herding her away.

      The trio decided to go to Tombola first, and after waiting in line for a bit, pulled a slip of paper out of the basket there.

      “285!” crowed the Tombola Man. “You win 219 neopoints, a codestone, and a bottled faerie!”

      The family cheered in delight at their good fortune, then Auri suddenly gasped loudly. “The faerie!” she whispered. “She could change us with her powers!”

      Oyof and Athmica went quiet and stared at the dark purple glow coming from the bottle held in Auri’s hoof.

      “Of course!” whispered Athmica. “Of course, she could! Are- are you sure that this what you really want?”

      Both Auri and Oyof nodded solemnly, so Athmica took a deep breath and slowly uncorked the bottle. Immediately, a tall, rather annoyed-looking faerie was hovering a few feet above the family’s heads. “Well? What ability do you wish me to grant you, since you were so kind in releasing me?” she snapped sarcastically.

      Athmica looked rather taken aback, but replied boldly, “Please, kind faerie, my pets wish to be painted different colors. My Lupe wants to be Darigan, and my Uni wants to be Golden. They were being painted those colors, but the colors changed-”

      “Ahh, yes,” the Dark faerie interrupted, a little smirk twisting her lips. “Very well, if that is what you really want- then SO BE IT!” She raised her hands and brought them down with smashing force. Twin thunderbolts of purple electricity shot towards Auri and Oyof. As soon as the energy streams touched them, the pets disappeared from both view and touch.

     They could dimly hear their owner crying, “What have you done, faerie!?” As their consciousnesses faded into blackness, they could hear the faerie laughing, laughing, laughing...

     * * *

      Bilauri looked over at her brother soberly. “We were banished to roam forever,” she murmured.

      Mafoyo nodded. “The colors Darigan and Golden were no more, so when the faerie granted us with those colors, we became no more to the rest of Neopia.”

      “We were such fools to trust her. We were such fools to think that paint colors mattered so very much.”

      “And so therefore we changed our names, in part, to signify that we were different and wiser... in part, to stop the pain of happy memories. I became Mafoyo, and you became Bilauri, sister.”

      “It has been so long, brother. I fear that we are still fools, for reliving such memories. They do nothing but bring pain.”

      “Nonsense,” came a clear, light voice. “Nonsense,” said the Air faerie as she stepped into the clearing.

      “Memories are things of beauty, whether happy or sad. They are needed, to keep one sane and full of life.” An Earth faerie regarded them quietly from the opposite side of the clearing.

      Mafoyo stood. “What brings you to this place? May we know the names of those who grace us with their presence?” he asked politely, though barely able to restrain himself with joy. Auri’s eyes begged the answers to the same questions.

      “We come for your welfare,” the faeries said as one. “As for who we are, you need only know that we are faeries come to help you as best we can, as soon as we heard about the Dark faerie’s spell.”

      “Could- could you make our lives normal, the way they used to be? With our mom, in Neopia Central?” begged Auri, her voice quivering.

      The Air faerie shook her head, and a teardrop like a crystal fell from one of her eyes. “You cannot live normal lives now. You are not like the others anymore. You have changed too greatly; you have been separated from the rest of the world for too long.”

      Auri bowed her head in grief, and shutters seemed to close behind Mafoyo’s eyes. Resting her hand on Auri’s glittering neck, the Earth faerie softly said, “Do not lose all hope. There is much help we can give you.”

      Mafoyo’s eyes seemed to lose some of their silent darkness, and he said softly and simply, “What?”

      The Air faerie replied gently, “We cannot undo the Dark faerie’s spell. It was a spell that cannot ever be undone. However, we two faeries have power enough to change the spell a little so that you two will be together forever, and never again will be lonely.”

      Bilauri gave a small gasp. “It would be wonderful,” she murmured, her eyes bright with unshed tears. “But... what if this happens to another pet? They... will be all alone, forever. And... what of our owner?”

      “We will make sure that the spell is terminated. No pet will ever be forced to roam again by a faerie’s hand. Your owner has adopted four new pets since she lost you. She still misses you, but she has moved on with her life. As should you.” The Earth faerie spoke gently.

      Mafoyo and Bilauri silently looked at each other, both expressions calm and certain. “Very well,” Mafoyo replied. “We both wish for you to help us as well as you can. Please do so... and we both thank you with all of our hearts.” Auri’s eyes shone with agreement to her brother’s words.

      The faeries looked at them both, and saw that the pets were being truly sincere. “Then... I wish you happiness and joy for the rest of your days, and for the rest of Neopia’s days,” murmured the Air faerie.

      “I think that you will have no trouble joyfully fulfilling your new role in Neopia, but I, too, wish you happiness and joy,” whispered the Earth faerie.

      Then, as one, the faeries raised their arms over the Neopets, forming an arch of mingled blue and green. “Alyi Elyama, Wea Uesa!” they cried out together.

     Bilauri’s and Mafoyo’s bodies slowly faded from view and touch. As the spell finished, however, the faeries thought that they could just hear the sound of a Uni and a Lupe laughing together with joy. The faeries smiled at each other, and slowly walked back out of the clearing into the forest in search of other pets that might need help.

     * * *

     Sometimes Athmica’s thoughts turn to her first pets, and she wonders what ever became of them. And it is said that sometimes a powerful, darkly handsome Lupe and a beautiful, shining Uni can be seen dancing and playing on the stars in the night sky, bringing joy and hope to all who are lucky enough to see them.

The End

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